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  1. AndyL

    To Me

    The Eclipse? I'll watch it tomorrow. The light will be better.
  2. AndyL

    To Me

    Strive to consider more than immediate needs and only your own future,
  3. AndyL

    To Me

    All ART is Folk Art.
  4. AndyL

    To Me

    Sometimes.....I like to be playful in using words with a good deal of their meaning as much in the nature of what they say.....as their physical presents.
  5. AndyL

    To Me

    Hold out your hand in your mind's eye In it an apple, an unlimited supply in it 6 - 9 seeds with your skills, wisdom, ability to communicate and your humanity When your seeds grow ulitimately it is impossible to know the amount of trees and apples that will come from them
  6. AndyL

    To Me

    OL, Any piece you make will survive in shards or intact for 20,000 years or more. Your essense will be in it. So you see..... just make a piece you're satisfied with...release it to history and you will have liked the Pres's thoughts twice.
  7. There's a trick I know as a model railroader that may work.Try it experimentally to a small area of your piece first though. Automobile brake fluid. We use it to remove paint from boxcars and engines.....just let it soak for awhile is what I've found works by experience AND NO HARSH abrasion to remove the paint PLEASE!
  8. AndyL

    To Me

    I've had unexpected results in a piece I've made. Never a mistake...the trick is to figure out what happened to recreate it when wanted or never when not. BUT most importantly observe and figure out how to make the unplanned result a jumping off point for creating better works.
  9. Heck, Marcia ​I can empathise​ I found the I found the Inquisition a PITA but moveable type made things bearable.
  10. I agree there are a great many things potentially dangerous. IMO a record of dangerous ceramic formulas and processes may be getting forgotten or lost entirely. At the very least archiving what available knowledge of past, current and future ones should safely stored. To put out a broad example consider the loss to the world if the COMPLETE collection of a current major world library was totally gone? Knowledge should not be lost like the Library of Alexandria...or Ceramic Knowledge like undecipherable glyphs because the knowledge to understand them was not preserved.
  11. II feel there is a need to have an archive someware organized like a Chappell Book of the glazes/CAD Glaze Recipe Archive, etc that are Dangerous to use. it could be referenced not to use them until a safe technology happens to make them safe, a new mining of chemicals that give them these safe properties, they needed to be remade for historical restorations or responsible potter(s)/manufacture's of pottery can reformulate with new chemicals
  12. AndyL

    Pots in Movies

    I know what you mean Lucille I've a habit of looking at pottery in most films and television programs too.
  13. AndyL

    To Me

    As I Grow I will live Confidently And Fiercely I Will Try to Be THE Strongest Person I Can And Work In MY Community To Help IT Grow
  14. AndyL

    To Me

    Reread books and you may discover things your growth now allows you to appreciate.
  15. I do it in the quiet moments while pieces are air drying enough firm up so I can continue to work. They're more good luck pieces to me and not dieties. Making them relaxes me, helps me organize the next step in the current piece's build and doodle maquettes for future work in 3D

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