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  1. Fuddling Cups

    Ahem. Yes well I'm sure many of us are familar with that.
  2. Interesting video documenting their setup. We drove past there a couple of weeks ago (but didn't stop). A while back we even looked a property nearby, more out of curiosity rather a desire to move to that area.
  3. Staring at a jug for a week, wondering how the hell to glaze it to set off the form just right.

    1. LeeU


      You could ask on FB Clay Buddies....lotssa people will be glad to tell you.  Need a photo, of course.

    2. neilestrick


      Post a picture here and give us a shot at it!

    3. Joe_L


      It's been daubed now. Nothing like other people wanting to see your unfinished work to release the creative juices!

  4. Artspeak

    That, I think, is one of the best and most honest artist statements I've seen.
  5. Not often you get a Father Ted quote in ceramics!
  6. Is anyone here aware of the recent EU consultation on whether or not to require the use of an indelible mark (e.g. stamped symbol) on ALL ceramics that might be used for food to permanently identify whether it complies with the safety standards?
  7. Why did my plates split ?

    Interestingly there's less variation in method than I thought there might be, with most people cutting straight away and leaving on the bat . I do this too, usually no problems I've been having some trouble recently with bowls not popping off even after quite a few days, but I think this is caused by very low temperatures in the studio shed at the moment slowing evaporation (sometimes 2-3C) so I moved the bats to the house and propped the bats on yoghurt pots so the bat could dry a little from underneath (keeping the bowls somewhat covered to even the drying). Seemed to help. Joe
  8. Why did my plates split ?

    How many of you cut at this stage and how many cut immediately after throwing? Joe
  9. I've mostly single fire and can second a lot of what has been said. Get Fran Tristram's book "Single Firing". Your clay body and glaze both need to mature at the same temperature, and this is what you fire to. You can brush, dip pour or spray but you may need to adjust the thickness and the time of application (leather hard, dry etc) - as with everything in pottery experiment and testing is the way forwards as what works for one person may not work in your situation. Many standard glazes will work as they are but some glazes will need adjusting if their drying shrinkage is different to the body shrinkage (glazes with moderately high clay content helps here), or adjust the timing of when you apply. I had one commercial glaze would flake off after drying when I applied it on leather hard so I applied it on dry and it was fine. Some glazes will come out more or less the same while others will have altered colour or surface texture. You can get more interaction between the glaze and clay - what is it they say, something like "the glaze is the lens you look at the body through." Again, test and use what works for you. If you pour or dip dry ware you may have problems with the shock of new water absorption causing damage. Wall thickness needs to be even and avoid sharp corners, not too thick, not too thin. It can help to lightly spray one surface with water when applying glaze to the other surface. Sometimes when applying glaze to the second surface the absorbed water drives air ahead of it causing blisters on the first surface - changing your sequence or the timing between applications can help. Firing schedule - basically you are combining the bisque and glaze firings in one so need to go slowly and good ventilation up to 800-900C to burn everything out, start with your normal bisque profile and at the end of that you can ramp up to highest temp fairly fast. Good luck! Joe
  10. New Kiln Prep

    Sounds like you're on track. Which controller do you have? Don't know why you'd block the exhaust - I've fitted the chimney to the port and fitted a flexible duct to take the fumes away which keeps the smell down a bit (and also use an extract fan in the studio to keep fresh air exchanging).
  11. New Kiln Prep

    Hi Nettle, I have a Rohde Ecotop 43L. My manual states "During the initial firing you can also burn in the hollow stilts and furniture...". Elsewhere, it shows a photo of what I would call shelves and props and calls them "stilts and plates" and says these should be burnt in before use, referring back to the section on initial firing. I must admit I kiln-washed my shelves and burnt-in the whole lot in the first firing on the assumption there's not much in the kiln wash to compete with the elements for oxygen (having not taken advice from Marcia first!). Remember to tighten up your tensioning bands after the first firing (I checked - you do not need to do this after further firings.) Joe
  12. That moment when you visit someone's house you haven't been to for a long time and pick up a jug off the shelf to see where it came from and discover it's got your initials on...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Chris Campbell

      Chris Campbell

      Sometimes I have no memory of having made that kind of work ... funny to me but not them ... I look through old slides ( I did say old ) and love to be surprised by what I used to make. Maybe I will add a page to my site if I can figure out how to transfer the slides with my printer.

    3. Joe_L


      You used to be able to send slides off for processing, dunno if you still can. Or get one of those little scanners but I've never found the quality good enough. Slides have such high contrast it doesn't come out well.


    4. glazenerd


      Nice bit of satisfaction.

  13. Circumstances have kept me away from clay for the last 2 months.I feel my creativity will take a while to return. Fixed by craving with a family holiday in France and found some excellent ceramics in Burgandy, and a nice bowl now sitting on my dining table. Hope to get back to the wheel soon...

    1. glazenerd


      Life does that sometime.

    2. Joe_L


      And even better, this weekend is PotFest. Always a great day out. http://www.potfest.co.uk/in-the-park/


  14. Don't know about early signs of artistic tendency, but an early sign of messing about with mud was taking up caving....

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