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  1. Anyone who can, should - if I weren't 800 miles away, I'd be there. Clive Bowen - Masterclass - Sat/Sun 14th/15th October 2017 - Stoke-on-Trent (UK)
  2. Heh! I have a photo somewhere of a guy at a potters' camp doing naked raku. And yes, he was... (In fact, it was at a previous version of the potters' camp which inspired Chilly's original question.)
  3. stove top heat difusser question

    Unless made out of flame-proof clay, probably rather poorly. Flame-proof clay is a subject in its own right - do a search. But... There's a reason tagines are made from earthenware - it works very well! The North African/Middle Eastern tagines are made from a very soft, low fired, rather open earthenware - wonderfully resistant to thermal shock, and aesthetically suited to the food that is thus prepared. Nice, slow cooking, relying on steam and juices from the ingredients, nothing hurried. Earthenware is king under these circumstances. You might like to look at this earlier thread, which has useful links: Best Clay For A Tagine
  4. Pkqw: Week 23

    That's exactly what it is.
  5. new forum, what i dislike

    Excellent! Many thanks! Ariadne will be your friend for life (but don't trust the panther...)
  6. new forum, what i dislike

    I used to have an avatar. Ariadne, on a panther. Now she gone walkabouts. I quite liked Ariadne, and her panther - how do I get them to come home, and be my avatar again?
  7. This is an interesting topic. When I potted in the UK, I made me a little bisque stamp with my initials, to impress into my work. It's what everybody does there. When I came across a cute little wooden fabric stamp from India, I added that next to my stamp, intending it to be a year mark. As I've used it every year since, it's more of an aeon mark, but hey... Anyway, when I moved to France I carried on doing this, but kept getting asked what the impressions were. Turns out it's more normal here to brush or otherwise do a signature on the bottom of your pot - many do a fluid scratch into the greenware. I've kept on with my stamps, but at some point I'll have to switch to scribbled signatures. I might get a rubber stamp and use it with an oxide, or something.
  8. It'll be absolutely fine. Don't worry. You won't see any difference at all.
  9. First disappearing filament pyrometer, 1901. Various other methods used prior to then, back to Josiah Wedgwood (1730 - 1795).
  10. The BBC produced this half hour programme about the Hamada dynasty, Leach, Mingei, Mashiko, and generally setting fire to things a couple of months ago. What's not to like?
  11. New Forum

    Yes, already found that, but I simply don't like the way the results are laid out. The old layout was easier to scan - less busy, less messy. But it really doesn't matter - I've experienced website make-overs that have made me simply give up and move on elsewhere, including major news sites. This doesn't even come close to being that awful! In general, I actually quite like the overall effect of the new look - just little niggles, which are more to do with the way I process information than anything else, I imagine.
  12. New Forum

    I think that's my only real peeve with the new forum - that old 'find new content' button, and the convenient way in which the results were laid out, has been replaced by the 'unread content' button, which although the results can be personalised, are not in an easy format for my brain to immediately scan. I much preferred the old style, where I could quickly scan the list, filtering out anything I didn't want to read. However I configure the new look, it isn't as instantly easy and obvious. Other than that, I'll live with it!
  13. New Forum

    I'm getting old...
  14. Anyone who can, should. Lee Kang Hyo - Masterclass - Sunday 24th September 2017 - Stoke-on-Trent (UK)