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  1. De-Airing Pugmill

    OK, Thanks so much! You've been very helpful!
  2. De-Airing Pugmill

    Thanks Mark! a phase converter sounds like the answer! I did some quick research and have another question. Do you know if it would be a rotary or static converter? Thanks for all of your help, Peggy
  3. De-Airing Pugmill

    Thanks Marvin and Mark. It's quite large. I lot bigger than I wanted but got a real deal on it. Getting 3-phase power is problem than it's worth for just a pugmill. I was surprised to learn that it was three phase too.
  4. De-Airing Pugmill

    I have a de-airing pugmill that requires 3-phase power. Does anyone know if it is possible to convert it to something more common like 220?