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  1. Anyone have a reliable shadow blue glaze recipe for cone 6? Seems to be much more popular as cone 10.. Thank you!
  2. @hitchmss - If you press your tiles, why does it even need to be compressed in numerous directions before the pressing? I'd assume when the clay is out of the bag you can just wire it and press? Thanks again everyone for the tips. Can't tell ya how it's good to hear there're solutions to the issues I've been having.
  3. Thanks everyone for the tips. What I've been doing -- if the tiles were to be 0.42" (3/8" once fired), start at 1.25" and work my way down in quarter increments, turning 90 degrees to ultimately end up at the 3/8". It's been hit and miss. Now that you mention the cordierite´╗┐ kiln shelves, I think it may be the issue with my kiln shelves. I'll start debugging there... Those advancers don't come cheap (!!) Note about glazes - my tiles are not glazed. I just sand the hell out of each one (bought a sandblaster for the purpose). @hitchmss -- did you build your own press? @min - I use grollegg porcelain, something that was recommended to me as a tile clay
  4. Hi all, I recently did couple of large trade shows and the overwhelming number of feedback received was about making my work into large tiles. 12", 18" squares. My work includes no undercuts, but very fine inlays that need mishima-ed. I purchased a electric slab roller for the purpose but am getting feedback that it makes the particles align in weird ways and I haven't been able to get it completely flat (tried the drywall sandwiching, no overhandling) With that said, I'm thinking to go the route of slipcasting to fill in the gap between where I'm now and where I will be when a RAM becomes financially viable. Any cons and pros about slipcasting tiles would be appreciated.
  5. I have 2 electric kilns just over 10 cubic ft each. They run all the time, I'm a full time potter.
  6. I'd try this: Roll out thick first with a rolling pin. It'll probably be uneven. Then Use dowels as leveling guides on both ends and use a very thick dowel (they have those 2" ones) as a rolling pin alternative. I've used this method and works well for me personally
  7. Definitely uneven thickness of wall vs bottom and somewhere in between. Maybe try throwing the clay upside down after the clay is wedged into a cone. Usually solves S crack problems, but may fix yours, who knows.
  8. Hi there, I apply Duncan gold premium luster in some of my work and it's not a local application but more a whole inside glaze thing (see photos) But I often get these strange matting or even crusting of the luster. Other than burning away this very expensive material and a do over, is there something i can do? I'm afraid to refire.
  9. @liambesaw @magnolia-mud-research Yes, that's what I found as well, but apparently they come in different size....will keep asking around
  10. Hello! Has anyone worked with sandblasting 1) bisque; and 2) unglazed ^6 surface (porcelain)? With my work I sand the entirety of the piece, so looking to use sandblasting for overall satin smooth feeling (320 grit) when said and done. I purchased a sandblaster but lost on which sand I should get.
  11. @min I'm based in Portland, OR. I currently use Silver Falls by Georgies, and just do a clear base glaze which is why the whiteness i very important. I'm looked at all the stonewares they have but nothing quite white like Silver Falls. Silver Falls has an ever slight cream color to it, in the sense that it's not white like Frost. Thanks everyone for the replies!
  12. Hi everyone, Today I said ENOUGH! to porcelain after many failed loads with large porcelain pots. My mistress demands too much and now I will go looking for stoneware instead. What is the whitest white ^6 stoneware you've come across that could almost be mistaken for porcelain? If that's too much, you can take away the "mistaken for porcelain" part
  13. Mark, the show in Canada fell through. No helpful news as of now.
  14. I'm branching out to Canada and possibly Germany in terms of selling work at cash carry and trade shows. This comes with tax and customs requirements assume? Next month I'm suppose to drive up to British Columbia, crossing border with work I'll be selling. Anyone here have experience with what to expect in terms of customs fee / taxes? I'm a US national, if that matters. Thank you!
  15. Hello everyone, I'm in the process of updating my studio shelves and found this wonderful design online. It doesn't have the corner frames and instead held in frame by two vertical posts. I've tried a bunch of names in google but haven't successfully located one. Could you help with exactly what this style of shelving is called? Thank you kindly

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