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    Straightsview photos, how is it going now you are a third of a year in? I also teach grades 7-9 ceramics and have tried many approaches in my years, and i started with little ceramics info only. my heart went out to you immediately reading that start of september post. Im going to spill all my guts but not all today, I am in the middle of making a workbook to be used by myself and students or anyone else. Im a Canadian Salaried Teacher so wont be selling it, but I can give you bits as i go and when i eventually get it all together then you can just print it off as many times as you need, share it etc... quick questions- How much time do you get with your groups- 8 sessions of one hour or 8 half days or what? how many students? do you need classroom learning community building or are you already strong in that from teaching in some other setting? describe your situation in more detail, budget, curriculum goals etc... and i can be even more helpful. i just joined this website as a member looking for advice so I stand beside you friend.

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