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    Ceramics: Sculpture and mosaic .
    Oil painting: Visionary Landscapes, Sci-fi, Botanicals.
    New Age music.
    The Pacific Northwest.
    Addictions: Science fiction, gaming (formerly), solo travel, the pacific northwest

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  1. The frustration of not having a dry load to fire. :mellow:

    1. Denice


      You can put the work in your home oven at it's lowest setting,  I do this sometimes when we have a long humid period.   I have also heard about speeding up drying in a microwave but I have never tried it.    Denice

    2. Gabby


      How big a kiln did you acquire? How much work do you have time to do in a typical week? (This is one reason I won't ever have a kiln. I make only a few pieces a week)

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