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  1. Trouble Getting Kiln Information

    I plan to use it
  2. Trouble Getting Kiln Information

    How to dry it out
  3. Trouble Getting Kiln Information

    my grandmother had it under a leaking lean to ...... so I need to dry it out really good and check the electric stuff
  4. Trouble Getting Kiln Information

    Thanks i have called and emailed them already with no replies. I will keep trying though
  5. I recently acquired a kiln, and sadly I have no clue about it. It was my grandmother's, but she never got anywhere as far as information on it due to family health problems. Please if you have any information on these kilns will you please pass it along?? Thank you in advance!!!
  6. No Pour Hole?

    I have two molds that have no pour holes one is a duck the other is some kind of baking dish. One side is caved in and the other sticks out they fit perfectly together.Please any insight will be greatly appreciated.