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  1. Is a “ Giffin Grip “ worth it’s weight in gold As yes I have trouble centering and trimming without my piece flying off the wheel quiet often. Thank you Ps forgot to add have a sticky pad ( diamond core)Hasn't helped me
  2. Nicky S


    Seeings I’m the blondie here will let you know :-)
  3. Nicky S


    Multi talented .... great graphics :-)
  4. Nicky S


    Thank you @neilestrick @Hulk @liambesaw Much appreciated Will try ALL techniques
  5. Nicky S


    Why do my tools chatter when I trim ?Not the effect I want No matter what position I hold tool I seem to get that effect Happens very often Thank you Nicky
  6. Am still at the very basics Have not added any color to anything If someone would be so kind as to explain in “ simple terms “ what the differences between Engobes , Stain , Mason stain , and Pigments are And then Underglaze And Overglaze ? Thank you Nicky
  7. Nicky S

    Bisque firing

    Thank you :-) @liambesaw & @Min
  8. After bisque firing a decorative object ( I don’t want to glaze it ) Do I have to to refire?( If yes could u please explain briefly why ) And if” yes” would I fire at bisque temp or glaze Thank you
  9. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    I hold my breathe twice once for loading / stacking then putting on the kiln Work in my daughters old bedroom so fear of burning down the whole apartment building !!!!! Fingers crossed each time
  10. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    Another “ new word” in this incredibly confusing journey :-) Thank you
  11. Nicky S

    Kiln load

    Was wondering if I can load a kiln for bisque firing WITHOUT shelves And just stack things on top of each other carefully ? My Nabertherm kiln is rather small and I have some taller pieces .... and finding it difficult to fit everything in ? :-) Thankyou Nicky
  12. Thank you ..... For your input and pic Almost how I did it And yes no problems 


  13. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    On bone dry before bisque firing “green” side of sponge wipe down all pieces with water and vinegar that was what my ( one lesson ) taught me Answer was so that the glaze would stick better ( as I said I’m new to this ) I’ve only glazed once so don’t really know the difference (???) At what stage would you use this technique? ( just out of interest ) Going back to porcelain bisque so I can stack obviously taking into account weights etc ( it’s just I’ve read a lot about porcelain cracking .... so just want to avoid a whole kiln load )
  14. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    thou@oldlady....Thank u for advice..... Yes it is a “whole new world “ and to be honest find very “ daunting” but exciting and challenging at the same time!!!( Trying ) to be self taught I think makes it even more over whelming But consider it very good therapy too Thank goodness for social media as u said and to ceramics daily and to anyone who might be able to help Thankyou ( off to make some slip ) Seem to have some difficulty posting here but will give it another try Have made a few porcelain bowls etc that are now ready to be bisque fired Have used both porcelain slip with stain and just watered down stain( messier) My question now is do I stack kiln as I would earthenware ( ie pieces ontop of each other ) Porcelain seems much more fragile I was also taught( one lesson) to wipe all bowls off with water& vinegar using the rough side of a sponge Surely this does not apply on porcelain (??)Thankyou ...Nicky
  15. Nicky S

    Audrey porcelain

    @High Bridge Pottery Thank you for your response But one ( more) question What slip would I use and how to make ? nicky

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