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  1. Misc

  2. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi, i've attached a PDF of the schematic / circuit diagram of my diy digital kiln controller so far; I will post a link to the firmware and other details once complete; I basically have to do some more LIVE testing before I'm happy with it. Current Progress Schematics
  3. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi Bob, just a quick question, I just wondered why you choose to the run the ad595 through an opamp, were you using it to scale the output voltage from the ad595 to the arduino ?
  4. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi, just an update on my kiln controller project; I built up another unit tonight which has my new firmware on; there are a couple of bugs to sort before I do any test firings but i'm starting to get back into it now.
  5. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Yeah deffo! I think I will try and incorporate that chip in the next version of my board, so cheap as well!
  6. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Nice work!
  7. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi; I found a bit of spare time recently so I added some code to allow the user to add new programmes to the controller; this took me far longer than I expected, but at least that bit is complete now. to be continued... ;-)
  8. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Nice work Joel! I've have been too busy at work to look at my stuff but, hope to return to it shortly; I did buy some MAX chips to compare against the AD595; I like the pwm to voltage converter, thanks for posting the circuits. Keep up the progress!
  9. Home Made Kiln Controller

    cool! what chip are you using?
  10. Home Made Kiln Controller

    "Costings" is something I've already put in the menu option for my controller but not written the code for it yet, as I think it's a handy feature. I had thought about power monitoring but it would add extra cost and build time; so instead you could just buy a logging clamp meter like the UNI-T UT233 instead.
  11. Home Made Kiln Controller

    yup very true!
  12. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Ah, so you are looking to be the Al/Grippo Megasquirt of the kiln world; not a bad idea. The only problem I see is you'd have to come in under the $219 cost of a new Bartlett V6-CF enough to make it worth while. Lol - not sure about that ;-) but I was thinking about £95 / $126.
  13. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi Joel, I'm using the AD595 which works with a K type thermocouple, the chip is quite expensive but it is pretty accurate. well it might seem like I know what I'm doing but I've just fudged my way through it over a few years. The programmes are created in XML on the PC then sent to the controller via Bluetooth, it can hold ~500 programmes, each programme can have up to 255 segments each. It will log each successful firing into a 32k memory segment, then you can retrieve the logs via Bluetooth for display into a graph, the number of logs depends on the sample rate it's set at. Everything is coded in C, the LCD, the Real Time Clock, the 64k EEPROM and also the Bluetooth UART RX / TX lines, so all custom code and no code libraries used what-so-ever. The example below is a typical programme to biscuit fire a ceramic; this particular one has 3 segments, seg 1 is 200'c at a ramp of 30'c per hr, then 600'c at 70'c, then finally 960'c at full power and it will hold for 15 mins. The XML will get compiled to a binary file then it's uploaded to the controller via a c# console app. the uC then just stuffs it into the 64k flash memory. The uC reads it back when you're selecting a firing programme via the menu of the controller. When the controller is running it gets the time in minutes since you started, and then calculates the target setpoint based on the XML data; it also makes an initial adjustment based on the ambient temperature to skip up the curve to the correct starting place. Regulation is just done via on/off of the SSR <prog> <title>Biscuit</title> <short_description>Biscuit Firing</short_description> <long_description></long_description> <seg data="200,30,0"/> <seg data="600,70,0"/> <seg data="960,999,15"/></prog> At the moment I'm in the process of re-writing all the code to work on a bigger chip so I can add more features, but my plan is to create a nice controller that is easy to use and cheap to make, and that can perhaps be easily be maintained in the future. the idea is to keep the design all through-hole components, so perhaps it could be easily built up as a kit or repaired.
  14. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Here are some pics of the progress..
  15. Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi, I've been working on a kiln controller for a few years on / off; almost there, I'm hoping to maybe sell it as a "make your own" once it's complete.

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