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  1. What part of the country are you in? And what kind of surface do you want - glossy, a certain color, matte - ?
  2. Throwing Studio on 2nd Floor house?

    I gotta agree - there's just no way I would have clay inside my home. I wouldn't risk the airborne particles, never mind the mess.
  3. It's my own fault I know_just a wee rant

    Definitely worth looking into, but test your willingness to put up with other people's bad habits and your ability to address said habits.... it's been something that I have had to work on (for myself) very hard, nearly every day - I tend to be an "awww.... let it be..." kinda person until it gets to a point where I want to 'splode. Cleaning is the worst item, and I am *not* a clean freak.
  4. Seeing is believing

    Good for you, testing and teaching!
  5. Wood firing conversations?

    No "duh", you just had to come 'round to it!
  6. Wood firing conversations?

    Hmmm - I guess it's fine, but it seems like over-kill to me. There's some notable potters who don't even bisque prior to a wood fire, but their breakage levels might be a bit higher, too.
  7. Wood firing conversations?

    It's true, there wasn't as much ash deposit as I would have liked to see, but everyone was very happy with how their work came out, so there's that. For the next firing, I was told that we needed to take the heating period much slower in order to get a good ash deposit and then go for the melt. Still not "gnarly", I guess, but interesting, I hope!
  8. How do you store your own mixed clay?

    Honestly, Yappy - I have never poked holes in the clay and it works just fine. Even in very dry clay cases.
  9. How do you store your own mixed clay?

    It's fairly simple - take your rock hard block of clay, add about a half cup of water to the bag (you might want to start with less, just in case,) close the bag and submerge it in a bucket of water that is full enough to press the clay on all sides and up to the top without spilling into the bag. Anything else is too much work, lol.... Where I learned it:
  10. How do you store your own mixed clay?

    Wow, great ideas, everyone- thank you! I think I'm going to try the shallow rubbermaid bins combined with the fridge - thanks for the nudge, Min - I actually have a DOA commercial fridge that I was going to employ as a studio damp box, but it hasn't been well utilized, so I think this is going to be it's new use. I hope it doesn't get moldy. Thank you again!
  11. LOL, yes, I've run into that before, too!
  12. Huh.... I was always told that wedging was specifically to align the clay particles so they're running approximately in the same direction (along with creating a homogenous lump). For that reason, when wedging ram's-head-style, I always place the clay left side down, to continue the same movement. Yes? No?
  13. Cone 6 call today-no help

    Hi Stephen, we have a thread going on "wood firing conversations" (same forum). I'd cut and paste the question there. I have heard some stuff about the manabigama.
  14. Right now I'm taking freshly mixed clay and wrapping them up kind of burrito style in black garbage bags. I keep thinking there's got to be a better way - does anyone who doesn't get clay in the neat little 25lb bags have a good suggestion? One of my guys wants to put it in garbage cans, but that would be a pain to measure out (which I need to do for studio members). TIA!
  15. Wood firing conversations?

    My opinion.... wash off the glaze and reglaze with a ^5 glaze. I've tried to fire ^10 glazes at ^5/6 temps and it looked a lot like what you might find in a diaper ....

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