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  1. Ok, great! I'll try it, and let you know how it goes. Thanks for your responses! I noticed that the colors seem "muddier" fired too low...is this generally true, that firing at a higher temperature produces brighter, clearer colors? ( I'm using an electric kiln and Amaco glazes for cone 5&6).
  2. Hi - I was doing a glaze fire to cone 5 last night, and due to a dumb mistake on my part, the kiln shut off an hour too early. My question is this: can I save these pots by refiring them to the correct temperature? Can I do this without reglazing them? Is it even worth it? Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Black Flecks On Kiln Shelves

    Not sure about the cobalt...Could be. There were some blue glazes. I'll do some research and let you know. Thanks for the lead!
  4. Hi - I am new to firing my own kiln. I have an old manual Cress kiln that I have used 4 times now. I put kiln wash on my shelves each time and I after the last glaze I noticed that there are little dark flecks all over the shelves. Is this glaze that needs to be ground off? Or is this just something I put more kiln wash over? I appreciate your help! Thanks - Anita
  5. Thanks so much for all of your replies. Good points regarding editing. I'll try to do that more. And I love the idea of using it in the garden, hadn't thought of that. But I kind of also agree with MatthewV, that fine tuning my glazing is going to mean a lot more pots. Anyone have simple directions for making a mosaic? We've got a lot of stucco that could be decorated....
  6. Hi - I am fairly new to clay and love it. I have been doing it for about a year now and am improving day by day. But I'm dying to know, experienced potters, what do I do with all of these early pots?! My cabinets are full, I'm running out of friends to give them to, and frankly, they are wonky and lead heavy and I don't even want to keep them! But throwing them away just seems wasteful. Looking into the future, I know I will make hundreds more of these as I work to get better and better. Suggestions?? What did you do with all of your early, crappy works? Thanks! - Anita

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