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  1. Following this guide, I used a cat litter try to make my bats. http://www.underthechokotree.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=154:making-a-plaster-bat-to-dry-clay&Itemid=59
  2. hantremmer

    Not Simon Leach

    Can you tell me what was in it, things you remember etc? I browse YouTUbe a lot, but haven't watched any Vietnamese pottery videos. I'm going to watch some and will keep an eye out for you.
  3. This makes sense. But one doesn't want to spend a lot of money when one doesn't know what one's doing. I have ordered a broom head so I can try to make my own hakeme brush, based on this video:
  4. I'm wary of anything to do with fur, especially in countries like China. We don't know how the animals are kept or treated; some brushes made with 'wolf hair' are actually made using weasel hair and my assumption is they'd be kept in very small cages. Sputty - Thanks for the links. I hadn't heard of those shops. I went with three goat hair brushes in small, medium and large from Jackson's.
  5. Does anyone have any recommendations for Japanese/Chinese style brushes? I had a go on Chinese calligraphy practise mat* and want to see what I can do on pots with oxides etc. There are many types on Amazon, so I'm not sure which to buy. I don't mind cheap and good since I'm not hung up on paying more for a brand. Thought I'd ask here because I'd be using it on pots, not paper. I'm OK with synthetic brushes too, since there'll be no cruelty involved. ideas? These are the kind of brushes I'm talking about: *You dip a brush into water and paint on the mat. The water turns black like ink, but then dries out and disappears, at which point you can paint again. I got one for 99p on eBay, but it arrived folded and crumpled. If I was buying again I'd get one that rolled up, even if it was a little more expensive.
  6. hantremmer

    How long is too long for Greenware

    Good point. I have been writing the clay name if it's one I don't normally use, but doing it consistently would be a better idea. A lot of my foot rings are quite small, so there isn't much space. I might be able to use the trimming date and then a number for each pot trimmed on that date. That way I could keep a log in my notebook.
  7. hantremmer

    How long is too long for Greenware

    After I trim a pot I inscribe the date on the bottom.
  8. hantremmer

    Help with drying

    Oh, this is interesting. Hadn't considered that. I don't know if it's a good idea - or where (if) I learned it - but I spray some water into the plastic bags I use before I cover the pot. I think it helps, but I'm sure someone here will be able to put me straight if it doesn't.
  9. I'm getting along a lot better with the batmate now. I'd recommend it to anyone - though it is just a big chamois. I centred 2kg the other day without issue. I was using a brand new 11"/30cm MDF batt that was 6mm/.25" thick. The batt stayed on the wheel without any problems, despite me leaning into it. Also really nice not to have to clean the wheelhead afterwards (at least not beyond a couple of quick swipes with a sponge). Thanks Min.
  10. hantremmer

    Pottery Stools, what do you use?

    I imagine its a stool with a cylinder that allows the stool to go down when you sit on it and spring back up when you get off. I used an old height-adjustable kitchen/bar stool, until the frame broke because I was leaning forward all the time. I fixed it with some material that hardened to a steel-like strength, but eventually replaced it with a Shimpo stool where you could adjust the heigh of the legs individually. I don't throw for long periods, but even so I make sure to get up and wedge clay each time I want to throw something new. That way I have to get off the stool, at least for a few minutes.
  11. hantremmer

    Black speckles in porcelain - sand?

    Could it be something like the ‘mica’ in this Japanese video?
  12. I am new here, but since slip is clay I believe the inside would still be porous. I think you’d have to glaze the inside at the very least, even if you used slip for colour.
  13. I thought the production was better than the opera. Didn't help that there weren't any surtitles and I don't speak Sanskrit. I might give Glass a go while I'm throwing.
  14. Threw a small vase using the Batmate. I'm not able to say what I did right to get it to work, but the best thing wasn't lifting the bat off the wheel, it was the lack of clean up. No need to scrape and sponge the wheelhead, just rinse the Batmate in the sink.

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