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  1. single firing, cone 6 stoneware

    Thanks for all the comments on single firing - but no-one has mentioned either the firing schedule they use OR whether they use their normal glazes (I fire to Cone 6) I am assuming you may need a much lower temperature glaze to achieve a "glazed" effect. I was thinking of single firing some stoneware pieces for the garden and brushing on earthenware glaze. Can anyone see any potential problems? Also (so many questions!) will single fire, say up to 1000 degrees centigrade, still allow the stoneware clay to vitrify? And must it be fully vitrified for use as a planter pot?? All comments and suggestions gratefully received!
  2. Hi! I have a very small (tiny) electric kiln which I fire up to cone 04. Currently, I have been bisque firing terracotta and earthenware up to 1100C -1150C then glaze firing to 1060C - as the low fire glazes I have say to only go up to this temp. Results have been pretty good so far. I am aware of the dangers of single-firing (with glaze bubbling, pin holes etc) but now I am wondering if it might be possible to fire both bisque AND glaze together in the one firing - say up to 1060-1080C? What would be the down-side of doing this provided I brought the temperature up to 600C very slowly? I really love your forums - and am very grateful to all the wonderfully generous potters, who so freely share their experience and advice!