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  1. Hello lovely people, I need some advice please. I've been asked to set up a mini workshop for children and in need of an advice on what sort of kiln/ wheel to get. Thanks A
  2. Tandi

    Just An Other Newbie

    So 'breath through your armpits' 😊 Clay on the wheel roughly in the middle, your arms resting on the wheel. Wet your hands/clay so you can start of putting right hand first like you would cup the lump of clay with your thumb resting on top of the clay and your left hand over lapping your right hand . When you are ready , wheel on high speed, ( 1step)start pulling the clay towards you while pushing it down with your thumb at the same time. ( here comes in the breath through your armpits as its a funny sensation of holding your breath back) (2nd step)Cone the clay up push it away from you and repeat the action of 1st step until your clay is centred. Hard work but with lots of practice,you'll get there. Make sure your clay it's always damp. I used to be very messy with my clay due to using far too much water, but I'm much better now .
  3. Tandi

    Just An Other Newbie

    Thank you for the kind words everyone. I got the cantering under my belt using my teacher's ' breath through your armpits' trick. Deep down I know I should just get on and practice as much as I can on the wheel before I get carried away purchasing all the glazes etc. Still loads to get done, building a wedging table, finding the right type of clay and finding time for all. I'll be around 😊
  4. Hi, hello, good evening or morning to you all wherever you are in the big wide world. I thought I'll pluck up the courage and say hello and let you all know how much I enjoy reading the topics and your posts. I feel like I'm in heaven skipping from one discussion to an other, discovering more every time.​I've been living in the UK for the past 9 years but originally from Hungary. I started my friendship with Mr. clay four years ago and it was love at first sight. Needless to say we can't stay away from each other too long. Joke aside..... ​I attend to a class once a week what I really enjoy and my teacher is fab, always there to help if needed. I am constantly on the wheel but equally happy hand building as long as I can play with clay. I managed to get hold o​f a wheel last year and a second hand front loader kiln which I had the elements changed this week. So I am in a process of having my little corner set up. Its all really exciting and awfully terrifying at the same time. I am fairly confident and have a good foundation but there is so much more to learn and so many things to consider. I am sure I'll get there one day with lots and lots of practice and dedication. I enjoyed my journey with Mr clay so far and looking forward to the challenges ahead.​ ​I'll be around with a few questions or might even join in sharing my experiences I had so far. One thing for sure, I'll be around reading, taking in all the knowledge and information's you wise people share. ​Lovely forum. ​See you around

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