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    check out glazesimulator.com. i use it all the time.
  2. Glaze Calculator

    Does that mean Insight is quirky or without clear instruction? Or can a computer newbie use Hyper-glaze with out instructions or a book? Kathy, Personally I feel that Insight is not all that difficult to learn, and literally hundreds of students in my classes have been able to figure it out. Your mileage may vary? It is not "quirky" and there is a RAFT of documentation available. The Level II offers a "kid in a candy store" experience. Go to the digitalfire website. http://digitalfire.com/index.html Download the fully functional Level I demo program. (Left side of the page.) It works for 2 months. Then use the tutorials on the site to learn about not only how to use Insight, but at the same time understnad why you are using it in the first place. The tutorials cover basic ceramic chemsitry concepts as they teach you the basic program interface and functions. You can go back to them anytime you want. If you can use Windows, Insight is built off of that basic interface functionality. Can't say much about the other program options, because I have only tried them in the past and stuck with Insight because of what it offers. I am sure others will chime in more. See if demos are available and invest some research time. best, .....................john