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    1515art reacted to dhPotter in BAB51579-F412-4516-9E21-176D25E64E1F.jpeg   
    Nice save for this salvaged pot! Do see a little warpage or is that camera angle? Oatmeal glaze?
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    1515art reacted to dhPotter in 3DB40EE5-ED87-4F82-9FA2-A260D97E4BBD.jpeg   
    Love the pastel colors. Looks like some crystal growth also.
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    1515art reacted to oldlady in 239EC68E-4812-4468-8EAE-80BE814F5491.jpeg   
    the sphere is something i have always wanted to do.  congrats.
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    1515art reacted to Denice in 9FEDDCF8-B8E2-475F-AC33-E646563FFCAA.jpeg   
    I like your center pot, have you made one like this before.   I made a hang lamp that was a similar shape that had a geometric pattern carve in it.    I was happily carving away when I realized I didn't leave enough support in the body.  I eliminated a row of my design but I still got a slight twist and some small cracks on the inside.   I will be interested in how your thrown piece works, mine was coil built.    Denice
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