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  1. Thank you all! We'll see if I can make it work.
  2. Hi! I have somehow accumulated lots of old lovely glass globes, like those that cover ceiling or porch lights. Anyone have any ideas how to attach them to my thrown pottery base to make table lamps out of them? Two problems - 1. How to construct the base so globes would come off to change bulbs 2. How to permanently attach the socket to the base. Just wondered if anyone has done this or has any tips. Thank you!
  3. dricherson

    Birdhouse In Chinese Red

    That's really cool! Love the house and the color. My husband set his cowboy boots outside in a chair and a wren quickly built a nest in one of them! Put an umbrella over it :-). They have hatched and should be gone in a few more days.
  4. I am new to the digital controller on my kiln (Sentry 2.0 controller) and would really appreciate some help in programming a cone 5 firing with a 1 h. preheat and a slow cool. Does this make sense? rA1 = 60, F1 = 200, Hd = 1 (preheat with 1 hr. hold at 200 degrees) rA2 = 200, F1 = 1022, Hd = 0 rA3 = 153, F1 = 1112, Hd = 0 rA4 = 162, F1 = 1951, Hd = 0 rA5 = 108, F1 = 2167, Hd = 0 rA6 = 500, F1 = 1900, Hd = 0 (begin slow cool) rA7 = 125, F1 = 1450, Hd = 0 rA8 = 0 Can I assume after rA7 it will cool naturally? rA2 - rA5 are what my Sentry manual says it uses to reach cone 5. I am really happy this forum is here - I have learned so much from you all! Thank You Dianne
  5. dricherson

    Submit Your Community Challenge Ideas

    I reached my quota of "likes" on the first page! I am a newbie here, but I really like the idea of the community challenge. Although everyone might not participate for various reasons, it is inspiring to think about the challenge and can influence the direction you are going. Isn't that what community does? Thank you for working on this! How about things that inspire people - in form or function, with or without words. Most obvious would be a cross or a shot glass ( ), but go beyond that?
  6. dricherson

    Community Challenge #5 The Results

    I like seeing results!
  7. dricherson

    Firing Flat With Color?

    Found it! Thanks! I probably should have just glazed the fronts and not worried about color on the backs, but I like the design and thought color would give it a little emphasis. I know, they're just garden stakes but obviously I am occasionally obsessed with finding the solution to a problem!
  8. dricherson

    Firing Flat With Color?

    Follow up: The tile setters worked well! Thanks Marcia! I did a few experiments to see what would happen. The 1/3 epkaolin, 1/3 frit, and 1/3 stain worked pretty well - and only stuck a little. I would like more control over the coverage, but this is a good starting point. Some of the markers did distort in shape a little, but that won't detract from their usefulness. I would attach a photo if I could figure out how! I am really thankful for this forum - I learn something new every day!
  9. The 50% alumina / 50% EPK wadding mix has been a revolution for me in the ease of packing my kiln! I roll it out and cut into small squares and dry. Hot glue as many of them as needed to the bottom of the pots and fire! And they are reusable!
  10. dricherson

    Firing Flat With Color?

    Thank you! One more thing - I noticed on your profile page ( I love what you do!) something about once fire - have you done this with stoneware to cone 6? Interesting to me.
  11. dricherson

    Firing Flat With Color?

    Thanks Marcia. I have some tile setters, but did not think firing them on edge would keep them flat. I will try it. They are 1/2" thick stoneware when made. Just for my information, I could make a wash using oxides or bought stains and they would not stick to the shelves?
  12. Hi. Not very experienced at this, but I am making a series of mostly flat garden markers, with some carving and modeling. I will eventually fire in an electric kiln to cone 5 or 6. I know it will be best to fire them flat on the kiln shelf. I would like to add some color, but what can I do that will not stick to my kiln shelves? How about an oxide wash - will that stick? Thank you.

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