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  1. Wedging Table Design...

    What, I really like the slope idea! I will make the change this weekend. Thanks fer the idea. graybeard
  2. New Forum

    Chilly, ya gotta love progress! graybeard
  3. New Forum

  4. New Forum

    I just wish I could reload my Avatar. It took a month or more the first time so Im still ahead of the game I guess, the rest will come (I hope). graybeard
  5. Hi again everyone. If you have ever searched for your needle tools in the splash pan or slop bucket and ended up finding them stuck in your hands try this. Buy a length of pipe insulation (the self sealing foam stuff, comes in 8 foot lengths for about $2.00 a piece) and wrap a 6-10 inch piece around the lip of your splash pan and stick the needle tools in that. Been doing that for about 3 weeks now and I don't feel like Moby Dick any more. Graybeard
  6. Seeing Cones

    There is still a RS in fox lake Il. graybeard
  7. Is This Kiln Worth Fixing?

    In better shape than the one I use to bisque fire. Before you do anything to the elements though heat the area you're going to bend to a nice cherry red so it won't break. As far as the floor, I put a kiln shelf on the bottom of mine, working so far (about 2 years). Neil is the kiln guru though. Good luck graybeard
  8. MARK, I live near Gurnee Il in unincorporated Lake county, about 15 minutes from Mr. Estrick's studio. I guess you could say in north eastern Illinois? WOW! what a response! I'm blown away. The only "artist" I know in my area is Neil, if you ask anyone around here about art fairs they all tell you about the Bristol Renaissance Fair. I once told a friend I threw pots and he started to spread it around that I grew pot. (true story) Thanks to you guys I have a lot to look through, can't thank you enough. I might get to use my new to me white canopy this year after all! Graybeard
  9. HI all, me again. My question has become: How do you find out about a show / fair BEFORE the fact?? I knew about an upcoming fair and they canceled that one! I have suggested the idea (to have a fair) to several organizations, no luck. I tried to sell some stuff out of my yard, (ya should try that sometime " hey, nice bowl would ya take 5 bucks?") I've been told to go on face book as a source but I don't do face book. I have tried farmers markets but in my area they all seem to be run by the same organization using a really brutal set of rules. So anyway, thank you fer yer help. graybeard
  10. Mark, you haven't seen some of his students! graybeard
  11. Electric Kiln In Garage?

    All three of mine are in a detached garage. graybeard
  12. Standard's 630 White Stoneware?

    my back yard turns into a rice paddy. Didn't like rice paddy in 1969, don't like rice paddy now. graybeard
  13. Standard's 630 White Stoneware?

    What Neil said. graybeard
  14. Ive always heard that with an Aspire There is a problem finding bats that fit, so you will have to watch out for that too. graybeard
  15. Hey Mark, I don't know how many amps off the top of my head, (im at work and the wheel isn't) but it has a 1/3 Hp motor and I run it off of a standard 15 amp power strip. Ill get back to you about the amps. It's a nice little wheel, they say it will center 25 lbs of clay, I don't know about that. graybeard