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About Me

Update! As of Spring 2014, I am home! Though my intention was to get my garden

seed business back in order, I am terribly sidetracked by all that has been neglected

over the past five years of a job with a commute. Ten acres and two people with multiple

interests doesn't bode well for keeping up with it all. Alas, I am happy, and Rog is nearing

retirement. We are leaning back on our budget to prepare for retirement life, but if all goes

sour, it is back to the workforce for me.

Since my last update, my older son and his wife have brought a beautiful baby girl into

the world. Precious baby Amelia is nearing five months old, I can hardly believe it. The happy

little family is not far from us, so visits are definitely in order!

My younger son just celebrated his first year in the United States Navy, and will soon be

boarding his ship. I cannot tell you how much this young man has changed in such a short time.


As for me, I am a middle child, only daughter, flower child at heart, slightly eccentric, craving more

free time to create what passes through this odd mind of mine.

I'd rather spend more time in the garden than in front of a mirror.

Karen Marie


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