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    1515art reacted to Gabby in DE54F16E-652E-455E-99A8-BC45B0F15883.jpeg   
    What fine looking work!
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    1515art reacted to oldlady in CD05EFE1-04A7-42D5-B488-70976FCCB6F3.jpeg   
    it is good to work in a clean space like this.
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    1515art got a reaction from shawnhar in D5F8DC7D-9CD5-4134-AA63-B06E412F1F77.jpeg   
    Clean studio for the new year.
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    1515art got a reaction from Deleted user in 8F39124C-DD5F-4C0F-8820-982984BDB085.jpeg   
    Hi Shawnhar, yes one piece. I do the flair collaring the clay with the fingers of my left hand and little finger and thumb from my right hand while using my right index and right middle finger to throw the rim flair all at the same time. It’s a little tricky until you get the feel, but the technique works really well making closed forms.
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    1515art reacted to LeeU in 8F39124C-DD5F-4C0F-8820-982984BDB085.jpeg   
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    1515art reacted to shawnhar in 8F39124C-DD5F-4C0F-8820-982984BDB085.jpeg   
    Very nice, was that thrown as a single piece? Love the flared rim, great shape.
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    1515art got a reaction from Joseph Fireborn in image   
    Thanks Joseph, I've made a few of this type in the past and a customer just bought one I'd rakued a few years ago that some of the handle had broken during the firing. I only had two left and don't want to sell the other so she took the one with missing handle piece for $600 and wants to collect more work. Guess that means I should make a couple more in the series and see what happens?
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    1515art got a reaction from JamesP in Me on the phone   
    Sorry, just being silly... Handsome young man, great picture. Extreamly lifelike
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    1515art reacted to glazenerd in IMG 0634   
    Are you signing/stamping these pieces (logo)? If not, you need to start. You are making them today; but their voice will be the loudest decades from now. Transitional Art Noveau revisited: partly modern, but with historical references. Part whimsical, but still art. It is uniquely your voice: labeling it as such is required IMO. Good cobalt shifts BTW.
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    1515art reacted to Joseph Fireborn in IMG 0634   
    Turned out very nice.
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    1515art got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in image   
    Marko, thank you very much, but you are too kind... and I held my breath a lot!
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    1515art got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in image   
    Creative spirit ebbs and flows... I have spent the last 6 months traveling back and forth to the high Sierra prospecting for gold, giving clay a break. Other times if I'm in a rut I will just throw forms and not even focus on the glaze, pieces sometimes move to the garden unglazed as decorations.
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    1515art got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in image   
    Hi Marko, I threw the five main body parts and one extra head piece (the first was to large) on one evening in the studio and an evening putting the pieces together after things firmed up and doing a little detail work. also some time planning things out, but the work goes pretty fast if the thrown pieces are sized correctly.
    also spent an evening finishing this head off and throwing the ears and horns.
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    1515art got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in photo 2 1   
    Hi Mark,
    I got the idea for the vessel and overall form after seeing a picture of the ring in process as a rough carving and finally got around to throwing it just after a friend dropped off the jade carving from China. I haven't done a lot of this type of work so its always a struggle taking the first steps until i get into a project a feel things flow the way I'm looking for.
    I'll post a photo of the ring on the main form, I don't know how to add it here.
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    1515art got a reaction from Mark (Marko) Madrazo in photo 2 1   
    i might has misunderstood what you were asking, i throw the pots first then I create the decorations to fit the piece I've thrown on the wheel. pot first, next day trim the bottom and then I threw a small form (fairly dry) for the body of the octopus, next I pulled 10 handles and attached the 8 i liked best to the small octopus form and carefully begin attaching to the pot starting with the body first then one leg at a time as i feel looks fluid and life like.

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