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  1. Sheryl Leigh

    Making underglazes from powders

    So, it really is just "cents" saved? I do spend a lot of time at the studio mostly being a presence, so the time factor isn't quite as big of a deal.
  2. Sheryl Leigh

    Making underglazes from powders

    I know I'm coming late to the party but .... I inherited a bunch of Velvets and my studio folks got addicted to them - now finding that it takes between $22- $46 dollars (for the reds, of course) for a pint .... but I imagine using Min's recipe, 40% Mason stain will add up pretty quickly, as well. *sigh* .... the prices in this industry can be daunting at times.
  3. Sheryl Leigh

    Malcolm Davis... bubbles?

    Ooops, double post
  4. Sheryl Leigh

    Malcolm Davis... bubbles?

    Interesting. Thanks for your response, gentlemen!
  5. We’ve been having a really bad run of luck with M. Davis shino. At first we thought it was glaze application, then maybe a bad batch of glaze, now I’m wondering if it’s our firing or if this just is a lousy glaze. The fault we’re running into is tiny bubbles that cause a very rough texture. It’s neither pinholes or craters, here’s a picture: Anyone see this before?
  6. Sheryl Leigh

    Kilns designed/constructed by John Baymore

    Thanks tons for putting these up!! I am interested in doing a retrofit to make my wood kilns smokeless - any ideas where I could start? TIA!
  7. Sheryl Leigh

    Where to source bespoke ceramic form

    That, and "bespoke" - typically Yanks say custom made or made to order.
  8. Sheryl Leigh

    Ceramic Bakeware

    Hi Kristina- I actually do not think that is fear mongering, but there is much more experienced ceramicists here who can give you a more educated answer. I *will* say, however, that this is a very old thread and in order to get the most answers for your question you might want to start a new post. Welcome!
  9. What part of the country are you in? And what kind of surface do you want - glossy, a certain color, matte - ?
  10. Sheryl Leigh

    Throwing Studio on 2nd Floor house?

    I gotta agree - there's just no way I would have clay inside my home. I wouldn't risk the airborne particles, never mind the mess.
  11. Sheryl Leigh

    It's my own fault I know_just a wee rant

    Definitely worth looking into, but test your willingness to put up with other people's bad habits and your ability to address said habits.... it's been something that I have had to work on (for myself) very hard, nearly every day - I tend to be an "awww.... let it be..." kinda person until it gets to a point where I want to 'splode. Cleaning is the worst item, and I am *not* a clean freak.
  12. Sheryl Leigh

    Seeing is believing

    Good for you, testing and teaching!
  13. Sheryl Leigh

    Wood firing conversations?

    No "duh", you just had to come 'round to it!

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