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  1. Terra sig density

    Is terra sig available commercially? I have made some small batches that were ok.
  2. Lady, I think that thingy is a part from a transmission, but I'm not sure. I dry my pieces by sandwiching them between plaster slabs.
  3. Working on found object texture tiles to be raku fired and assembled for a wall hanging.
  4. #1 karenkstudio

    Raku and experimental firing
  5. IMG_1317.JPG experiment

    from a catalpa tree . always loved there large leaves.
  6. Just posted an experiment displaying copper raku glaze outdoors after it was sealed with a clear UV rust oleum spray. 

  7. experimenting

    alternate firing techniques
  8. Artspeak

    bciskepottery, the phrase generator is a lot of fun! I entered my zip code and received the following Instant Art Critique; "Umm... the mechanical mark-making of the facture visually and conceptually activates the larger carcass."
  9. crazy quiz

    Sputty, Thank you for the compliment (a. is there is one thing you specifically like about the quiz?) Judith, It's been 30 years since I had to find homes for kittens. I found an expensive way solve that problem and still have a couple of cats. Chris, Thank you for posting an answer key, I was to lazy to make one up.
  10. crazy quiz

    Crazy Quiz: selling pottery, best practice at a craft show? Select correct answers. When setting up the display which of the following should you do? a. Set up your display and sit back in a corner by your cash box and let the customer come to you. b. Set up a self -check-out table up front with a cash jar and let the customers help themselves while you set in back and enjoy your favorite drink. c. Set your boxes out and let the customers rummage through the boxes. d. Set up an attractive display and engage the customer. Which of the following should you do when engaging customers? a. When someone (who has no initial intention of buying) compliments your work, thank them and ask if there is one thing they specifically like. b. Customer, “My mom collects cats. Do you have any?” Do you respond?, “Yes, I have a litter of 8 kittens. If you give me your mom’s address I’ll drop them off next week.” c. Ask your neighbor to watch your booth while you spend the morning wandering around the show giving other venders good advice. d. If someone gasps when they spot what they perceive is a high price, try to sell it to them for half price. At the end of the event, you know you had a good show because: a. Several people rummaged through the boxes you set out and bought a couple of items. b. You found a good home for the 8 kittens, and will drop them off next week. c. You have a lot of empty spaces on your display and will have to work fill the special orders you took during the show, including pieces with a cat motif. d. Your cash jar made a great trash can so you had very little trash to clean-up at the end of the show. SORRY, NO ANSWER KEY WILL BE POSTED.
  11. I'd do both and take an appropriate umbrella to each. We're only talking about 8 days. For someone who lives in the middle of the country, time at the beach building sandcastles is rare. Workshops on topics I want to experiment with that are within reasonable driving distance from my home are also rare.
  12. I talked with a potter who has a nice studio/gallery space that had an open house event with a percentage of the sales going to a popular local nonprofit organization. Working with this organization was a way to expand her customer base and bring new people into her gallery.
  13. Totality=One Lucky Guy

    Love all the eclipse pictures! Totality was awesome, even when viewed through a light cloud cover. I only took a few pictures showing the darkest point which included the sunset effect. The animals at the Living History farm did react. The miniature horses and chickens did go inside. The cow walked in a circle and lay down to sleep. The rooster did disappoint.... he didn't crow when the sun came out.
  14. Using cute storage buildings for your business was a smart move. Since they are portable and not considered a permanent structure, in many areas no building permit is needed.
  15. Contemporary Ceramics

    I'll add Jun Kaneko to the list. https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=Jun+Kaneko+Ceramic+Artist&FORM=IDMHDL

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