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  1. Thank you. You all had good suggestions and now I know how to get the background, splotches, and stippling and how much to use. That was really helpful. So I went back and looked at the pictures of blue merle again and can see your point about the brown feet/face. I thought I remembered blue merle looking differently but I think I was mixing the brown merle with the black merle and thought they had both colors in their splotches (you like that word? LOL) And I thought I remembered seeing lots of individual hairs, but the pictures don't show that. Thank you all so much. Now I can start painting it tonight. His birthday is Jan. 20.
  2. I make clay statues but the piece I'm needing help with is a poured greenware piece from a ceramics studio. I have an unfired daschund that i want to make look like a blue merle one. You can see examples of blue merle dogs in border collies and a few other breeds,if you care to look at one so you'll know what I'm talking about. They are sort of grey with color splotches and hair striping. The only underglaze I've ever used on this type of material is a 3-coat painted on type. Would it work to do 2 layers in grey with spotches and then top coat it with single-stroke underglaze the hairs? Or would there be an easier method? Since I'm going to clear glaze on top would it be better to use single-stroke for white or cut through the bottom layers down to the greenware? Any ideas or product recommendations? I've never tried doing something like this before.
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