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  1. Hello! I've been working on having more community events at the studio for self enrichment and you know, community building purposes. There was a group of metal clay crafters who were interested in firing some of their stuff here and it sounds interest, but I'm also not sure if any of that stuff can contaminate the kiln environment and cause firing issues for my own work. It's stuff like this https://www.cooltools.us/Aussie-Metal-Clay-Antarctic-Moonlight-p/aus-124-p.htm and PMC Clay. Any experienced folks here? Would it cause any change in the environment? Much thanks
  2. Hi there, I recently had a prominent food prop stylist / writer / taste maker request using my products for photo shoot. I'm not sure what the standard trade is in this case. Would you charge a borrowing fee, or is it more exposure in social media (linking to my site)? Anyone have experience in this area? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I had a fire in the kiln today. Something stupid I did, don't wanna go too much into it but basically flames were shooting out of the kiln. I placed couple of candles thinking I can burn off the wax (scent wasn't selling, and I'm also overworked. I could have just scraped the major chunk first but didn't) - that caused flames and pretty disastrous evening for everyone. My question is: Do you think the kiln is totaled? Would it be still ok to use? What are some steps I could take from here? Thank you
  4. The committee has spoken and I shall listen. Thank you for the advice everyone!
  5. Hi there, I met a guy in town who's looking for kiln firing space. I figured why not let him rent the kiln when it's not in use. He started talking about his glaze and described the contents as lead frit. He fires to bisque ^02 and glaze to ^012. Upon learning about the lead frit I immediately asked him about the lead content, he explained that it's all contained in the frit and does not leach out. Ok -- call me skeptical here but when it's heated, frit or not, doesn't lead get into the kiln environment (I have vent) and in extension the environment outside of the kiln too? I'm trying to figure out if I should let him fire or I'm setting myself up for disaster. Please pitch in your 2 cents. Thank you!
  6. Thank you Min and Marcia, blending with slip did the trick!
  7. Hi there, I've been making colored clay body (black) from mason stain. Every batch when thrown ends up with these spots where the mason stain is not completely mixed in. It feels like massive amounts of wedging still doesn't fix the problem. I first take the stain, pour some water in just enough to make into heavy cream consistency, then spread it over the clay body (porcelain) and wedge about 120-130 times per 10# of wet clay. Any tips would be appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, I've been scaling up size in my pieces and running into massive 90% crack rate. These are 10-15lbs in terms of wet weight. Do you recognize any patterns here? I'd love to get some tips/pointers from the seasoned large throwers on what I can do to remove these issues. Thank you!
  9. Emily, I ended up apply underglaze in greenware instead of bisque and that seems to have fixed the issue.
  10. Wow, studio burnout. Just completely burnt out. Studio open 6 months, been working 70 hours / week since then. Need to take a break!

    1. GEP


      Burnout is a common problem for potters. Yes, take a break, then learn to pace yourself. It's a marathon not a sprint.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Definitely need a break. enjoy yourself.


    3. glazenerd


      I go through periods of living, breathing, and living it: hard to turn off sometimes.

  11. Chris, I do a lot of work with colored clay multiple pounds per piece Stephen, thank you for the mention of potters attic, I'll check that out!
  12. Mark, great comment about building the customer base through repeat shows. That's one thing I learned through a vendor I met at last week's show. Thank you for the list, super helpful. Mea, I've actually been accepted in the Hip Pop show this year for ACC SF. Very excited about that. Seems like a good way to get the work in the door for us emerging potters!
  13. Mea, those lower cost Bailey seems to say it's just for deairing and not really for mixing. Also I'm a 100% porcelain shop so the interior needs to be stainless steel. Exactly which model were you referencing? Thank you
  14. Tim, company is LLC and takes Section 179 deductions. CC is in company name. Ron, pugmill is for recycling clay and mixing colored clay with mason stain. Thank you
  15. I did a show in LA last weekend. Drove 15 hour (plus fuel break) Although it looked good on paper, it didn't feel like the right show for me (not enough handmade work, lots of mass-produced products which they didn't reveal) In the end I came just shy of recouping costs. I've made myself a list of shows to do this year and it's Renegade (many of those), American Craft Council and Smithsonian. Since I'm just getting started in pottery selling business, I'm in a "whatever it takes" mindset and doing about 12 shows this year. All retail shows, no trade yet. Perhaps NY_NOW next year. I want to find the right audience and do the shows with the most impact in terms of ROI. This would be a question for the westcoast potters -- what are some shows that draw clientele who understand value of handmade art and have the money to pay for them? Aside from American Craft Council and Smithsonian, what are some other shows that would be considered the gold standard in the world of craft shows for ceramic? Thank you

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