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    I have been doing pottery for about 1 and a half years and enjoy doing it. I started at a studio and then did it at home and carried on doing pottery as I enjoy it so much. I would say I am a glazer rather than a potter. Can not stop paint at the moment as I enjoy it so much but need to stop soon as I am running out of space to put pottery on. So that's all about me. I will add some of my own pottery photos what I have done with my friend. My other interests are: Swimming, going out and about to do things, Cinema, Walking, Planes, Stars, Club music etc.

    Thanks for reading
    Matthew :) :) **
  1. Glazes

    Hello good morning could you tell me what a marbling glaze is?As I am interested in this! Thanks Matthew
  2. Glazes

    This is what I am trying to achieve. Thanks Matthew
  3. Glazes

    Yes that is what I am planning to do. I do it as a hobby at home and get someone else to fire it for me. I buy pottery from studios with the item price and firing fee is all so included. So its very good for me that they trust me. I am using glazes and not just kids paints. Thanks for your help I will buy one of those now. Thanks Matthew
  4. Glazes

    I am interested in dripping glaze. How do you do this? as I was interested in having a go. Thanks Matthew
  5. Duncan Underglaze

    Thanks for your replies. I did not use a clear glaze just brushed it on. How should it be done then? Could you please advise. Kind Regards Matthew
  6. Duncan Underglaze

    I have been painting inside this garden pot. I have been using the Duncan underglaze to paint 2 or 3 coats on it When fired its turns out with a white mist over a brown coat why is that? Its the same when I use a stroke and coat glaze please see photos!! Thanks Matthew