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  1. Sandhurst Farm Forge East Kent Artist Open House Event 2016!

    It went really well , We were definatley alot busier this year which was down to the fact we did our own advertising. People were very interested and I managed to sell some work aswell. Some of the people that came also wanted me to make some work for them. So I have three commisions to do now. I helped set up the whitstable exhibition with some of the Kent potter association commitee and some of the members. It was incredible as we managed to set it all up in one day. The exhibition was brilliant and we had a meet the potters day and I met Keith Jones( the guy who helped present the tasks on the great british pottery throw down with kate malone.) He is such a lovely guy. I did some stewarding aswell for the exhibition which was good and I also sold one of my pots. I was really impressed with the whole layout of all the work, it looked very professional.
  2. Sandhurst Farm Forge East Kent Artist Open House Event 2016!

    Just a little message for everyone. Artist open house has now finished. The last day was 29/30 october.
  3. Sandhurst Farm Forge East Kent Artist Open House Event 2016!

    Hi, Yes I am a member of Kent potters association. I get all the newsletters which are very interesting to read as they give you all the insights into where other ceramic people have been/visited. Im hoping to get some work into the kent potters association open exhibition in whitstable but has to go through a selection process so im hoping that I will get chosen. If I do then it will be my second open exhibtion that I have done. Isabel
  4. Dear readers http://ekoh.org.uk/faversham/ http://www.visitfaversham.org/blog/147-blog-of-the-month Thought i would post these two links as myself and my family are taking part in East kent artist open house event at sandhurst farm forge.( This is mentioned on the blog!) I will have my ceramic work on display and will also be selling work too as well as demonstrating. My family will also have work on display and work for sale. The forge will be lit and working. If you can come to the event it would be great. We would love to see you!! Here is a link to my own ceramic and textile blog and ceramic and textile facebook page for anyone who fancys a browse. > http://isabeldickinson.blogspot.co.uk/ > https://www.facebook.com/izzydiz123/