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  1. I see those sitting in front of modern architecture, good score!
  2. yappystudent

    Another new B

    Everyone who asks a question is not a bot.
  3. Yes Gauguin is a bit of a conundrum when viewed with any sense of morality. Being both a visually pleasing artist and a . One of my favorite paintings of his is "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" -at least he had something going on in his head and was intelligent enough to work with Van gogh until the incident. For the record I enjoy Odilon Redon's paintings. The last time I took a good stab at my oils I was trying to emulate both Van gogh and Redon, it was very satisfying.
  4. I'm not sure if you meant me or LeeU but though it may be hard to believe it's his work I think bothers me most. I find his work to be childish scribbles. I suspect Picasso's goal was to merely find a gimmick, I've seen his early work and it was adequate in a traditional artistic sense but nothing to crow about, which he probably guessed. His work will always remind me of a certain college drawing class, in which I was forced to nod sagely at images of his paintings while my equally obnoxious art teacher sang the praises of and drummed home how a person has to be a real ######## to be a real artist. Probably because she was a real ######## too. I think a difficult life and being unusual, an outsider, and too intelligent to fit comfortably into the industrial machinery of human society often go hand in hand with artistic talent. Van gogh, imo probably the best painter who ever lived was not a ########. Picasso intentionally played up his reputation of being a ######## with women for profit and because he didn't have the skill to do it with his art alone.
  5. yappystudent

    What’s on your workbench?

    Yes more or less, although since it's for me I'll probably not bother with the bag. A recycled cork to plug the hole.
  6. yappystudent

    Glaze fire in electric kiln

    My skutt manual says to use medium speed for most purposes and so far it's done a good job.
  7. I keep a kitchen towel clipped to a hook on the front of my work bench for wiping my hands on, but the sponge thing is a good idea. Also I have a box of rags made of cut up men's shirts (thrift store here has a universal $2 on clothing, awesome deal) I'll wash or toss depending on how gross they get. Buckets of about a gallon in the sink, the water gets poured out the next day, the sludge either goes into another bucket or if still cloudy into one of about five clear plastic jugs formerly containing drinking water and allowed to settle further, same with glaze, mixes of clay and glaze. Generally I use a ton of weeny tools while I'm working and out of frustration I tend to just put them into open jars with clay still on them, and clean up before I change clay colors. Yes, bad studio maintenance and I really need to reduce the clay colors I work with, inching closer to that.
  8. Just remember when you get there to look up at the sky and state in a loud cheerful voice: "What could possibly happen?!"
  9. yappystudent


    Current work in progress or recently scrapped.
  10. yappystudent

    creating structurally sound face sculpture

    I think it depends on how big and thick you're making the mosaic. Plywood is frequently used by mosaic artists with mosaics used strictly indoors. A product called Wedi board (about $30 for a 2'*4' sheet, it's pricey) is lightweight and designed for custom tile backings in showers and such. Some artists just use tile mesh, if you can find it, you don't even strictly need a rigid backing as the grout forms a single rigid form in most cases. I think the weight of the mosaic is going to rip the styrofoam, and I suspect there may be other issues like how to attach the mosaic to it, and how in turn to attach the styrofoam to the wall or w/e you're going to place it on.
  11. Maybe two questions can be squeezed out of this: What was your lowest moment with your pottery? What was your best moment with your pottery?
  12. yappystudent

    Another new B

    Will this or the results of it be used to build a bomb?
  13. yappystudent

    What’s on your workbench?

    Looking forward to seeing what you're working on. Yes the underglazes seem to have tricks up their sleeves and change even on low-fire white clay more than I remembered from previous projects. I figured the nude would lend a new aspect to serving shrimp surprise or whatever might be served in it.
  14. yappystudent

    What’s on your workbench?

    stuff in progress or about to be. Trying to finish up the smaller bits, still have a lot. Vase needs glaze, as yet no clue what it wants. the thing stuffed w/ paper towels is my first attempt at a drawer sachet for personal use, but I'd like to make an optionally hanging version to sell and I'm planting some lavender, old roses and scented geraniums partly for this purpose. the rest are mainly impression makers. Note the one with cassius slip over it, stroke of inspiration, now I can see what my rollers are without picking them up and examining them. I'd like to sell some of those also as I enjoy the carving and inventing designs. The results of the mermaid plate. She looks like she forgot to wear her waterproof mascara...also the rock was supposed to be mossy layers of green, turned to mud instead. Her tail came out beautifully, my drawing is quite nice if I do say so, and I love my idea of using king kelp as a border even though the underglaze colors didn't quite work. "...by sea-girls wreathed in seaweed red and brown..." -I like enough about this I might try it again using the same drawing. Low fire white clay w/ sifted unwashed sand from the dunes nearby. seemed to work well except for an unfortunate iron spot too close to her face, anywhere else it would have been fine. Half of this idea was to come up with some cooking safe serving ware, so I thought I'd photo it before I did a bake test.
  15. Good idea to use blue and green glazes and to put a few large things in front. Bad bad, bad, idea to talk your own work down: absolutely no reason for that unless you don't want to sell it or have someone talk you into a lousy 'deal' to make a bunch of pottery for cheap for them. Pottery is waterproof, is the wind sail really necessary?

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