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  1. Thanks John. I wondered if wheelheads of that era were made of different metals apart from aluminium. Ultimately it seems whether it does or it doesn't, it doesn't matter.
  2. Shimpo wheels, advice needed

    Thanks Callie. There's an informative thread about it here:
  3. I forgot to add that perhaps the reason I've not seen it before is that my tutor's wheel looks to be something from the 70s or early 80s. I've no idea what the wheelhead is made of. My first home wheel was a Shimpo Aspire on which you needed plastic bats to throw. I'm also using a clay that bisque fires to a lighter colour. The name escapes me right now.
  4. Thanks for all the replies. GOod to know I don't need to do anything special. The shop said that it was a form of oxide from the aluminium alloy wheelhead; it normally looks grey/white, but particles that small appear black because of the materials optical properties. Perhaps that will help you pin down what it might be.
  5. Thanks, everyone. When I wipe the wheel down I'll often squeeze the sponge out into my reclaim receptacle. Is that OK to do with the oxides in it, or it is best to rinse the sponge down the sink?
  6. Mark, Thanks for the reply, but I think you might have missed a word "alumunum will for an oxide coating over time but its not black". Because I've not seen it before either - and I've used three other types of wheel - I'm not able to guess what it might be. It really was very strange. The wheel didn't show any of it, but the spong had big black clouds of the tuff all over it. It did seem to lessen between me rinsing the sponge and going back to the wheel.
  7. As I've said elsewhere, I've just bought a new Shimpo VL Whisper RK3E. CLeaning up after throwing, my sponge ended up with black sooty particles all over it. Large black patches of the stuff. The shop said it was oxide from the aluminium alloy wheelhead. It's supposedly to help minimise corrosion and shouldn't affect fired ware. (I was told that the oxide is normally white or grey, but small particles appear black.) The thing is, I've never seen this stuff before, so don't know how how to deal with it. Is there some kind of clean up regime I should use, or precautions I should take before / after throwing? I normally clean my wheels with the sponge I throw with, but now I don't know if I should do that or not. Any tips?
  8. Shimpo wheels, advice needed

    I think Rodervelds used to be made in Holland, but now production is in the UK. Two different retailers told me that the quality was affected in the move. I was going to buy one, but decided not to after that. The wheel's manufacturer told me they were working on the issues, so I hope they get sorted. I've just bought an RK3E. I've only used it for about ten minutes. It's a very quiet wheel It is also heavy, more so with the legs attached. The RK3E can also be used without the legs, but it would have to be on a very sturdy table. The pedal seems responsive. Main issue so far is that the removable splash man slides as you're throwing. Maybe that's how I'm sitting at the wheel or something I'll get used to, but the pan was turning and shifting as I was centreing and pulling up. Also, when I wiped down the wheel after my first throw, the sponge was covered in black, sooty, particles. Very odd. I think I've read somewhere it might be grog rubbing off the surface oils or something, but I don't know. Does anyone have any ideas? EDIT Various people here say that Shimpos don't have enough torque to handle larger amounts of clay. I know you say you'll be mainly throwing tableware, but have a think about whether you might want to experiment with larger pieces.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I had a long chat with the shop, so I have no reason to disbelieve them. It is terribly annoying, since the whole process of getting the wheel and sorting out a replacement took a few weeks. Unfortunately the timing of all this meant I wasn't able to try other wheels beforehand. The closest place I could have gone to was shut - and even then only had Shimpos and Brents. It would not have affected the outcome. I needed a wheel, since I had already got rid of my previous one. Maybe the RK3E will prove to be underpowered in the long run, but it was the most powerful, most viable, option. The wheel has to fit the studio.
  10. Here’s an update: Brent wheels do vibrate at very slow speeds. I got in touch with the shop I bought my Brent C from. They told me they tested their own Brents B, C and CXC, to see if they could recreate what happened to me. Their B and C vibrated like mine. Weirdly, I think the CXC did too, but to a lesser extent . When the wheels were spinning faster, the pulsing vibration lessened a lot. This is what happened with my wheel. The shop wondered whether the wheel on a wooden floor might have amplified the effect. It seems that vibration in my video is normal, but it might have been made worse by my floor. That’s something to consider if you’re buying a wheel, but live in an older building or a flat. While waiting, I sent my own email to Brent about my model C. They sent me a graph about RPM ranges. The graph said the wheel wasn’t designed to be used at speeds between 5-10 RPM (and presumably lower). It also said that speeds of 25RPM weren’t practical in use, but people do test their wheels in that range. Obviously these are a very slow RPM ranges. Most people might never need to use them at this speed, but that’s a feature I specifically wanted. I told Brent that their website does reference 0-240 RPM control and perhaps this should be amended. It’s a shame, because the Brent had the power that I wanted. But I didn’t want to work with floorboards rattling. I would have kept the wheel if I’d been working on a concrete floor. I decided get a Shimpo RK3E instead. It doesn’t have the power or the torque of the Brent, but neither does it have the vibration. I've not had a chance to use the Shimpo yet. Thanks for all the help and advice.
  11. Thanks S.Dean, but I'm in the middle of sorting things out. Will update thread properly when I'm able.
  12. Things are a bit up in the air at the moment, so purely as a theoretical question....What do people think of Shimpo VL Whispers RK3? Same criteria required as mentioned in first post.
  13. Your post got me thinking, so now the wheel is on thick concrete paving slabs. Still vibrating. Ayjay, Thanks for that. Perhaps that's what's happening here. Oldlady, Will do. Waiting to hear from shop and after tweeting to Amaco Brent, they told me to contact their technical team - so waiting for a reply from them, too.
  14. This video shows what's happening. As I said before, the vibration carries several feet.
  15. Good suggestion. I didn't have a spirit level to hand, but I did have a small ball. It stayed centered in the wheelhead. The Brent is in my sitting room at the moment, so any slight variance in the level of the floor is not big enough for us to notice - and so definitely shouldn't affect the wheel. I'll wait to see what the shop says. They've been very helpful and they're well-established, so I hope we can sort it out between us. Right now I'm wondering if something happened during shipping. The box was actually delivered on its side, but who knows if that would affect it?