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  1. I call mine MILL CREEK POTTERY, nothing official yet but my wheel is about 50 feet from mill creek so the name made sense too me. graybeard
  2. graybeard

    Art Fairs with Ceramics

    Hi Mark, Just want to thank you for the post, real helpful ideas. (I need all I can get) graybeard
  3. graybeard

    How to identify bisque ware

    I use a under glaze pencil. graybeard
  4. Hi everyone, and Happy new year. I got my RULING PEN from amazon today, looking forward to putting it to use. When I tried to use it (try it out?) I found out that under glaze's are way too thick right out of the bottle. The question is, how much can you thin a under glaze with water before it becomes too thinned to be useful? Thanks for your help. Graybeard
  5. Hi all. I fired a load of bisque Wed. evening (standard 630 ^5) when I checked Thursday A.M. the kiln was still firing (way too long) so I shut it off and cried a little. When I opened the kiln this A.M. (Friday) The pieces looked ok, (not melted) but I don't know how hot things got. I had 3 witness in the kiln (06 05 04) and they are all pretty flat, my question is, is there a way to tell if the pieces will still take glaze, or if the clay has vitrified? Thanks for your time. Graybeard
  6. graybeard

    Tools for throwing dry

    Hi all, time for me to come out from my cave to ask a question. When you say you throw dry, just how dry is "dry"?? thought fer the day: remember, 2 wrongs do not make a right, BUT 3 lefts will! graybeard
  7. Jeez, when I have crazing like that I break out my hammer, maybe I should rethink that. I have a earthenware glaze just like that blue too. graybeard
  8. Have you tried to contact AMACO? I doubt they would have a fix, but they might be able to point you in the right direction. They had the tire for the cone drive on my old model B Amaco wheel and their people are very helpful. Good luck and let us know how things work out. Graybeard
  9. graybeard

    what is your favorite wax resist?

    Ceramic Supply. Neil turned me on to it, good stuff, easy cleanup Thanks Neil for the food color idea, could have used it last night! graybeard
  10. graybeard

    Wedging Table Design...

    What, I really like the slope idea! I will make the change this weekend. Thanks fer the idea. graybeard
  11. graybeard

    New Forum

    Chilly, ya gotta love progress! graybeard
  12. graybeard

    New Forum

  13. graybeard

    New Forum

    I just wish I could reload my Avatar. It took a month or more the first time so Im still ahead of the game I guess, the rest will come (I hope). graybeard
  14. Hi again everyone. If you have ever searched for your needle tools in the splash pan or slop bucket and ended up finding them stuck in your hands try this. Buy a length of pipe insulation (the self sealing foam stuff, comes in 8 foot lengths for about $2.00 a piece) and wrap a 6-10 inch piece around the lip of your splash pan and stick the needle tools in that. Been doing that for about 3 weeks now and I don't feel like Moby Dick any more. Graybeard
  15. graybeard

    Seeing Cones

    There is still a RS in fox lake Il. graybeard

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