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  1. neilestrick

    Glaze Shivering Problem

    What type of clay, what cone are you firing to, can you post pictures?
  2. neilestrick

    Pottery wheel belts

    Yes photos.
  3. neilestrick

    Pottery wheel belts

    Pull the belt off the larger pulley as you turn the pulley. Once a little bit comes off, the rest will go easy.
  4. neilestrick

    Wide Range firing clay bodies

    The reason we don't use cone 4-10 bodies here is because most cone 10 bodies will weep at cones 4-6. To say that your method has worked for you doesn't negate that fact. Search the forums here, we have people posting about weeping almost weekly. If it works for you, then great, keep at it. No one is telling you that it doesn't work for you. We're simply saying that it's not the best practice for people in general. I take offense at the assertion that maybe 'we don't want the hassle of thinking, and want everything laid out for us just so'. Let's leave personal attacks out of this.
  5. neilestrick


    Is the wall indoors or outdoors?
  6. neilestrick

    Olympic gas kiln - to buy or not to buy?

    Even if it doesn't work properly, firing these little kilns can be a lot of fun.
  7. neilestrick

    Engobe Questions

    For me, using a cone 10 slip at cone 6 is no different than using a cone 10 clay body at cone 6. It's not the best way to do it- at some point it won't work. There is no such thing as a 'works with everything' situation in ceramics.
  8. neilestrick

    Engobe Questions

    I would only use that recipe at cone 10.
  9. neilestrick

    How to open Venco wheel

    I'll come down there, but it'll cost you 4 plane tickets and a beachside condo.
  10. neilestrick

    How to open Venco wheel

    Rivets are easy enough to get past. Just drill them out, re-rivet them when you're done. A basic rivet gun is cheap.
  11. neilestrick

    Where do you put freshly thrown pieces?

    My studio walls are lined with shelving units. They stand 6 feet tall, with 5 shelves in each unit. I get them at Menard's. The bottom shelf is for whatever anyone wants to put there, the 3 middle shelves are for student work (each student gets his/her own shelf) for their pots and tools and clay, the top shelf is where we put finished pieces to dry and await bisque firing. I have 2 other shelving units that are dedicated to bisqueware storage. My classes run on 8 week sessions, and we do most of the glazing during the last week of classes, so the bisque shelves just get stacked up with work until then. It's a good system for my little studio, and I've had up to 42 students enrolled at once.
  12. neilestrick

    How to open Venco wheel

    If it clunks in time with the rotation, there's probably a flat spot on the drive wheel (if it's a cone drive), or a spot on the belt (if belt driven).
  13. neilestrick

    General Kiln Questions

    If you're using Advancer shelves, the expensive super thin ones, high humidity can cause problems. For any other type of shelf it won't matter.
  14. neilestrick

    Up to what temp can I vent?

    You can fire pieces of just about any thickness, but you have to fire slowly. My reference to 1/2 inch thick is for a typical firing schedule. If you want to work 2" thick, you need to be prepared to extend your firing time to several days, including a controlled cooling. Many wood firings, especially those that Peter Voulkos' pieces were fired in, are very slow firings. A few days to get up to temperature, and several days to cool
  15. neilestrick

    New Skutt wheel issues

    I rarely ever have to use the stone on my wheels any more. I'm confident that the noise on yours will stop once you get some hours on the motor. Things just have to get seated in and comfortable in there. These are good motors with lots of torque, and they don't heat up and lose power with extended use like the smaller motors do. It's a little bit of a trade-off, but worth in IMO. As for the SSX not being quieter, I've never used one so I can't help you there.

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