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  1. Just an update on my Brent wheel... I sent it in to Brent about 1 week ago. (It was delayed due to illness and a death in the family.) They got it fixed in one day! It needed a new circuit board and a new rectifier (I'm not sure spelling), the thing that converts the AC to DC power. It ended up costing me about $200, which includes the shipping. Bob, the tech at Brent, said he also changed the foot pedal assembly AT NO CHARGE just because he had an extra one. So, my experience with Brent was GREAT. I should be up in running in no time. Thanks for all the help I got on this forum, it was really wonderful.
  2. I did take apart the foot pedal and the potentiometer all looks fine... no loose or burnt wires, all screws tight., no burnt marks... I tried to test it using my multimeter and it was about .03 ohms, so there is continuity... if I did that test right using an old multimeter without the beep. Also, this is a 1996 wheel.
  3. I'm still waiting to get my new fuses, but in the meantime, I decided to open the control box and look around. Here is a picture of the inside. I didn't find any loose or burnt wires, nor any exploding capacitors (at least from the ones I could see, which I believe is the large blue thing) but I did find some burnt area on the BACK SIDE of the circuit board... see photo 2. I'm pretty sure that this circuitry works with the speed pedal since that is what it is connected to it. Although, I'm not sure I can remove it myself... I think it is soldered in place, so I'll probably be sending it to Amaco to fix. Now, I just need to figure out how to disconnect the control box and foot pedal from the motor so I can mail it in. I'll be calling them on Monday to see about that.
  4. Yes, I got the slow burn type fuses and am just waiting for them to arrive in the mail so I can put in a new one. I called Amaco/Brent tech support and they believe the popping sound was most likely NOT the foot pedal. They suggested I take the control box down, then take the cover off the front and look around for anything wrong. That's what I'll do next... But, in the event that I can't find/fix the problem, they said if I sent the control panel and the foot pedal in the mail to them and paid the return shipping costs... there would be NO LABOR CHARGE, just the cost for any new parts. They were very nice and helpful on the phone and figured that my model is from 1996. It's great that they will repair older units, not just ones under warranty!
  5. Well I just ordered 5 fuses from Amazon for $5 with free shipping... I figured I should replace the fuse since that is an easy fix and then see if it works. If not, then I'll have to take it apart and look for a short of some sort. I took apart the pedal potentionator and didn't see anything amiss. I'll keep you posted.
  6. I bought an older Brent CXC via ebay (serial no. 96318) and I just started to use it. I noticed that it tripped the GFI outlet on the wall when it was plugged into a power strip. So I plugged it directly into the wall. All seemed to work okay after that. Then, today I was trying to find the right speed on the foot pedal and heard a pop. I tried to reset the GFI but now the pedal doesn't work. I figured I blew a fuse, but noticed that the orange light on the controller's on the on/off switch is still lite. So, maybe I didn't blow a fuse after all. Do you think I blew the potentionator in the foot pedal instead? That costs apx. $67. Any ideas? If it is the fuse, then Is there a place to buy fuses for my wheel that aren't through Amaco/Brent. They want $8 for just one. I read I need to get a slow burn fuse.
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