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    Since I started all I have used is Stoneware and I am thinking of trying some Porcelain. Anyone know of a good porcelain that throws well and fairly easy to work with? any tips or advice for working with porcelain?
  2. I was wondering if anyone has much experience with these glazes. Thinking of trying a few but before I do was hoping to get some feedback here.
  3. How has everyone been? My life has been crazy (as usual) but good. A few months ago I had a couple bad firings in a row and about the same time the weather started getting nice enough for me to get out and enjoy the weather with my other hobbies and then business picked up so much that I havent had time for much else. I have been working on a very big project with a lot of research and time devoted to it but today I found myself with some time and no customers calling so I turned off all my communication devices, ran upstairs and sat at my wheel for a few hours. Even though I havent thrown for months it has constantly been in my mind and I have had this serving bowl or fruit bowl in my mind that I wanted to try. I grabbed about 5 pounds of clay, threw it on the wheel and away I went.. I was shocked how well I did, it was like I hadnt even taken a few months off! It felt so good to be on the wheel again! I hope all has been good with everyone!
  4. I have a crazy group of dogs. I rescued a Shar-pie mix and then one of my girlfriends co-workers had lab puppies and we got a male. When we rescued our shar-pei they said they thought she was fixed but much to our surprise she went in heat. We thought we would seperate the two until she was out of heat but love couldnt keep them apart evidently because we now have 6 dogs, yes I said SIX! It is a lot of work but I work from my house most of the time and have no kids, of course everyone is fixed now thank god, no more dogs! My question is, my big lab LOVES to be in the room when I am throwing pottery, he loves to watch, he is my little helper, the others have no interest and will sleep but he loves watching me. I do get dog hair in my pottery but I dont think that will hurt anything will it? should just burn off I am guessing and I dont get many blow-ups or cracks but would be curious what others think? It also worries me about dust etc. but I dont let him in there if anything is dust going on like mixing glazes etc. I figure if I am doing work where I need to wear a mask he shouldnt be in there. Should it be ok to have him in there when I am throwing?
  5. I know I havent been posting much but since christmas I seem to have gone into hibernation mode. Other than my daily job I really havent been doing much except being lazy. It doesnt help that my electric to my kiln still isnt fixed but all else is good. Once I get that fixed WATCH OUT! SO! I would love to hear what projects everyone is working on, what are you all up to in your studio?
  6. I have never laid out designs on any of my pots but have a few I want to and I have NO idea what I can use to draw out designs. What do you all use to draw out designs??
  7. Lately I have been having trouble with bowls warping. I think I might have a clue why but I am up for suggestions and if I am correct would be nice to have it confirmed. After throwing I cut them off the bat, leave sit for a few hours to set up then I re-cut them and flip them over.. very careful not to push in on the sides. Several hours later they are ready to trim and when I look at them they are warped. The only thing I can think of is they are drying to fast. I have noticed since late fall the air seems dryer and everything is drying quicker... doesnt really make sense to me why drying faster they would warp but its the only thing I can come up with... any suggestion would be helpful. I am using a stoneware clay.. everything is drying so quick that if I throw bowls in the morning they are trimmed and done by evening.
  8. For those who have seen some of my recent posts know that my house about burned down about a week ago. lost power to my furnace, all my upstairs.. it hasnt been fun. This weekend I was supposed to install a new breaker box and update all my wiring but plans fell through. I decided to temporarily fix the wiring in my box so I had my furnace. This decision came after lastnight when I had it so hot in the house with the woodburning stove that it was unbearable... I love having my stove but stink to only have it to rely on, its hard to control the heat. The repairing of the wire to fix my furnace was easy and no big deal but coming up the stairs from the cellar I fell from the last step up, landed on both knees, smashed my face into the wall and put my hand through a window in the mud room! I was very lucky not to cut my hand but a small piece of glass did imbed itself into my forehead, not a big deal, I was in a car wreck years ago and still ocassionaly pick small shards of glass out of my forehead, this one came out easy. My knees are sore, thought I broke my thumb but I mostly hurt my pride. At a friends house this evening I tripped on something on his porch and about flew off of it catching myself on the guard rail. He was over today when I fell UP the stairs, both times I thought he was going to pass out from laughing so hard... haha funny! I have been so busy I am not even sure If I mentioned that a small forum I started a few years back for a hobby was hacked earlier this week. I had to have someone help me get it back up and running, ALL the pictures were lost but luckily we got it back up with all the posts... it shocks me there are people out there with nothing better to do but hack websites for fun. On a positive note i am pretty much over the flu and I WILL have the electric fixed soon. All in all life is STILL good. I really cant complain because I COULD have burned my house down, I COULD have hurt myself bad with one of my falls today and believe it or not.. the hacker could have done worse damage. Sorry for the post that absolutely has NOTHING to do with pottery but I figured some would read it and feel lucky for whats going on in their life and the rest of you can get a good laugh!!
  9. nevermind... dindt mean to cause drama on the forum, was not my intention
  10. buckeye

    warped bowls

    All of the other information in the other posts is very relevant to your problem. I would definitely turn the bowl over by using another bat on it. I have also found a little trick that seems to help when moving and drying a wet bowl. I take a square of thin paper and place it evenly over the rim, smooth down lightly and then move the bowl. I often throw bowls on the wheel head, and remove them as thrown, as I am often throwing off of the hump around 20#. This trick will allow me to move the larger thinner bowls without warping them. This also helps the bowl to dry a little more evenly. I just want to make sure I understand you correctly.. throwing from the hump, before you remove the bowl from the hump you put a piece of paper on the top, smooth it down slightly to the rim then remove and it keeps it round while you are moving it? If so I HAVE to try that! If I have that right, are you then sitting a bat on top of it and leaving it sit upside down?
  11. buckeye

    warped bowls

    cant believe how many posts this got so quickly! thanks everyone, I figured that was the problem and thank you for all the great suggestions.. I am going to sloooow they dry down.
  12. buckeye

    Wheel Recommendations

    I have had a Bailey now for just over a year and so far it has worked flawlessly and I couldnt be more impressed at how sturdy it is and I absolutely love the big splash pan. I bought the shelf for the back and I keep my bucket of water and all my tools on it.. little bit of a stretch to the bucket but I am glad I got the shelf.
  13. Months ago I went to a local shop with some of my pottery, the owner really liked my work and we discussed putting some of my stuff in her shop to sell. Then, everything went bad with the electric issues and all that crazy stuff and I put it off until I was set up right. Earlier this week I took some stuff there and she was very excited and I am officially selling some stuff locally. She also asked if I would like to do some throwing classes so I am hoping to start doing some of that soon as well!
  14. Thanks everyone for your support. I will keep you updated if anything sells and how it goes.
  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to share this. I know it took some thought and time to print it up but I hope you (and others with so much experience) will keep sharing all your knowledge.. thank you!
  16. buckeye

    My work

    I must be going crazy because I could have swore I already responded to this.. lately I have thought I have made responses to posts to only go back and not see anything, hmmm. ANYHOW.. Welcome to the forum and thanks for sharing your amazing work with us!
  17. I finished another firing.. 6th without any issues after the electric issues.. feels great to be on a roll and things running smoothly, starting to get some stuff fired and pottery building up. I have to say its the first time everything has seemed in place since I got started in this and it feels amazing!
  18. buckeye


    There are potters doing things that I absolutely dont enjoy but I respect them and their work, it might not be for me but it is for someone. I find some potters to be snobby and it never hurts my feelings when someone who has never been on a wheel finds flaws in my pieces or have negative things to say about my work. I do my thing and have fun!
  19. buckeye

    Marketing work?

    I've found Etsy to be a very easy to use.
  20. buckeye

    Shared Studios

    That was so cool to watch, I had to watch it a few times to take it all in. Thanks for sharing!
  21. buckeye


    I cant help you with setting up your studio but wanted to say hi and welcome to the forum!
  22. buckeye

    whats everyone been up to?

    Mark C - Really sorry to hear that you will be down for 3-4 months and sad that your missing a show you have done for 20 years. I hope you have a quick recovery! Idaho potter - No reason to be nervous! post away, this site and the people are great.. congratulations on the new website! Diana Ferreira - WOW those bowls are awesome! really sorry to hear about your back, hope it is better now Vivienne - Welcome to the forum, we are glad you found the forum as well My update: Finally got my electric back up and everything fixed. My one friend who helped me he needed help the next weekend and dont know how I did it but my shoulder has been a mess, I havent been doing much throwing, hurts to much but throwing some smaller stuff, slowly. I have been doing a lot of firing though and its working out great. I am not making glazes yet but I did order dry glaze from Glazemixer, ordered two and they turned out great.. having a lot of fun. I am really big into metal detecting and have been getting out a lot since the weather is nice here in Ohio, I am left handed and its my left shoulder that is messed up so I am swinging mostly right handed but still finding some good stuff, 1926 Mercury dime yesterday and last week I found an 1817 penny and some cool relics at very old home sites.
  23. buckeye

    Simon Leach and youtube

    That is sad, he is great to watch, my favorite a matter of fact. A couple of years ago I had google advertising on one of my forums, I didnt earn much but it helped to pay for the website. One month I had an article published in a magazine and it mentioned my forum, all of a sudden a lot of folks were visiting my website and in turn were viewing the ads a lot more (pay per click) well one day it was gone and google took the money I had saved up in my account (well over 200 dollars) with no explenation or anything. I had one chance to get it over turned and I sent an email explaining the increase including the article mentioning my forum and the increase at my forum, it didnt work... I hate to say it but after that I HATE google, as far as I am concerned they stole from me, I put their advertising up and for ANY reason they choose they can take it down and take whatever money you have left in your google account.
  24. So I am finally back to firing after some major electrical updates. Everything is working great and starting to finally run along smoothly and I am getting a ton of stuff fired that has been sitting around waiting. A few people wanted to see the baking dish so I thought I would share it and a few others from this last firing.

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