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  1. Nicky S


    @ChillyMostly Colobbria glazes and engobes But think bad decision
  2. Nicky S

    Hardening of glaze

    @Callie Beller Diesel@Babs @Magnolia Mud Research @Roberta12@neilestrick@Stephen@oldlady @liambesaw Thank you ALL for your responses help and input. All glazes are commercial .As I’m learning on my own I chose commercial exactly for that reason and thought cheaper and easier HA!All glazes where made up in small batches .I was advised to use a 120 mesh sieve for mixing glazes and 80 for stains . I only added the deflocculant recently as was “ hardpanned “from first mixing If they settle again Think I’ll just have to resort to buying new glazes Much appreciated Nicky
  3. Nicky S


    @LeeU thank you for concern advice and help And pointing out a few things I hadn’t considered Much appreciated King regards Nicky
  4. Nicky S


    @Mullins Pottery Thank you for your advise I’m not to keen on the idea either but my only option I’m afraid. I also have emphysema so am as cautious as can be. I leave balcony doors open and hope wind blowing in right direction (s) But was wondering if certain temperatures where mayb more toxic than others I fire 980 -1200
  5. I mixed my glazes yesterday thru 120 mesh sieve twice And noticed crystallized pieces They had settled again this morning ( 2 hours of grinding work and sieved again ) Especially 2 out of 4 had settled Obviously not as much but still rather stiff Even though I added a bit of glaze thinner yesterday( deflocculant ) Could it be that they might be contaminated ???? This has happened before to same batches Any help would be much appreciated Thank you Nicky
  6. Nicky S


    Thank you all ALL for your help and kindness @oldlady I have only have limited access to internet info Which I find difficult as I have a learning disability So always looking for simplified explanations I’m self taught on the wheel which I initially started as a form of therapy And even tho very challenging at times I’m sticking to it and good for peace of mind But feel now is the right time to try and start adding some color ( I’ve managed to bisque fire a couple of times and glazed using a transparent glaze ) And have just started throwing a bit with porcelain which even more challenging but is so beautiful on its own Maybe my best option and probably easier would be to use only commercial colors (?) Does that mean I need different materials for stoneware and porcelain or just the glaze ? And last but not least as I have my kiln in my apartment was wondering at what temp are the fumes are the most dangerous Even with open window the fumes are rather strong sometimes Thank you Nicky
  7. How long do I have to wait after a bisque firing until I can re -fire a 2nd batch of bisque ware And would it make a difference if first bisque was stoneware and the 2nd Porcelain? Does the kiln need to cool down all the way to 0 ? Thank you Nicky
  8. Is a “ Giffin Grip “ worth it’s weight in gold As yes I have trouble centering and trimming without my piece flying off the wheel quiet often. Thank you Ps forgot to add have a sticky pad ( diamond core)Hasn't helped me
  9. Nicky S


    Seeings I’m the blondie here will let you know :-)
  10. Nicky S


    Multi talented .... great graphics :-)
  11. Nicky S


    Thank you @neilestrick @Hulk @liambesaw Much appreciated Will try ALL techniques
  12. Nicky S


    Why do my tools chatter when I trim ?Not the effect I want No matter what position I hold tool I seem to get that effect Happens very often Thank you Nicky
  13. Am still at the very basics Have not added any color to anything If someone would be so kind as to explain in “ simple terms “ what the differences between Engobes , Stain , Mason stain , and Pigments are And then Underglaze And Overglaze ? Thank you Nicky
  14. Nicky S

    Bisque firing

    Thank you :-) @liambesaw & @Min
  15. After bisque firing a decorative object ( I don’t want to glaze it ) Do I have to to refire?( If yes could u please explain briefly why ) And if” yes” would I fire at bisque temp or glaze Thank you

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