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  1. Ju00Ls

    Temperature Algorithm?

    After reading this I created a simple Google Chrome plugin to convert ° F to ° C, it seemed to work on a very basic level but it wouldn't work for all formats like <number>F or <number> F/hr without lots more work. Also, it seems you can't create your own personal Chrome Plugins other than an unpacked version that gets removed every time Chrome is closed :( unless of course you cough up some money to Google to put it on the Chrome Extension store.
  2. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Just an update on my controller project; recently I've been adding some extra features like; better programme management and allowing a thermocouple offset value; this weekend I'm going to try and add wifi to it so I can push real-time firing information online so it can be picked up remotely using a smartphone etc, not sure how that will go. [update] I created some c# code on my PC to talk to the wifi module using the modules AT commands, the calls worked out fine, so that part all works; after that I created a simple HTML page which will display potentially the LIVE kiln data into a graph. The graph is almost responsive but I need to tweak some sizes for better mobile device viewing. One of the pics below show the wifi module, these are very cheap ~£2-3 each; the graph pic just shows some dummy test data. The tricky bit now is getting the kiln controller board talking to the wifi module; i will need more coffee for that
  3. I will be making it available as soon as it's complete.
  4. yes, I totally agree. I do plan on carrying on with Parian but I need to sort out my kiln first; as it needs new elements and a new base to stand on before I fire again with it. I made a lot of mistakes in my model so i'd like to scrap it and start a new one. Oh, and I need to finish my diy kiln controller project too! there are just never enough hours in the day!
  5. This was my very first ceramic so it's really hard for me to make any comparisons to other materials, but I really do like to work with Parian. The pieces are Charlotte Brontë, Queen and Mandala. Although I like the finish, I was expecting a half-way between a smooth matt to a silky appearance, now whether that's the difference between 1200c and 1240c i've no idea; it would certainly be worth trying the upper temperatures with this version of Parian slip, also I suspect the thickness of material and the type of finish on the inside of the mould would also plays a big part in the overall effect.
  6. Ju00Ls


    a finished piece in Parian.
  7. Ju00Ls


  8. The bearded man was my piece and the others were my father-in-laws.
  9. I fired to ~1200c
  10. well, i don't feel so bad now. I had some controller issues yesterday so I had to swap out my latest (not properly tested) controller back to the old one, which meant I couldn't fire, BUT I did set it going this morning.
  11. 5 months later and I still haven't fired the pieces - lol; but now they are in the kiln and I plan to fire it tomorrow morning before I start work; I will let you know how it goes.
  12. Ju00Ls


    A very aesthetical composition; I especially like the leaf spacing.
  13. Ju00Ls

    If one of your students....

    tbh this would be my first guess; my wife has worked supporting students across the spectrum and the behaviour described does sound familiar.
  14. Hi, just some odd comments on your site; I would remove the "Not for technical info on clay/glazes/firing/safety etc.; no expertise is claimed." from the home page, as the home page should only be about your lovely images; perhaps just add it to your policies page somewhere. I'm from the UK, so conditions of sale is completely different to the states; I did find a nice page which outlines some basics, but what I gathered was, for the most part, it's determined by the state your selling from - so, you might want to touch on that maybe in your text. http://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/customer-returns-and-refund-laws-by-state.html One good thing I like about your site is that it fits 1020px width which essential for being viewed by mobile tablets. ;-)
  15. interesting stuff! well, I would assume (hope) potclays comment means "over the recommended" temps. Anyway, assuming everything is good with the clay etc I will try some pieces at 1240c and also try some at 1200c. I might have to get another thermocouple before I fire so i'm dead on the mark.

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