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  1. Best Tent For Craft Show?

    Absolutely. Thanks again for the help!
  2. Best Tent For Craft Show?

    Thank you both for the feedback -- i really appreciate it. Mea, you're the second person to endorse the Undercover so now I'm leaning that way. How does your Undercover tent do in the rain?
  3. Apologies if this has been covered in other areas -- but I'm looking for advice on buying a white tent to use for the outdoor craft show season. I'd like a 10x10, white, rain-resistant (if not totally waterproof), and most importantly, easy to transport and set up by myself. (Sometimes I have help, and sometimes I don't.) I've read dozens of reviews on Etsy/Amazon, and gone through some of the posts here -- the leading contenders at this point are Undercover, EZ Up, or Caravan. Would like to spend $200 or less. Can anyone offer advice on what to buy or what to avoid? Many thanks, in advance. Karen
  4. Slip Decoration

    i have a large bucket of seived porcelain (same clay that i throw with). if i want to add some mason stain to some of this slip to make a decorating slip, is there a rule of thumb for slip/stain ratio? (i've seen ratios for dry clay....but is there any guidance on adding stain to already-processed slip?) thanks, dp