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  1. Albany Slip Question

    Perfect Thanks! True albany slip mets into a nice dark glaze at cone 9-10- I do not think it will peel off-may run some if put in a hot spot near firebox I used to use it a lot as glaze but mixed other things with it as it was so dark. I have fired it in a wood kiln just with albany and it was a dark glossy glaze. Mark
  2. I have some albany slip I would like to use on Bisque. The pieces are to be Anagama wood fired to cone 10. Will the slip turn into a nice dark glaze where applied or might it just crawl and peel off? I think I read Albany slip melts at cone 10 so that's why I thought it might work. -Mary
  3. Copper Carb

    Yes, Please. I would love to try them.
  4. Copper Carb

    Oh wait - duh I get it the second number is just half recipe
  5. Copper Carb

    Nice thanks! I looked at your shop, Really nicely done. I will try this. Just a question or two...what is the number before the item and I see you have copper listed twice is that a typo or on purpose. Also is this oxidation or reduction? Are you firing to cone 6? Thanks!
  6. Copper Carb

    More good info. Thanks Benhim!
  7. Copper Carb

    I agree Lynny!
  8. Copper Carb

    Thank John, Makes perfect sense.
  9. Copper Carb

    Thanks John, I have been studying Rhodes "Clay and glazes for the potter" so that level of detail is good for me to hear. It's tough for me to learn at my age, or maybe it was drug use in my younger years, but I am determined to understand... Regarding the vinegar test, What would the surface change indicate?
  10. Copper Carb

    Thanks Bobg, I can't really remember what I mixed for the bottom of this pot. I have since began keeping better notes But I had some pots where the weathered green was not over another glaze and it looked the same.... lots of them in fact I am learning as I go. It's a slow process.
  11. Copper Carb

    Thanks! I am going to try all of these these ideas. One question to JLowes... Are you firing oxidation or reduction? I am using an electric kiln, oxidation. The color you have is exactly what I was hoping for.
  12. I am a beginner and trying to mix a nice variagated turquoise cone 6 glaze. I have tried two different recipes and they both came out gunmetal black. After the first one I thought for sure I did something wrong but now I am wondering if maybe it's something else. My materials are very old... is there a shelf life to carbs and oxides? I attaching a photo of the glaze. You can see it on the top portion of the vase. It kind of breaks green at the edges but you can see where the gunmetal black has pretty much taken over... This is the second recipe I tried (I no longer have the first) : 3) Weathered Bronze Green - Cone 5-6 Lithium Carbonate 50 Strontium Carbonate 1000 Neph Sye 3000 Ball Clay 500 Flint 450 Also add: Copper Carbonate 250 Titanium Oxide 250
  13. Is there a certain type of plaster that is best to use for making plaster bats? Is there an artists grade plaster?
  14. Plaster Bats

    Thanks all, Some good advice! - Marcia, The thing is I put them in the sink to wash them. That is how they got soaked. I will not do that again unless it's mid summer 90+ degree days and no rain in sight