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  1. If I use the basic MC6G base glaze and and add a mason stain what is a good starting point to test how much stain to add? I honestly don't know If I should start with 5% or 50% I'm considering trying #6200 Evergreen #6600 Best Black #6464 Zirconium TIA
  2. repairing grenware?

    Can I use Darvan 7 in place of sodium silicate? TIA
  3. Acrylic Paint Removal

    Never Mind
  4. Updating kilns

    Curious why a wall mounted controller would be better than one that is installed on where the old Dawson sitter was. Such as this one, first two pages of this PDF shows an easy retro-fit http://www.clay-king.com/MANUAL_ELECTRO_SITTER_3_KEY_MANUAL.pdf
  5. I was going to send you a PM but it seems I cannot. Is there a way to contact you privately?
  6. Let run a couple of tests to see what I can come up with.
  7. Also this forum allows code to be inserted, it looks like it can't be activated but why take a chance.
  8. Samuel Miller invented the saw mill in 1777 in the UK which BTW rips wood not rives wood
  9. Yikes, what a pile of misinformation Tyler. I can only conclude that you are more of an armchair woodworker than an actual woodworker. Yes, ripping has been around for 100s of years, they where used to make planks for everything from table tops to walk ways and yes, even buildings. Back in the day ripping was a two man job using a pit saw which was invented during the medieval times in the UK. That parliamentary law you speak of was created by King George I in 1691 to impede American Colonists from using prime timber because Great Britain had depleted its forests and they feared that their ships would not have timber available for masts. Riving was done primarily for items such as legs and tool handles, and yes because it is stronger. A technique still used today by many fine woodworkers. Many primitive tables where made from riven wood mainly because the only tool available to the one making the table was an axe. The table saw was invented by an Amish woman in 1813 along with the circular saw blade. Planes were in vented a few years later in the 1820s. Planes were the precursor to the router which was invented around 1915. Today, there are many fine woodworkers (myself included) that do not use screws or nails to build fine furniture and use riven wood where its needed. Using modern tools does not remove a woodworker or a potter from the nature and feel of the wood or clay. In fact far from it, it just simplifies a task that wants to be accomplished. If you want to calculate glaze formulas by hand I think that's wonderful and its what you should continue to do, in fact I admire you for it. But to proclaim that your way of calculating glaze is better then those that use software is a bit pretentious. If you are saying in your first paragraph that the use of modern tools and software removes one from the skill at hand then I would suggest that you stop using an electric or foot powered wheels and a kiln that is heated by electric or gas and return to hand building pots and fire them in a pit. Then you can honestly say you are not removed "from the realities of what you're working on."
  10. Thank you for confirming what I've been saying. If you do not want it to take two years for this forum to get back on track, by which time the software would be outdated again. I suggest that one of the moderators, one that is both willing and able to understand software, be given administration rights to the forum so they can make adjustments on a daily basis. Without someone at the helm the four of you are floundering. If none of you are interesting in stepping up I would then suggest looking for a trusted member of the forum who is willing to take up the task. No fancy algorithms there, its just the new name for likes. Its as simple as that. Its when a member does something the Mods don't approve of and issue them a warning. Think of them as demerit points that a school master may give to a misbehaving student.
  11. I hear you John and I also have first hand and current experience with these things. There are a lot of options that this software has available to make it feel more like, as you put it, old comfortable shoes. The problem is the Admins only show up once a week to see to see if something needs to be done. Staff To me it sounds like excuses because they have better things to do.