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  1. Stuck on making up a 'store' title and motif. Grokking new 'bread & butter designs. Needing to make some stuff for myself alone. 

  2. Waiting to open my first real (not just tests) glaze firing in my own kiln. Now I understand. 

    1. Denice


      Tick Tick Tick  Be patient.   Denice

  3. My cat left me a lizard on the porch for mother's day. :D 

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    2. DirtRoads


      aww that's cute

    3. yappystudent


      Ha Glazenerd, nice try I'm not falling for that again. 

    4. Denice


      My dog tears the lizards into pieces and scatter them all over the yard.  My first dog was real mouser,  I got him when he was 6 weeks old.  The first morning I had him he comes up to me with blood all over his face.   I freaked out until he shows me his prize.   He continues bringing me mice,  sometimes they weren't dead.   Denice

  4. Painting tons of testers. 

  5. Successfully test fired the new kiln last night. :lol::lol:

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    2. Denice


      Now you can get to work.  Congratulations

    3. GEP


      Great job!

    4. glazenerd


      Always nice when things work as they should.

  6. Wandering around town looking for a pair of tongs. Gorgeous day. 

  7. Another long drive today to pick up firing cones and a few other things. The countdown begins. 

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      would it be cheaper to order online than drive?

    2. yappystudent


      Not if you consider the 3 bags of clay I bought, and the indescribably beautiful drive up the coast and through the forest. If you think I was complaining clearly you misunderstand. 

  8. The plug is installed.:huh: Now to cut the cement board. 

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Great- moving forward

  9. I have chosen an electrician. ***confetti***

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    2. GEP



    3. Roberta12


      How's it going???

    4. yappystudent


      It's going! I don't want to jinx anything. 

  10. Making a mug for a neighbor...I sense a slippery slope here.

    1. Min


      Yeah, neighbours can be tricky, want to get along with them but not be taken advantage of. 

  11. Well the kiln is now home. No plug for it yet but the thing itself is here. 

  12. Drumming my fingers, waiting to go pick up my kiln in Eugene. Weather and appointments in the way.  

    1. dhPotter


      Where did you decide to put the new kiln? Last word I saw, you couldn't put it in the shed. 

    2. yappystudent


       Still unsettled as to it's final location. 

  13. Removed overgrown rose to make room for electrician to access the outside wall of metal shed. Still not enough room! Will have to change where the kiln goes. 

  14. Rain. Rain. Rain. Some wind also. 

  15. Snowed last night, melted this morning. Frozen roads tonight. Cold/damp. Brr. 

  16. Ordered my first kiln, the KM818 from Skutt. 240v configuration. 4-6wks. Yay! (I hope). Thanks to all for their input on my choice. 

    1. Min


      Congrats! Good choice! 

  17. Posted pics of the ancient paragon my shopping for a new kiln thread. TY for opinions. 

  18. So I'm buying a kiln. Probably a Skutt from Georgie's. How do you like them bananas? :)

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    2. Denice


      Make sure you get a kiln that is in sections, they are easier to rewire.  I have had a big Skutt for thirty years,  the only thing that bothers me is that I have had to replace the lid three times.  L &L kilns lists  scratch and dent  kilns on there web site,  the government auctions is also a good place to look.  I missed out on a good one near me, they were clearing out a ceramics studio at a air force base.  They sold 3 computer control Skutt for a couple of hundred a piece.   Good Luck.   Denice

    3. Benzine


      A very worthwhile, and rewarding, purchase.  Congrats!

      I like Skutt, and they do their job.  If I had money to spare, I'd probably go for a L&L.  But then I'd also go for a Thomas Stuart wheel, a wall mounted clay extruder, a slab roller a...

      My first classroom kiln was a Skutt, computer controlled.  It worked well, but it seemed to burn through elements quickly, and that was at Cone 04 max.  I was a that District for six years.  The elements had went bad twice, in that time. 

      My second District, used two Skutts, with kiln sitters and a back up timer.  They worked great.

      My kiln at home is a Skutt, with just the sitter.

      My current classroom kiln is a L&L, computer controlled, and I can't think of anything bad to say about it.  It fires spot on every time.  The computer controlled Skutt I used previously, I would occasionally have some glazes that didn't quite mature, leaving bubbles, that didn't have time to smooth out.  I will say, the height of the kiln, with the stand, requires me to stand, on the stand, to reach the bottom.  Obviously that means, that I have plenty of space for student projects, but it also means, that I have to hang over the edge to load some projects...

      Regardless of what you get, I have no doubt you will be happy with your purchase.

    4. Joseph Fireborn

      Joseph Fireborn

      Make sure you think about what your end goal is for how large of things you want to fire. I have a little kiln and its brilliant and I love it, but I can't make big platters or tall vases. In retrospect, I wish I would have gotten either wider or taller, but not much bigger. That being said any kiln is 100% better than no kiln, or a kiln you don't have control over the firings. 

  19. Worried my kiln for hire is going away. That would leave me to buy a kiln, -never had one- or drive a long way (4 hrs round trip) and pay a fee. 

    1. Denice


      Before you even start looking at kilns you have some research to do.  Wiring and location to start with and if you have a location will you be living at that location that it would be worth the cost of setting up a kiln.  Sometimes it is cheaper to take a pottery class where you can have work fired when your in limbo.  I  have bought two used kiln and one new test kiln in the last 45 years.   My paragon has finally gotten too old to rebuild and I just rewired my Skutt.   I use a dual digital Skutt thermocouple set up if I want to do any down firing.   Like I said a lot of research to do.   Denice

    2. Min


      I can't imagine the time and work involved in doing a 4 hr round trip every time I wanted to fire pots. The control to fire how you want to, the convenience, glazes not getting dinged in the transport etc would make your life so much easier if you had your own kiln.

    3. yappystudent
  20. Made it over to Georgie's pottery supply in Eugene yesterday with a friend. First time I've been able to hand pick my stuff. Friend who owns pottery store still firing my stuff in exchange for trimming. Switched from jewelry, just not my bag after giving it a good try, to mosaics. I like the fine art aspect. 

    1. DirtRoads


      I buy a few things from them.  Looks like a fabulous operation.  Nice you are close enough to go there.

    2. yappystudent


      If you ever get a chance be sure to hit them in person with enough time to browse, we only had about 20 min before they closed. I heard the one in Portland is bigger and better. 

  21. Joined the local Artist's co-op gallery and ended up as secretary board member...trip to Humboldt on hold 'till January. 

  22. Rushing to put work together for an interview for a local co-op gallery. 

  23. Bartered some time trimming slip forms at the local store that fires my work in exchange for kiln services. Only broke one piece! 

  24. Cold on it's way out but not gone. Once better I have some work to pick up and will be bartering work time for kiln firings at a local shop. 

  25. Have a cold. Think I re-caught something we used to call the Humboldt Crud, there must be a southern Oregon version. Not getting a lot of anything done. 


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