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  1. @Magnolia Mud Research Thank you that is what I meant re measurements Again blisters is mayb not the right word as they are solid I have posted a picture not sure if you have seen it As I pass thru an 80 mesh They are much larger I’m very careful on mixing and measuring So don’t think the problem is there :-) I Might have to resort to commercial Kind regards Nicky
  2. @neilestrickHi Neil thank you for your input I did weigh things out 20 % slip 5% stain :-(
  3. @CactusPotsWish I could help As I said just mixed stain with porcelain clay body
  4. @JohnnyKBlisters are solid Ive just mixed same porcelain body with black stain and water And sieved thru a mesh sieve
  5. I have made my own black stains with the same bodies of porcelain I’m using ( Audrey Blackman & Parien )They fire up to 1240 degs ( one fire ) My problem is the stained surface ALL have blisters Any suggestions on how I can resolve this issue ? Is there mayb something else I should be adding aside from porcelain body stain and water ( which I then pass through a mesh sieve) Commercial stains seem fine Would appreciate input Kind regards Nicky
  6. Hi Babs .... yes I got the beads into top loader kiln Absolutely dry Hope the kiln gods are kind Fingers crossed as you say :-)
  7. Loaded kiln for one fire porcelain to reach 1240. At around 350 degs realized I had forgotten to put some beads that I meant to fire So opened kiln gingerly ..... Will this seriously affect the rest of my firing Yikes !!!
  8. @oldlady Yes dried sandwiched between two drywall slabs for a day or twoThen wrapped in thin plastic kept sandwiched and then lifted the weight but still kept wrapped in plastic Worked perfectly !!! So happy :-)
  9. @oldlady I just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU Just opened kiln and am VERY HAPPY and EXCITED with the results !!!! Def my best firing results The black slip ( same porcelain body) with 3 coats turned out perfectly Tho with one thin brush stoke turned out dark green -ish (???)And the porcelain slabs ( previous post ) warped only slightly I think I just needed to hear “ nothing scary “ :-)) Thank you and all others who also helped with porcelain slab drying One very happy new potter lol
  10. @oldlady Your words ring SO true !!!!And THANK YOU so much for pointing out some things that seem to get me not only confused but almost in a state !!!!Greatly appreciated x
  11. @liambesawSo I believe But in theory I will have unfired slip & stain and a brush on glaze ( on my slab ) in “ one firing “ I thought glaze could only be applied to bisque ware (??)
  12. @liambesaw ...... Do u really think so ??? I’m very slow and cautious :-) And understand its ALL about trial & error But sure something’s should just NOT be done
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