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  1. Handy Techniques

    I can't take credit for it, but using a piece of thin plastic - candy wrapper, saran wrap, etc. - works just as well as a chamois for finishing off a rim of a pot.
  2. If this is the wrong place to ask, my apologies. I'm not sure which forum I would use to find people who are also doing wood firing. ???
  3. satin matte glazes - earthy tones

    I'm willing to bet there are woodfired kilns in your area... just sayin' ...
  4. January 26-28th, 2018 Where: Reitz Ranch, outside of beautiful Clarkdale, Arizona. Clarkdale is about an hour and a half drive north of Phoenix. Who should take this class? Beginning and intermediate ceramicists who are fascinated (or frustrated!) by the mystery of glazes. And, of course, glaze geeks! Cost $275 ($250 if registered by November 15th) register at https://reitzranch.org/events/john-britt-glaze-workshop/ by email at workshop@reitzranch.org by phone at 928-239-3454
  5. Please tell me I'm not crazy...

    LOL, Min!!! Agreed.
  6. Please tell me I'm not crazy...

    Interesting, thanks to you both! Triolaz, I do the extremely easy reclaim for dry clay - add a 1/2 cup of water to the bag, submerge it in a bucket of water for 48-60 hours and wah-la, good as new. Luckily, I have the space. Now, if it was used reclaim, that might be a different story.....
  7. So, I have this wonderful woman who wants to donate some (hard-as-a-rock) clay to my studio. So far, so good. She says it's porcelain. I'm cool with that! She insists it's low-fire. I thought all porcelain was high fire, until I was introduced to ^6 porcelain, but that's certainly not low fire.... maybe she means lower-than-high-fire? She said it is Mount Angel porcelain, and now I'm really scratching my head 'cause I can't find that anywhere on the web. Any ideas?
  8. Florian is terrific, but most of his information is fairly high level. He's completed a degree and has been working at this studio for a few years. Not that you shouldn't follow him, but you'll want to find some others too. A lot of people love Simon Leach ... I'm just a bit too impatient for his presentation style. But if you're watching him on You Tube, the other suggested videos will give you a rounded view. I've found the Ceramic Arts Daily videos very helpful as well as the forums.
  9. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    Shoot, Roberta, I didn't see anyone with a mask on, either! Didn't find any of this crew, unfortunately, but did make some good connections .... I think, for me, that was the most worthwhile part of the conference, followed by the demos.
  10. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    That's an awful long trip for you, John. Hope you're able to rest up a bit tonight, poor guy!
  11. Claystories 3 At Nceca

    Ugh - one that I really wanted to go to, but woke up with fever and chills this morning. GRRR!!!
  12. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    Ugh, I know! I am both excited and a little bit scared. Sounds dumb, I know, but I'm sure that I'll miss something that I really want to see, lol.... I'll have to do my homework on the plane, there's just not time prior to then.
  13. Visiting Phoenix/sedona - Suggestions

    The Ceramic Research Center is near the Phoenix airport if you're flying in and out. I second both the Heard Museum and Tlaquepaque in Sedona, you'll see lots of lovely stuff in all three places. The CRC had a Chinese Art opening there two weeks ago, not sure if it's still there, but some really cool pieces were there. Have a great time, wish I could offer some hospitality, but I'll be at NCECA. Be sure to bring light clothing, we're in the 90's in Phx.
  14. I, too, am out of my depth on this one, but wanted to welcome you!
  15. Is Anyone Going To Nceca?

    Oh good, I'm looking forward to it even more now. Roberta, much more appropriate than a pink carnation, lol. I will be there to talk with some folks about a new venture, wish me luck!