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    I began my journey in clay in 1970 and have never regretted getting my clothes dirty ever, in addition to ceramic art i enjoy prospecting in the mountains, collecting jade and fishing on my boat.

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  1. 1515art


    Hi Shawnhar, yes one piece. I do the flair collaring the clay with the fingers of my left hand and little finger and thumb from my right hand while using my right index and right middle finger to throw the rim flair all at the same time. It’s a little tricky until you get the feel, but the technique works really well making closed forms.
  2. 1515art

    new work at 1515art

    a few new pieces i'm working on inspired by my friends in China. These are green and bisque ware and i'm still thinking about the glaze combinations I plan to use. these will all fire to cone 10 reduction.
  3. Have a great show mark sounds like a lot of fun with life long friends and your friend should love the trophy, beautiful glaze. clark
  4. Tom thanks again, but before I get too excited trying to cram my big feet into dorthy's ruby slippers I've got to make sure Toto doesn't crap on the carpet, lol. The fish on the table is 24" tall almost and another 24 at the widest point and as the size increases so do the challenges and dissapointments figuring out the engineering and such and Avoiding undesirable unattractive glaze faults will be the challenge, I'll feel better when all that's worked out. i don't know if you remember the flower oil paintings I posted back a bit, my friend is also buying some extra large paintings of hers. The flower painter also paints ceramics in China, but I don't know much about the studio other than it was provided some how by the governor because he really liked her work, she has been wanting to team up with my ceramics and her ceramic painting so we will do something togeather if and when I can work out the logistics. Guess I'd better clean up the studio, thanks again, Clark
  5. Made my delivery this morning beautiful home up near Villa Montolvo in the Saratoga foothills, home was constructed over a hundred years ago and my client tells me as we tour the home she needs more work pointing to spots in each room where she wants multiple large sculptures. This is going to be a lot of work, starting with a fish sculpture several times larger than the one I just delivered...
  6. Tom, good advise always and yes I’m thankful to have this problem. You are right and I could never sell the little yellow metal chunks I find for two reasons, 1 the emotional attachment and 2 they actually cost me 10 times their real value just to find them,lol.
  7. 1515art

    Thoughts on Pricing

    Yappy, I’m a little late to the party and have only a little information from a conversation with shop owner who carries a large inventory of glass pipes and other paraphernalia in my area. He was interested in having some ceramic related products in his shop, he told me most of the pipe makers are working in glass and one off custom ceramic work was less available. I wasn’t interested at the time and never looked into any of it.
  8. No one is ever financially set, lol, and I’d be more than happy to add some $$$ to my bank account. Truth is I really have avoided selling large pieces and don’t know what to sell them for and some I think I like more than I think they are worth if that makes any sense? Selling some big pieces would be the best thing for me and be a great motivation to get into the studio more, there are a lot of things I want to try but have been unmotivated lately. Good luck to you too, I read your recient post about creating and selling larger work and I think you should do well. Your work has really developed and the combination of clay and glazes you have found is very expressive with your style of work.
  9. Thanks Callie, my boundaries are I like to avoid the whole selling thing all together and fortunately for me my wife could as they say sell ice cubes to Eskimo’s and while she is promoting my work I guess I’m just trying to assure myself that everyone is satisfied in the end, me for the work I don’t really want to part with and my client for things overpriced?
  10. I don’t really know the buyers motivation and I can’t talk directly to them as they only speak Chinese and my Chinese language skills are pretty limited, somehow I don’t think investment is their consideration in purchishing my work I think they are just looking for something different and that’s where I worry taking advantage of the situation. Thanks Joseph yes and yes, sometimes I’m attached... some pieces are large and physically challenging to make and as I get older more difficult to reproduce or don’t have access to the materials anymore, the bad ones go into the garden amongst the trees and vines . Ultimately, yes the artworks should be for sale certainly a motivation to make new pieces! I’ve been retired for the last 15 years, I’m getting old and a little out of touch with the increasing prices on everything, If I sell or not has never been my focus I’ve always felt the value in my work was background decoration in our gallery in support of my wife’s jewelry business. The ceramics and other artwork creating an environment around the things with more intrinsic value. I suppose I should just accept things as they come and not over analyze the situation based on my own insecurity.
  11. What price to let your work go for? Is $2k or even $5k for a large 24-36” vase from an artist with few auction results and nothing to support those numbers too much? I have a new client/friend that just moved in next door to another friend of mine and after seeing my work at my friends came to my studio and asked to buy a dozen of my works for their home ranging from $100 up to $2k each, she also wants some others I don’t really want to sell. I’m delivering the ceramics on Wednesday to her 15 million dollar estate (not their only home) where thousands of dollars for artwork is not a problem, am I over thinking this?
  12. 1515art


    Joseph, very nice, l think you should be pleased and I like it a lot.
  13. 1515art


    Irish, from my mom’s side of the family... or, could have something to do with the old guy I was watching finger paint while visiting a little art center outside of Lijiang on our way to Shangri-La... one of the two.
  14. 1515art


    Hi Tom, Thank you, one of my favorite forms too and one of the more challenging to throw. Making these brings back fond memories of an old friend, Jerry Meek who taught me his technique for closing the top when I was a young potter back in the 70’s.
  15. 1515art


    Thanks Roberta, credit goes to glazenerds glaze...

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