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  1. kraythe

    Question on mixing colorant batches

    Thanks a bunch. Yeah I did assume well mixed glaze.
  2. kraythe

    Question on mixing colorant batches

    I will point out that you don’t need to look at the line if you know the specific gravity. Assuming the glaze is well mixed and the SG is 1.4, then 140g of wet glaze by weight will give you 100g dry raw.
  3. kraythe

    Question on mixing colorant batches

    I could mix it dry and dip out of that but you have to have a very very good mix and using power drills and so on to mix drys is bound to generate a ton of hazardous dust so that’s why I was thinking wet mix and right Specific Gravity (SG) then add colorants. Also with doing it dry I have to laboriously set the SG per batch of colorant and that is mind numbingly tedious. If I set the SG first then it’s done for all the batches.
  4. I have found a clear glaze that doesn’t craze on my cone 5 Porcelain in mid range and I would like to experiment with some colorants. I don’t especially want to mix every batch separate if I can avoid it so I was wondering if the following strategy would be valid. First mix up 5 gallons of the clear. Get it to specific gravity of 1.40 which is great for dipping this glaze. Then measure off smaller batches of 140g of glaze which should be 100g of base then add the colorant amounts and then mix well and apply glaze. This would leave me with a much more manageable and less annoying job than mixing every 100g batch separately So is this viable?
  5. I just don't want a visible ring of raw clay unless you turn the pot over and look at the bottom of the foot. That's all.
  6. You misunderstand, I dont want to glaze the bottom of the foot, just down TO the bottom. The part sitting on the kiln shelf would be unglazed.
  7. The problem is I want a glaze to the base. I can use a grinder to take off drips if neessary. I am going to try and find wads that they use for salt firing.
  8. Call me old fashioned or silly but I am interested in japanese syle kick pottery wheels and I was wondering where one could buy something like that already pre-made. There are plans on internet but I dont have the desire or carpentry skills to make one myself. Anyone have any sources? I have googled long but not found anyone in the USA that offers them.
  9. I am firing to cone 10 with those mugs so none of the pin stands will work, I can use an old cone holder or, what I will probably do, just fire a small circular plinth stand.
  10. I don't follow what you mean about the undercut. The very base of the mug is visible in this closeup. As for your suggestion, a plinth! I feel silly now that I didn't think of that.
  11. I am just a self taught hobbyist but I have been making some mugs. My handles still aren’t yeh best but my latest attempt is attached (partially dried). It has a cut ring above the rim for decoration and I wanted to glaze all the way to the base of the pot but I am worried about the pot sticking to the shelf. Any suggestions for preventing this but still glaze all the way to the base? Thanks.
  12. Yeah, do you know a vid with centering on the hump? I would love to figure that out. Also I worry I would make radically different pots. I already have issues getting two pre measured ones to turn out the same. Partially angle, but that cup is slightly off. I throw with the wheel running pretty fast I think, maybe too fast. I have been watching ingleton pottery vids too much maybe. Man he throws fast. Alas not possible where i live.
  13. I have seen many of them, I guess my main problem is that I cant center except against the wheel head / batt. Like I said I am just a self taught hobbyist. Every time I have tried to follow those vids, I end up with a mess.
  14. I have never been able to do that. I am a self taught potter and perhaps there is some trick to it that I am missing.
  15. Well the picture is zoomed in quite a lot. The finished cup is only about 2.5 inches tall. I don't think you could make much of a "mug" with 160g of clay. Also I have aimilar problems with bigger pieces

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