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  1. The three words my wife loves to hear...

    "The Tree's Straight"

  2. That's was where I was going to check. I didn't look around and couldn't find anything either, sorry.
  3. What's the URL, maybe its still retrievable
  4. Glazes That Break

    I just opened the kiln and was surprised how warm it still was. The extra top shelf was almost to warm to pick up and this is 19 hours after the kiln shut off and in a room that fell to 57°F overnight. I fired to an intended ^6 and found the kiln fired up to a perfect ^7, too hot for my work IMO. This clay was on Standard 630 C/6 clay. Bad news one pot bloated, I'm guessing from the heat? Luckily it wasn't important and it was only one pot. Good news is my floating blue looks better. Next time I'll set the switch to somewhere between medium and low and use a pyrometer. Thanks everyone for your advice, I learned a lot.
  5. I'm guessing the legs can be removed, if so try removing them then add some blocks of wood to raise the wheel enough to clear the foot pedal from the floor. Hopefully that may reduce the height of your wheel. Good Luck
  6. Glazes That Break

    I ordered a pyrometer today, until that comes in I'll have to guess I'm glaze firing today ( ^6) and I placed an extra shelf above all the pots and I have a test tile with Neil's modified GW1214 base glaze. I plan doing as Neil and Marcia suggested with an1/2+ hold at the medium setting. I'll also turn off the down draft vent. My question is this, should I expect the witness cones to look different than previous firings with this setup if all other things are equal as before? I do that to many pots but sometimes I like the form but not the glaze. I tend to hold on to those as a reference until I can repeat the shape with a more pleasing glaze.
  7. Glazes That Break

    I get you Min, its the same thing I've preached to other woodturners for years. Thanks.
  8. Glazes That Break

    I think I'm more critical with my work than those around me. I've fired my own mixed glazes and when they come out of the kiln I say to myself "boy this is ugly" then later on a friend or family member will say to me "I really love this glaze." Surprises the heck out of me every time. I do take notes and I have developed a chart for myself to keep a record of each firing. It has come in handy in ways I haven't expected. I do test tiles with everything I mix, and sometimes will also fire a pot at the same time with the same new glaze. From this I've learned that sometimes what looks good on a test tile may not look good on a pot and vise versa. The pots are usually small 1# pieces that I've practiced throwing skills on and I'm not to concerned about chucking them out later on. By months end I will have completed 24 firings. A funny thing just happened while I was typing this post, I received a phone call from a friend who wants to have what she calls a "Flash Exhibit" at her doctor's office this Saturday. She's invited 5 other people to show and sell their work . I mentioned to her that I didn't think my work is ready for sale and she insisted that it is. I said I would get back to her this afternoon. I know one of the other people she contact (who is a painter) and will give her a call and see what she thinks.
  9. Glazes That Break

    I woke up this morning thinking about this and came up with the same idea. The only thing I was missing was the cooling rate. Thanks Hmmm. . . this is still my first year, I needed that.
  10. Glazes That Break

    Thanks Everyone, I think I'm going to use extra mass (shelves & posts) and order a pyrometer
  11. Glazes That Break

    This is the only info I can come up with If the stuff breaks down and causes silica to become airborne its definitely not for me. Considering the possible health hazard it would be cheaper to buy a new kiln with a controller instead of getting a lung full of the stuff . Thanks for the heads up Here's the link to the product's page
  12. Glazes That Break

    About slowing down the kiln cooling I've started looking at ceramic fiber and see its listed as #4 #6 and #8. Normally if something weighs 8lbs it can be listed as 8#. In your opinion is this a typo from the vendor selling it or is it like metal gauges, the small the number the thicker it is? Then there's 1" or 2" thick, no-brainer, thicker = more insulation. I read something that the wool needs to be top coated, is this necessary or can I just spread the blanket on top just when the sitter falls? I also plan on purchasing a pyrometer
  13. Why did my plates split ?

    I guess I've been doing it right all along, thanks for the responses
  14. Why did my plates split ?

    For those the wire cut the plates off the bats and move them right away, How do you keep the plates from distorting when lifting them to place them on a ware board? I wire mine after turning too but I leave them on the bat until the next day

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