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  1. imagodei

    Curious about porcelain

    Thanks for the response. I wasn't too thrilled with this porcelain, so interesting about the ball clay theory. It was also fascinating how distinct the color difference was in the translucent parts, the pink one glowed almost red, while the cream glowed yellow!
  2. I picked up a new porcelain to try out. The one I usually use is made locally, the second was by continental clay. Both are grolleg porcelain. When i fire each to cone 6 they have slightly different hues. The cc is a smidge pink, while the local one has a slightly creamish color. Any clay/Chem folks know what ingredients are contributing to this? also, if it helps, I used the campana clear glaze on both and it seems to fit great with the local clay, but crazes quite a bit with the Cc clay. (Thermal expansion? <-- that topic still really confuses me) thanks -vanessa
  3. Thanks for distilling this down to an explanation that actually makes sense!
  4. Out of curiosity, what is copyrightable when it comes to ceramics? I've found conflicting information online. Is it just the glaze "decoration" and/or photographs of work? I read somewhere about functional/utilitarian ceramics not being copyrightable.
  5. imagodei

    Reduce Drip Marks

    I'll try those, and look at his videos. Thanks!
  6. imagodei

    Reduce Drip Marks

    Hi all, I always get mixed up when I think about when to floculate and when to defloculate. I have a lovely satin glaze that doesn't move much, and it dries so quickly when dipping that the drip marks are visible after firing. I do try to scrape down any thicker bits, but I'd like to add something to the glaze to make it dry less quickly to reduce the drip marks I need to clean-up. What should I add? Thanks! Vanessa
  7. Hi all - does anyone have any rules of thumb (or specific calculations) to determine shrinkage estimates of a piece's volume? I threw a couple jugs, and I'm trying to figure out which one will be closest to 750 ml finished. The smaller of the two holds 1500 ml after bisque. The body's overall shrinkage is around 10-11, so with a conservative estimate of 5% shrinkage in the glaze firing, what is the volume shrinkage? Would it be .95^3 x 1500?
  8. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    @sputty - I'm glad to see an example of tin and zirc being used together with success!
  9. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    @mark, yes, good idea to do more than just the 50/50 @cambria - thanks for sharing that resource, just joined the group on Facebook! To think I didn't know about either of these resources a couple weeks ago! @marcia, I will try reducing it and cutting in zircopax before committing to the 13%, but at least from the calculations, I don't feel so bad about the price per pot. @min, thanks for the 9% rec, I'll try that and a few other variations of tin levels. The rust breaking is there, and he subtlety of that is one of the things I love about this glaze! I don't have any speckles, but I saw that in other picture online of the glaze. I'm glad to have the iron I have in that case! Thanks everyone!
  10. imagodei

    Looking For Specific Glaze

    those could just be colored slip...
  11. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    I was testing on cylinders 3.5 inches high, 4" diameter, so roughly 100 sq inches in glazes surface area. 100x.15=15g So, per Neil's calculations at $.006 per gram, that's about 10 cents. I guess it's pretty nominal.
  12. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    Attaching this time
  13. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    Thanks for all of the thoughtful responses! @marc I'm going to give the 50/50 a shot! I'll report back the results. @Diesel It's funny you say that, i just tested removing the colorants from a titanium base glaze and it was surprisingly yellowy with streaks of blue! Not what I was expecting, but now I understand why the added cobalt was going green where thin! @neil if I found this glaze at the store I'd buy it for $2 a pint...so I guess that puts it in perspective @john, I just wish the price difference between the two weren't so stark! 😭 For reference, I've attached a pic of the glaze
  14. imagodei

    Opacify For Cheaper?

    Thanks for your feedback Neil! It was definitely 13, I found slightly variant recipes elsewhere online, and all had a similar amount of tin. I'll try as you suggest and go lower to see if I can get the effect I want with less Tin. I'm also going to test out how many grams of glaze it takes to cover an average sized pot - because maybe the price won't be as bad as the $30/lb sticker shock. Can Tin and Zircon opacifiers be used together with any success? I know i can test it myself, but if there's some known weird interaction I won't bother with it. -Vanessa
  15. Hi All, First post on this forum - excited to have found it. I just tested out a batch of the Folk Art Guild White from John Brit's midfire glaze book. It's gorgeous, but at $30 lb, the tin content is a bit expensive - any thoughts on opacifying for cheaper? Does anyone use a white glaze with tin/titanium combined? I've tried some other recipes with zircopax and I much prefer the creamy white of tin over the bright bluish white of the zirc. Folk Art Guild White ^6 F-4 Feldspar 18 Spodumene 10 Silica 18 EPK 18 Dolomite 18 GB 18 Tin 13 RIO 2 Bentonite 2 -Vanessa

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