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  1. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    I hold my breathe twice once for loading / stacking then putting on the kiln Work in my daughters old bedroom so fear of burning down the whole apartment building !!!!! Fingers crossed each time
  2. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    Another “ new word” in this incredibly confusing journey :-) Thank you
  3. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    Was wondering if I can load a kiln for bisque firing WITHOUT shelves And just stack things on top of each other carefully ? My Nabertherm kiln is rather small and I have some taller pieces .... and finding it difficult to fit everything in ? :-) Thankyou Nicky
  4. Thank you ..... For your input and pic Almost how I did it And yes no problems 


  5. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    On bone dry before bisque firing “green” side of sponge wipe down all pieces with water and vinegar that was what my ( one lesson ) taught me Answer was so that the glaze would stick better ( as I said I’m new to this ) I’ve only glazed once so don’t really know the difference (???) At what stage would you use this technique? ( just out of interest ) Going back to porcelain bisque so I can stack obviously taking into account weights etc ( it’s just I’ve read a lot about porcelain cracking .... so just want to avoid a whole kiln load )
  6. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    thou@oldlady....Thank u for advice..... Yes it is a “whole new world “ and to be honest find very “ daunting” but exciting and challenging at the same time!!!( Trying ) to be self taught I think makes it even more over whelming But consider it very good therapy too Thank goodness for social media as u said and to ceramics daily and to anyone who might be able to help Thankyou ( off to make some slip ) Seem to have some difficulty posting here but will give it another try Have made a few porcelain bowls etc that are now ready to be bisque fired Have used both porcelain slip with stain and just watered down stain( messier) My question now is do I stack kiln as I would earthenware ( ie pieces ontop of each other ) Porcelain seems much more fragile I was also taught( one lesson) to wipe all bowls off with water& vinegar using the rough side of a sponge Surely this does not apply on porcelain (??)Thankyou ...Nicky
  7. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    @High Bridge Pottery Thank you for your response But one ( more) question What slip would I use and how to make ? nicky
  8. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    Wondering if anyone would / could help me I am new to pottery Until now I have been working with earthenware( on the wheel ) When using stains I mixed with a slip recipe and apply to green ware But now I would like to try porcelain How do I apply the stain ?Do I need to use slip mixed with stain ( someone suggested I just apply a little water mixed with stain ONLY and use only on bisque fired ) but I am looking to do Sgraffito too Would appreciate any help Happy New Year Thankyou Nicky

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