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  1. And this is why the Hudson Valley is famous for its brickworks Lotta old brick kilns out and about as well.
  2. Much obliged, will do. I read that propane was simply harder to starve of oxygen, in so many words, because apparently its a lot more efficient than natural gas, but per your advice I'll trust the advice of people who have walked this path more than a random article any day.
  3. Just bought a smallish Olympic (2331G ) gas kiln for reduction work, specifically lusters, celadon, and shino. As I only have access to propane, thats what I ordered, but I'm reading that on top of the implicit difficulty bringing a gas kiln into reduction in general, propane is particularly problematic. Can anyone give me any hints on how best to get a suitably reduced atmosphere for these sorts of endeavors using propane, or warn me now if I'm just chasing an impossible dream?
  4. I'm looking for an ultra low-fire clear glaze as I want to dip my toe in kutani yuri-kinsai.. I found an interesting cone 014 recipe that is about 25% frit p-54, and I cant find any for sale online. Can anyone suggest either a suitable replacement for frit p-54 or an alternate low/fast-fire clear glaze that is suitable for yuri-kinsai? This is the glaze I was going to roll the dice with: Frit 3269 44 Frit P-54 26 Silica 14 Lithium Carbonate 10 Kaolin (Theoretical) 6 thanks all!
  5. Not to minimize the danger, but a lot of people worked their entire lives around manganese fumes/dust and very few developed the horrific permanent nervous system issues traditionally associated with it. Point being, its not an instant death sentence, and thats coming from someone who really once thought it more or less was. Also manganese isnt water soluble, it cant be absorbed through the skin (according to an employee of Aardvark I reached out to about these exact concerns). Do what is needful to work with it responsibly from now on, but its extremely unlikely you've lit the fuse on any neurological time bombs already.
  6. Went off without a hitch. You folks are the best, thanks for excellent advice as always.
  7. Nod, understood. Skutt's actually terminate the electrical connections per-ring apparently, so there wont be much to worry about there once I remove the control box and unplug the ring-specific leads.
  8. So I decided to go the responsible adult route and call Skutt, who said that as long as the bands on the rings are tight, they can be moved from horizontal enough to make it through a door, but generally its not a great idea because its a lot of stress on it of course. If anyone has anything to add, naturally, you have my gratitude.
  9. I just got my new kiln delivered and have to bring it into the studio, which is going to require breaking down the rings and such and moving them one at a time then reassembling, of course. My question: is there any danger of the rings collapsing / becoming damaged if we turn them on their side to get through the door? EG will bricks slip out, will it bend under its own weight, or is it designed to survive this sort of maneuver? It's a Skutt 1231pk, aka http://www.bigceramicstore.com/skutt-km1231pk-single-phase.html Thanks!!
  10. I appreciate the help / guidance, Neil & Mark, very much. That front-loader thread is certainly thought provoking. It's worth noting that I'm shifting focus somewhat to large sculptural pieces, so the consistency issues that would concern someone doing a run of functional ware apply a bit less here.
  11. That's truly unfortunate, a narrative regarding what problems I should expect is exactly what I need most.
  12. Ach... this is worrisome... the kiln size is something I can adapt to, no worries there, but clearly I better read the fine print regarding what sort of warranty is in play.
  13. I'm about to invest in my first 'grownup' kiln and so far, the Olympic FL20E seems like it has such a massive value edge over the competition that I've become suspicious. Can anyone pitch any opinions my way? I'm particularly attracted to the size and the fact that it's front-loading. Apologies in advance if this isnt an appropriate subforum to ask questions like this in, of course.
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