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  1. yappystudent

    Most used sieve size?

    It's about time I bought one, and was wondering what I should go with.
  2. Forming mosaic tiles in low-fire clay today. Did a sketch for a gourd vase. 

    1. Denice


      I made a small mosaic  small mural  18"x24" several years ago, it was for a arched inset in a wall.  I made a pattern of the arch and cut the tiles with in the arch.  It was a one time firing so I went ahead and glazed it at the leather hard stage.  The pattern I painted was a big help in putting it back together,  just like a jig saw puzzle.  with the shrinkage of the tiles I got the grout space I needed.     Denice

  3. yappystudent

    Most used sieve size?

    TY for the responses. 80 it is.
  4. yappystudent

    cadmium red

    Had to read this twice trying to find the hysteria in it. Seems like well-worded and level headed advice to me.
  5. Youtube series that doesn't feel like a slow drip of valium: Earth Nation Ceramics video series. This is a much tamer example than the typical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0QnOFsjTcY
  6. yappystudent

    Not Simon Leach

    Russian hands and Roman fingers!
  7. Working on a vase today as a break from working on a drawing and vice versa. 

  8. Thanks for bearing the burden for so long. Good luck in your business endeavors.
  9. Is this a good idea? Living within a mile of the Oregon dunes has me thinking about mixing some sandy clay for sculpture or whatever it might work as.
  10. I'd really like to see more images in this thread...don't get lazy on me.
  11. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Would you mind explaining this recommendation, particularly the term provenance as related to sand. Do you mean that beach sand has in other words less street cred in the crafting world?
  12. yappystudent

    Which cone I need

    Mid range usually means cone 5-6. Greenware is usually fired at cone 04 (be sure to know that cone has negative numbers, for example don't get cone 04 mixed up with cone 4). Glaze firing varies widely depending on what glaze you're using, what clay, etc. There are glazes for all sorts of temperatures. I don't personally know what the Laguna clay you mentioned does other than B-mix is usually a smooth white that is quite plastic and good for beginners, making molds or tiles, etc. The added grog will make the end product rougher but give more strength. When I started out I went for a B-mix type clay and it was probably a good choice looking back. Like dhPotter said the supply houses have all the info you'll need for numbers, what glaze to use and such. Be sure to copy a cone firing chart that explains what happens to clay at different temperatures. Have fun!
  13. What music do you listen to (if you're able to) when you work with clay? For my part it's usually the new age genre. I make my own mix tapes when possible when I can catch a radio show, but since there don't seem to be any around since I moved, and I get sick of my vast collection of cassettes, these days I mostly type an artist into Youtube and let it roll with minor adjustments. Here's a link I use repeatedly for Brian Eno: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WPOLT2veHNE&list=RDWPOLT2veHNE&t=2
  14. yappystudent

    Employees vs Productivity

    Be sure your employees feel appreciated and what motivates them to slack off will be redirected into their work for you. What makes them feel appreciated might not be what you think they aught to feel appreciated for. Generally being treated like an adult human being, knowing your boss and co-workers have your back when problems arise, decent wages that allow you to handle your life outside of the job so you aren't constantly worrying about it, and a non-stressful work environment contribute to a sense of 'let's do a good job for the boss' mentality. As a past "slacking" employee, I'd go out of my way not to do a good job for someone who I'm aware reads books about Attila the Hun tactics as a business model.
  15. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Now you're talking.
  16. Raining. Good day for research on Youtube. 

  17. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

  18. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

  19. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Since I haven't tried it yet, I can't say I prefer it yet, but I'm a pretty good judge of when I'm going to like something. Reasons since you insist: -It seems to me like Gaia wouldn't mind her sand used to hold something besides beer cans, shot gun shells, and dune buggies. So a religious-reclaiming Earth aspect. -I have a small paper bag of grog that I paid $3-$5 bucks for, and still feel stupid about it. -I'd like to do some post-apocalyptic figure sculpture in the Lisa Larson mid-century zeitgeist, less warm/fuzzy, but generally that feeling. I always pictured doing it with a sandy grogged sculpture clay that still allows a lot of detail. My skill level isn't ready for this project quite yet. -I love exposing the grog on the surface of the pinched dishes I've been making. something about roughing up the surface of a larger-usable size dish that would ordinarily from a design standpoint be smooth is intriguing. -I'm currently doing a series within my current skill level of dish-shaped coral-like? lifeforms for wall sculpture. I'd like to to do these in all sorts of finishes from glassy celadons to heavily (cat food!) grogged surfaces and everything in between. Since they're meant to be sea creatures beach sand needs to be tried. -Trying to hash out a series of simple rustic Xmus ornaments to sell online and in stores on the coast, unless I get a better idea these will be simple flat leaves, glazed on one side, heavily grogged raw clay on the other. I'm trying to make the unglazed side more interesting so I won't feel bad about not glazing both sides (too much fuss). My location will be part of the selling point, so beach sand seems yet another small addition to make them more coastal: vine maples, alders, eucalyptus, you get the idea. And could probably write a novel, I'll spare you, TY for asking. -Did I mention Sacramento was my home town when I was a kid?
  20. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Sounds like I have a sand experiment to get started.
  21. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Interesting Preeta, I've just picked up some low fire red (R-2 from Arizona, I think) and would like to try that puddle of glass slumped in the middle of a little dish thing. Also was thinking some very textured exteriors using stuff that burns out. Plenty of cat food around.
  22. yappystudent

    Beach sand instead of grog?

    Correct ^6 electric. Because reasons. Also there's a lot of it around and I like it. Wait, cat food? Did you put this in raw clay or in a fired dish for a cat?

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