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    I began my journey in clay in 1970 and have never regretted getting my clothes dirty ever, in addition to ceramic art i enjoy prospecting in the mountains, collecting jade and fishing on my boat.

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  1. 1515art


    Joseph, very nice, l think you should be pleased and I like it a lot.
  2. 1515art


    Irish, from my mom’s side of the family... or, could have something to do with the old guy I was watching finger paint while visiting a little art center outside of Lijiang on our way to Shangri-La... one of the two.
  3. 1515art

    new work at 1515art

    a few new pieces i'm working on inspired by my friends in China. These are green and bisque ware and i'm still thinking about the glaze combinations I plan to use. these will all fire to cone 10 reduction.
  4. 1515art


    Hi Tom, Thank you, one of my favorite forms too and one of the more challenging to throw. Making these brings back fond memories of an old friend, Jerry Meek who taught me his technique for closing the top when I was a young potter back in the 70’s.
  5. 1515art


    Thanks Roberta, credit goes to glazenerds glaze...
  6. 1515art


    Glaze test: coyote c6 red/gold on t2 stoneware
  7. 1515art


    Glaze test: Coyote c 6, Aqua on b-mix papaw clay w/grog
  8. 1515art


    Glaze test: coyote c6 red/gold on b-mix paper clay w/grog
  9. 1515art


    Glaze test: tommocou, c6 on b-mix paper w/ grog
  10. 1515art


    Glaze test: Coyote c6 Matt cream w/specks on b-mix with paper w/grog
  11. 1515art


    Glaze test: Coyote c6 Matt blue on b-mix with paper clay w/grog
  12. 1515art

    Question of interest

    Shiyu Huang, China is an amazing country, so beautiful and rich in history and culture and everyone I've met has been very friendly and welcoming, I feel lucky to have been able to experience a little bit. I have a friend in Jingdezheng that has a public ceramics school and studio, she also has a ceramics school in Shanghai, I've thrown clay a little bit in the studio in Shanghai, but have only visited the studio in Jingdezheng. Wish I could remember the name of the studio, you may have seen it or even worked there? Im planning on traveling to China next year, my motherinlaw's 80th birthday celebration and if so will probably spend a little time in a few ceramic spots including Jingdezheng, if time permits perhaps we can share a cup of tea and a ceramic story. In the mean time I wish you best of luck, Clark
  13. 1515art

    Question of interest

    link to the artist in one of the display rooms at his studio, out the studio picking fruit and out to dinner with the gang... the other's in this picture are of his students, my friend the writer and the little lady in the yellow to is called, Panda by her friends, she works for the Shanghai police Department and is the assistant Chief of immigration and a lifelong best friend of my wife. https://ibb.co/j7jWcS https://ibb.co/fgKWcS https://ibb.co/b9DeWn
  14. 1515art

    Question of interest

    i just checked the website you posted, i know his student in one of the pictures with him, we had dinner with several of the carvers one night at a place you probably know of. it was a very interesting brick vault that I'm told is where Chairman Mao made first plans for the revolution. the food was very wholesome and organic, some of my other friends were there also, (I'm going out on a limb spelling here) there that night do you know of; Hiaobo, Guohao, Hiao Qiang or Zhang Kezhao my spelling is probably off on all of these as i depend on my wife to much for help. they carve mostly dushan yu and hetian yu, their studios are also in Ninyang. also i think, but could be wrong without checking, most of the work you see for sale there is student work. we looked at some of the artists personal carvings in the office of some guy that owns a bunch of hotels, we were having tea in his office and i was told in broken english that these big major pieces went for prices in the millions of dollars and that it took connections and not just money to get your hands on one, again the disclaimer i could have been confused, ill blame it on the bijou.
  15. 1515art

    Question of interest

    Hi shiyu haung, nice to chat with you. i'm not sure about that, i think you are thinking of someone else although my knowledge is spotty. id never claim to be an expert or knowledgeable in any of this as my Chinese language skills are too limited, often I'm in a complete communication blackout. my friends have taken me to what I'm told are many of the best jade carvers studios in a bunch of different cities... nan an doesnt ring a bell for me, i very well could have been there and just don't remember. I've looked at touched/held, seen the carvers at work a lot and been upstairs and into the back room many times, but i always call my friends about anything to do with jade and i take them for their word. they are fantastic friends that I've been way too drunk with on bijou over meals that lasted half the knight, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. this artists name is wyuingwen, his studio is in the city of (i spelled it wrong, not nian...sounds that way) Ninyang. I'm told his work is on utube so the pictures of his work are more accessible now then when i first visited the studio. the studio reminded me of an industrial 3 story if i remember correctly school looking building, surrounded by his organic gardens. we snuck out into the garden with the artist and picked fresh vegetables to eat with our lunch.

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