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  1. Raw Glazing. And in the background a first attempt at throwing a double walled vessel and then carving it.
  2. Joe_L

    Blistering / What Causes it?

    What clay are you using? I guess you're in the UK using those ingredients - there has been debate on here about how many UK commercial stoneware clays are actually suitable for ^6. Quite a few seem to be marketed with wide temperature ranges which may be misleading.
  3. Can't answer your underglaze question as I don't usually use it, but congratulations on the new kiln and good luck with it. Joe
  4. Joe_L

    Blowing bubbles

    Examples of pinholing.
  5. Very likely. I'm slowing in the 600-900C zone for burn-off, and then again doing Nerd's slow final climb to top temperature. Will need to slow down further as introducing the white slip has worsened the problem. I thought it would be a useful picture even for people who aren't single firing as an example of the slip changing the game. The slip is a white stoneware body Scarva white decorating slip that doesn't pinhole in itself I haven't seen pinhole on other bodies I use under single firing, but it promotes it on the buff body.
  6. Applying slip makes my acne worse! I'm assuming the slip is making it harder for the underlying body to off-gas properly . This is single fired on a coarse iron-rich stoneware to ^9. TBH the body is underfired and this glaze is pinholing slightly where there is no slip but I wanted to show you the slip makes the problem worse.
  7. Quite a few are lined up in front of me to remind me what not to do. The rest get the hammer. Actually a good hammering session is very therapeutic.
  8. Joe_L

    Soapy Clay

    I'll give that a try, what %? (YES I should experiment and test but a ballpark figure to start from).
  9. Same approach as I use for any project: 1. Excitement 2. Doubt 3. Panic 4. Blame. 5. Denial
  10. Joe_L

    Soapy Clay

    I've been trying out a new (to me) clay. It's a coarse iron rich stoneware. High fire (still a little absorbant at Cone 10+). Nice feel when thowing, plastic but stays where you put it. Feels sandy between my knuckle and the wheelhead and some iron particles , leaves a scratchy surface when turning at leather hard. When I wash my hands it feels very soapy/slimy and leaves a foamy scum on the washing water. Does this mean it's got a generous dose of soda mineral? Feldspar presumably. Interestingly after recycling it, it "tires" very quickly.
  11. Joe_L

    Fuddling Cups

    Ahem. Yes well I'm sure many of us are familar with that.
  12. Interesting video documenting their setup. We drove past there a couple of weeks ago (but didn't stop). A while back we even looked a property nearby, more out of curiosity rather a desire to move to that area.
  13. Staring at a jug for a week, wondering how the hell to glaze it to set off the form just right.

    1. LeeU


      You could ask on FB Clay Buddies....lotssa people will be glad to tell you.  Need a photo, of course.

    2. neilestrick


      Post a picture here and give us a shot at it!

    3. Joe_L


      It's been daubed now. Nothing like other people wanting to see your unfinished work to release the creative juices!

  14. Joe_L


    That, I think, is one of the best and most honest artist statements I've seen.

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