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  1. I'd do both and take an appropriate umbrella to each. We're only talking about 8 days. For someone who lives in the middle of the country, time at the beach building sandcastles is rare. Workshops on topics I want to experiment with that are within reasonable driving distance from my home are also rare.
  2. I talked with a potter who has a nice studio/gallery space that had an open house event with a percentage of the sales going to a popular local nonprofit organization. Working with this organization was a way to expand her customer base and bring new people into her gallery.
  3. Totality=One Lucky Guy

    Love all the eclipse pictures! Totality was awesome, even when viewed through a light cloud cover. I only took a few pictures showing the darkest point which included the sunset effect. The animals at the Living History farm did react. The miniature horses and chickens did go inside. The cow walked in a circle and lay down to sleep. The rooster did disappoint.... he didn't crow when the sun came out.
  4. Using cute storage buildings for your business was a smart move. Since they are portable and not considered a permanent structure, in many areas no building permit is needed.
  5. Contemporary Ceramics

    I'll add Jun Kaneko to the list. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Jun+Kaneko+Ceramic+Artist&FORM=IDMHDL
  6. Special Items

    Thanks for the suggestions. I am hoping for clear skys, which could translate to large crowds. The eclipse will follow a path across the U. S. Communities in the path of the eclipse are preparing for large crowds, as is our area. Hotels, motels and campgrounds are booked up.
  7. Special Items

    Seeking advice on making items for special events. I live in the path of the TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN coming Aug. 21. Can’t wait for this once in a life time event that will only last about 2 ½ min. Within the past two weeks I was given the opportunity to set up for an event at a local museum and have designed a small item that could be done in multiples. Not sure how many to make? I think I can finish them before the event.
  8. Is This The Norm In Arts Education?

    I also googled Beatrice Wood and Otto Heino. I did major in art (education to teach k-12 art) and wasn’t familiar with their contribution to the development of pottery as an art form. I also dug out a couple of my old Art History books and a very old ceramic text book from my college days. The Art history books, (the newest published in 1996) did not mention Wood or Heino. Neither did the text book published in 1965 which I had to buy for my pottery class. In the books I checked, the potters mentioned were Peter Voulkos, Paul Soldner, the southwest pueblo potters, and Benard Leach. The pottery text book had many examples of ancient pottery as well as photos of pieces from potters around the world selected to cover the topic discussed. My education didn't end after I received my B.A and M.A. I spent countless hours researching my classes. If you feel there is a gap in someone's education, politely fill it by sharing your knowledge.
  9. My favorite glaze is a copper raku (commercially prepared, I quit mixing long ago). the glaze frequently surprises me with a variety of metallic colors.
  10. Sealer For Copper Raku?

    what kind of a sealer can be used to slow oxidation of copper raku? Beads I use for drop earrings have turned green.
  11. what kind of a sealer can be used to slow oxidation of copper raku?

    1. karenkstudio


      never mind. I found the correct place to post this question.

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I edited my earlier post. I said krylon fixative should be clear coat.



    3. karenkstudio
  12. I enjoy experimenting with my portable wood fire kiln, and could switch to that. I'll still use my two sticks and a rolling pin for my slabs. If I have to burn those two sticks I'll be in trouble.
  13. "only painters are artists" Consider the following scenario: A collector has several pieces of pottery by well known potters prominently displayed in her home. A friend paints a still life of that collection and the collector hangs that painting in her home. Question: In this scenario is the painting the only work of art? I know. Answering a question with a question is the chickens way out.
  14. Using Slip Soaked Yarn

    Years ago I did this with lace and it worked.
  15. How Long To Fire A Raku Glaze

    I fire most of my raku in a small electric kiln with a commercial raku glaze which matures at cone 08. The kiln is started on high and takes approximately 1 hr. and 15 min. When I use my wood kiln it only takes 30 to 45 min.