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  1. graybeard

    Triple beam or digital scale?

    FRED, That's cool. I have a OHAUS balance and a pretty old 4 beam Ohaus. On the 4 beam the magnets are on the right end by the pointer, and the balance there are two, 1 on each end just below the stages. I don't use the four beam too often, but it look really cool on the table where I do lapidary. stay safe graybeard
  2. graybeard

    Triple beam or digital scale?

    RAE REICH The magnets on a scale help to dampen the movement of the beam (slow the rocking) stay safe graybeard
  3. look here. https://www.claystamps.com/ Graybeard
  4. Hmm, I thought they were made to explode. all the ones I used did. Looks great though! nice job! graybeard
  5. I use a immersion heater I picked up at a feed store, its intended purpose was to keep water troughs for barnyard animals from freezing. they also sell smaller ones for bird baths and outdoor pet dishes. graybeard
  6. graybeard

    What the heck is MAGIC WATER

    OK!!!! thanks everyone I appreciate all the responses, Stay safe Graybeard
  7. Hi all, I was reading hershey8 post about cracks in cup handles, and some folks recommend MAGIC WATER. My question is, What the #*&!$ IS MAGIC WATER???? humbly, Graybeard
  8. graybeard

    Table Top Wheels

    I have a Speedball Artista wheel and I like it, (the foot pedal isn't worth a d@&n though) but I have no problem using the speed knob. The Artista DOES use standard bats. No, it isn't as powerful as my AMACO model b, and yes, you can slow it down while centering, but it's a good less costly option. stay safe graybeard
  9. Been using a cookie press fer about 2 years, works great but you REALLY NEED to KEEP the THREADS CLEAN. graybeard
  10. Benz, Ya gotta remember it's Stain-less Steel, not Stainless Steel. big difference. But I'm with you guys, that IS a great tip pres. I have a strip of pipe insolation around the edge of my splash pan, I stick my needle tools in it to keep them handy and to save my fingers from getting stuck when I'm feeling around for a needle tool. Less blood to clean up! graybeard
  11. graybeard

    OK for kiln to get wet?

  12. graybeard

    Steaming Electric Kiln

    Yeah, pretty much what mark said. I picked up a small kiln that got wet in a leaky garage, (they were going to trash it) I set it on low and opened the lid a crack and just let it dry itself out, it took some time but it works just fine. Later, graybeard
  13. graybeard


    I'm with pres, sounds like my old amaco model a. The noise stopped when I replaced the belt. graybeard
  14. graybeard

    Bailey 22" Mini Might II Table Roller

    I built a slab roller using a old set of mop rollers, I can only roll a slab 10" across and it looks like a piece of junk but it works really well. (plus I'm the only one that see's it so.......) Graybeard
  15. graybeard

    Measuring pot bottoms

    Im confused. Why not just use a needle tool? What am I missing?

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