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  1. Min

    Cone 6 Porcelain Elaine's crystal

    That part did seem counterintuitive didn't it... not sure I would go that far.
  2. Min

    Most used sieve size?

    100 mesh takes far longer to screen glazes with. I've got 80 and 100 size, rarely use the 100, just use it if I'm making underglaze or engobes with stain. For glazes I don't think screening through the 100 makes any noticeable difference to using an 80.
  3. Min

    cadmium red

    Two more links, for Cadmium Oxide and Cadmium Sulphide, two forms that are available in the US at a ceramic supplier. Well worth reading carefully as the risks to you and those around you are significant. Disposal methods also need careful reading as environmental risks are also significant. https://www.fishersci.com/shop/msdsproxy?storeId=10652&productName=AC196935000 http://www.dcfinechemicals.com/files2/Hojas de seguridad (EN)/102670-SDS-EN.pdf
  4. Min

    Cone 6 Porcelain Elaine's crystal

    Is this the body Tom Coleman developed for his wife? If so might be worth hearing his take on handle attachment with his Coleman porcelain. About half way through this video he gives his thoughts on handle joining and drying when using porcelain. He uses plain water to join, have you tried that? Welcome to the forum!
  5. What effect are you using the titanium dioxide for? Opacification, variegation, crystals? Welcome to the forum! edit: just to clarify your question, you are looking to replace up to 20% of the titanium dioxide content in your recipe?
  6. Min

    Making an Urn, Help

    You can alter slip recipes so they shrink less therefore crack less. Slips can go on wet, leatherhard, bone dry, and bisque if they are formulated to do so. (for bone dry and bisque they would likely be engobes as opposed to slips but are commonly referred to as slips in some countries). I've used Fish Sauce Slip on bone dry and on bisque without cracking. I've swapped out the bentonite in the original recipe for macaloid (aka Bentone MA) as it is much cleaner than bentonite. The recipe as is fires out fairly white but to make it really white add 10 +/- of zircopax. I've used it for lowfire also. fish sauce slip altered ^6 - ^10 Minspar 200................. 27.50 Grolleg Kaolin.............. 40.70 Pyrophyllite................ 8.50 Silica...................... 17.00 macaloid.................... 6.30 ========= 100.00
  7. Min

    Glaze Defect

    Looks like the glaze is shrinking too much for the claybody. Were there fine drying cracks in the glaze before firing? Do you have the glaze recipe and if so can you post it?
  8. Big thank you Mea for being such an integral part of making this forum what it is today. I appreciate all the time and energy you have given to the moderator job, Good thing there is a worthy new mod stepping into your shoes, they are awfully big ones.
  9. There is usually a little wiggle room in clay firing temperatures, you could try going to 1200C and soaking for 15 minutes or so. I think you are going to just have to try it and see. I looked up the BOTZ Steinzeug Stoneware Glaze and from what I read they recommend firing to 1250C plus a 30 minute soak. What they do have is what looks like a highly fluxed product called BOTZ 29020 that you can put over your BOTZ glaze to lower the firing temperature of it down to 1150C. It will increase the likelihood of glaze crazing though. Link to it here. Welcome to the forum!
  10. I wouldn’t talk price until you have gone to have a look at it. I’ld plug it in and turn it on, try the foot pedal to see if it starts and stops smoothly. Check the wheelhead for any wobble while it’s running. Hold onto the wheelhead, while its off, and try wiggling it from side to side and rocking it to check for any play. If he was a production potter its going to have had heavy use. 69% of new seems way to high to me. Part of the new price is for the 10 year warranty which you obviously aren't getting. If it looks good after you’ve done an inspection I would then give a lowball offer and be prepared to go up. (Bailey lists the specs under the "Custom" tab, it lists the current wheel as 1/4 HP)
  11. I use the 100 grit ones from Tool City. I use them wet and for me they last about a year with fairly high use. edit: BTW those diamond lapidary discs on the link you posted are quite expensive, if you ever need one of those they can be found on ebay for a fair bit less.
  12. Min

    Making an Urn, Help

    Mitch Lyons has a good video showing how to do this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHViU5oHk1o
  13. To remove the mineral salts deposit you could try a commercial efflorescence remover. It would likely take a few applications and I would fire the linseed oil off first. Going forward if you get a terracotta that contains a tiny amount of barium the barium will prevent the mineral salts from scumming the clay. If your supplier doesn't have this information then I would contact the manufacturer and ask which of their terracotta bodies do contain barium. Welcome to the forum!
  14. Min

    Cobalt prices gone up!?

    Blue ones?
  15. Min

    Best Tent For Craft Show?

    I've seen vendors using pool noodles on the inside corners of sagging tent tops to prop them up. Doesn't look the greatest from inside the tent but invisible from the outside. Found a picture of how I've seen it done. One more thing to carry around and set up and it doesn't address the frame issue but in a pinch I could see using them if you have a leaking sagging canopy. Maybe if you can get pool noodles the same colour as the canvas it would look a bit better.

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