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  1. LogicalHue

    What kind of mask do you wear?

    Thanks, that's actually the same kind I use so I guess I'll go ahead and buy the next size down, see if that helps.
  2. LogicalHue


    Thanks! I use all commercial glazes, the un-carved areas are layered combinations.
  3. LogicalHue

    2018 Family Portraits

  4. I really don't like my mask, its very uncomfortable and I don't feel like it really seals well around the edges (and then I tighten it way more, making it far less comfortable). Its possible I just have the wrong size, but its hard to imagine it actually being comfortable even if it were a bit smaller. I definitely work less safely because of how badly I don't want to wear my current mask. If you like your mask, what kind do you use?
  5. LogicalHue

    Did You Buy Your Slab Roller New?

    actually no. its not a coating. its the metal that the roller is made out of. i wrote this after speaking to the manufacturer. several people have since suggested / insisted that it is a coating flaking off. so….please stop saying that? moving on. i first called sheffield on a friday. north star is not open on fridays and the woman at sheffield did not have the gumption to call them again on any day that i didn’t call her first. i tried again - two weeks later - but it was a friday again so that didn’t work. when i called her on a monday i heard back from north star the next day. they are building me a new slab roller, and shipping it for free. not only are they sending a label for me to ship back the faulty one for free but ups will pick it up at my studio.
  6. LogicalHue

    Did You Buy Your Slab Roller New?

    actually no. its not a coating. its the metal that the roller is made out of. they start with smooth metal rollers, then create the diamond pattern which creates a lot of metal dust - that's supposed to happen - but they're also supposed to clean it off before shipping it out to someone, obviously. so i got some 3m pads and tried cleaning it myself and just got really frustrated. it seemed really endless, the metal flakes just fly everywhere - like somewhere else on the roller or onto the other roller for instance - and even though i got it to be less sparkly its just hard to imagine it ever really being clean. glitter is not an easy thing to clean off of a highly textured surface, which i'm sure everyone reading this is thinking "no duh". anyway i purchased the slab roller through sheffield pottery and decided it was time to give them a call. it was a very brief phone call, the woman i spoke with said north star should really be sending me a clean one. of course north star isn't open today so she's going to leave them several messages and get back to me. we shall see what happens, i'm still not looking forward to putting this thing in my car and shipping it even not paying for it. if any of you printer blanket users are still reading. doesn't the clay stick to the surface of the smooth rubber? that's what they are right? i'm a little confused. and since i don't want to use the stupid individual canvas pieces i need to figure out what i will be doing instead.
  7. LogicalHue

    Did You Buy Your Slab Roller New?

    I was surprised by the pieces of canvas they sent. I've always used one large piece of canvas folded over before, but I like having extra pieces of canvas around so I'm still glad to have gotten them. Luckily, for my first slabs, I used a scrap piece of canvas I had lying that I don't mind throwing away rather than trying to clean off the flakes. I am interested in these printer blankets everyone's talking about and will look into this further! SITUATION UPDATE: I have given in and called the manufacturer and certainly the rollers are not supposed to be like this. It sounds as though a batch got through without being cleaned after they put the markings in (as I suspected). They gave me instructions on how to clean them using a green 3M scrubby pad and vacuum. I was told that I could ship them back so that they could clean them for me but I would have to pay to ship them. I might have fought that if I thought that shipping them back would actually be easier than cleaning them myself, which I really don't. They are sending me some extra canvas as a bit of a consolation. I will report back on the cleaning process after I've dealt with it, which might not be until this weekend.
  8. LogicalHue

    Did You Buy Your Slab Roller New?

    the gears are covered in grease so its hard to tell what they are made out of, i can tell you that they are black. the flakes are from the rollers so my entire canvas is coated in metal flakes. as though when the diamond pattern was cut they just left all the metal-bits dust on it.
  9. Did you buy your slab roller new? Was it super flakey? What was your experience? Mine is covering my canvas (and me) in tiny metal flakes. I'm pretty sure metal flakes are bad to have in my clay even when they're tiny... And they will definitely get in my clay. I just got it, this is my first time using it, it is a North Star. (Googling this issue has yielded exactly no results.)
  10. Thanks everyone for these ideas! Something like Vet Wrap / Bandage had occurred to me when I posted this but I never know if I'm just making things up that wouldn't really work. I'm pretty excited about the pipe insulation idea though and I'll see what I can find my next trip to the hardware store!
  11. After a day of carving yesterday my thumb is still hurting and I feel like I need to start exploring some options! I've seen a lot of photos of tools that have obviously been wrapped up to form a cushion to make them more comfortable to hold, but I can never really tell what's going on. Wondering if any of you have a material/method that works for you? I went ahead and attached a photo of the tool I use for carving.
  12. LogicalHue

    Lamp Molds

    I've always dreamed of making lamps but I wouldn't know how to proceed in getting the parts and making it work even though it seems like it should be really simple. (I'm assuming this is why you want to use a mold? for the attaching/fitting lamp parts into it?) What's your plan for the non-ceramic elements of lamp making? ..if you don't mind my asking.
  13. LogicalHue


  14. LogicalHue

    Startup Cost

    I am currently awaiting my first glaze firing to finish in my new home studio. I bought everything new, I've never seen anything promising used (always models I'm not at all interested in, usually really old) but I know several people who do have their equipment used and it works great and was cheap. I (with some assistance) have spent almost $9000 on my business just this year. This includes the electric work, the kiln, kiln furniture, wheel, table, shelves and lots of odds and ends that add up. I still want more things like a sink and a slab roller. This figure doesn't include things like my website or packaging or craft show supplies or photography equipment or most of my tools etc that I've purchased over the years, those will be fairly unique to what you hope to be doing anyway.

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