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  1. Ju00Ls


    A very aesthetical composition; I especially like the leaf spacing.
  2. Ju00Ls

    If one of your students....

    tbh this would be my first guess; my wife has worked supporting students across the spectrum and the behaviour described does sound familiar.
  3. Hi, just some odd comments on your site; I would remove the "Not for technical info on clay/glazes/firing/safety etc.; no expertise is claimed." from the home page, as the home page should only be about your lovely images; perhaps just add it to your policies page somewhere. I'm from the UK, so conditions of sale is completely different to the states; I did find a nice page which outlines some basics, but what I gathered was, for the most part, it's determined by the state your selling from - so, you might want to touch on that maybe in your text. http://consumer.findlaw.com/consumer-transactions/customer-returns-and-refund-laws-by-state.html One good thing I like about your site is that it fits 1020px width which essential for being viewed by mobile tablets. ;-)
  4. interesting stuff! well, I would assume (hope) potclays comment means "over the recommended" temps. Anyway, assuming everything is good with the clay etc I will try some pieces at 1240c and also try some at 1200c. I might have to get another thermocouple before I fire so i'm dead on the mark.
  5. Hi @Sputty the Parian was sold ready mixed as a casting slip from Potclays.co.uk; a link to the product is here https://www.potclays.co.uk/studio/products/5288/original-parian-semi-porcelain-casting-slip-5lt I had read about the softening, I was thinking of hitting 1200c to maybe 1215c range to be on the safe side in case it went too soft and couldn't support itself (no idea to be honest ). If it works out I might well look at Scarva and source the raw ingredients; with some help from your great Parian topic thread :-) (which I will re-read tonight) Did you have any preferred firing profiles for Parian? I was just going to use a 2 segment stoneware and tweak the upper last segment to 1215c
  6. Hi, just a quick beginners kiln firing question; i'm hoping to fire some Parian sculpture this week in my kiln; i've never fired Parian before, can I lay the pieces down on their side to fill the kiln space better or will they mark or stick? Previously, I had laid my stoneware bisque fired pieces on their side and they came out fine. Regards Jules
  7. Ju00Ls


  8. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi, i've attached a PDF of the schematic / circuit diagram of my diy digital kiln controller so far; I will post a link to the firmware and other details once complete; I basically have to do some more LIVE testing before I'm happy with it. Current Progress Schematics
  9. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi Bob, just a quick question, I just wondered why you choose to the run the ad595 through an opamp, were you using it to scale the output voltage from the ad595 to the arduino ?
  10. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi, just an update on my kiln controller project; I built up another unit tonight which has my new firmware on; there are a couple of bugs to sort before I do any test firings but i'm starting to get back into it now.
  11. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Yeah deffo! I think I will try and incorporate that chip in the next version of my board, so cheap as well!
  12. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Nice work!
  13. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Hi; I found a bit of spare time recently so I added some code to allow the user to add new programmes to the controller; this took me far longer than I expected, but at least that bit is complete now. to be continued... ;-)
  14. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    Nice work Joel! I've have been too busy at work to look at my stuff but, hope to return to it shortly; I did buy some MAX chips to compare against the AD595; I like the pwm to voltage converter, thanks for posting the circuits. Keep up the progress!
  15. Ju00Ls

    Home Made Kiln Controller

    cool! what chip are you using?

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