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  1. OK i wll give you a hundred bucks ifyou include the guy sitting at it, I can always use a slave..... T
  2. oh man John, I hope that is not a rolling eye emoticon!!! You can get in trouble here just thinking about them! hahaha T
  3. trina


    love these little guys T
  4. trina

    fired plate pings

    Chris is totally correct, nothing can help the ping. I had a look at the picture, looks like you have a rather big craze or glaze fault along the bottom. You need to find a glaze that fits your clay. T
  5. trina


    love the underglazes T
  6. trina

    Square jug

    lovely T
  7. trina

    Pottery for Everyman

    Great reply John, Thanks for taking the time to write that. T.
  8. Thanks for posting that! I too am totally jealous, I would love a kiln that size and the skill to be able to fill it that well! T
  9. trina

    What Do You Pug?

    Holy Crap, T! I'm not reading that. That looks like something John B would read. But thanks anyway. Jim Ya, i get that. Just interested in the relationship between viscosity and plasticity. T
  10. trina

    What Do You Pug?

    Hi, As everyone already knows I am very primative and still use a splash pan....WHATEVER! my eyes are too tired.... Anyway back on the topic. Firstly I don't pug my own clay but my neighbour pottery does. I know he pugs from reconstituted clay that has been totally dried out first, pulverized and then water added. We have had conversations about the fact that the water in this area it very very hard. I know he adds a floculant / epsom salt. How much ect not sure but can find out. I will say though I have used his clay and sometimes it is a bit short and sometimes not. I am guessing he isn't that accurate with the amounts. This might be of some interest to you: http://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/0334g/report.pdf I haven't read it myself as it has some pretty big words but was impressed by the number of pages. T
  11. trina

    Increasing strength of small pieces

    You could try mixing your clay with paper. (If you are actually using a low fire clay, the glazing temps sound too high) There are quite a few recipes on this site. It would make your pendants stronger, easier to sand and lighter. You might have to fire a bit cooler but easy to test. T
  12. I think it really depends on how long it took you to make the pot. T
  13. trina

    shamless self promotion

    Thank you for sharing. I am a Canadian and incorporate many first nation images into my works, so for me it was really interesting to hear your story. T
  14. i want to be a rich one but also not opposed to chocolate and young men hahhaha T
  15. Ya, I get that, I make these little turtle pots as souvenirs from my village. After doing different colour combos finally thought that the green and blue ones looked better then the purple/yellow ones and what do you know.....the purple ones sold out first so now I am left with a whack of green ones...T
  16. trina

    Melting silver using kiln

    Just google silver clay. It is great stuff. You form it into whatever you want, fire it and the organic material that holds the silver particles together burns out, leaving your item. Same sort of principle like paper clay. T
  17. That looks to me like the leaves are glazed with a transparent green glaze, the pot was dipped in a transparent clear glaze and then copper carb was dripped around on top. T
  18. This also works if you plant tomatoes, mine always get washed away. T
  19. trina


    lovely! T
  20. Are they really serious about the salary? It really suprises me that it is so low, after all they want someone with a university education. Is that the norm in the states? T
  21. trina

    Melting silver using kiln

    Why not use silver clay? T
  22. trina

    Slabs for Kids

    HEy those are great ideas. I will try them out on my kids group. I think the goblet is right in line with what they can handle at the moment. Thanks T
  23. trina

    Fired glaze with no clay

    Not sure if you can get the temps you are looking for but you could try Bullseye kiln paper. It only goes to 1600F and is used normally for fusing glass. T

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