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  1. Kiln set up questions

    Thanks for the info Brian. I am beginning to realize how little I know about this and it is making me a bit nervous - can you recommend a book maybe?
  2. Kiln set up questions

    My roof is corrugated metal. The height is 20 inches above the kiln with a fiber shield. When I fired with only one collar extension the distance from the top of the kiln to the roof was 30 inches without the fiber shield, I fired it that way for 8 years. Thanks for the response. Do you think I need to get a fiber shield?
  3. Kiln set up questions

    Well I went with a 150 gallon tank and eight foot roof! Hope that does the trick....
  4. Kiln set up questions

    Hi, need some expert advice please! So I am ready to get the kiln set up and I have two questions. I am having a cover built for it over a concrete pad - roof, no walls, and need to know how high it needs to be. This is the kiln, most likely it's Crucible: Also how big of a gas tank should I get for it? Will 150 gallons be enough? Or should I get 250? Thanks, this is my first kiln and I just want to make sure it is set up right!
  5. What kind of kiln is this? :)

    Thanks everyone. I will look up Crucible and see if it's a match. I need to look again to see if I can find any type of info on the kiln itself, didn't see anything but never hurts to check again. I'm guessing the gas company will know how to hook it up? Great news about the wheel, I'm pretty much only working in porcelain these days so the water won't be an issue, the less the better
  6. What kind of kiln is this? :)

    Cool! Thanks John It's a little rusted but it works!
  7. OK, so I got all settled in and have my kiln and wheel here ready to set up. I am guessing this is what's called a kick wheel? The kiln, although I know it's gas, does not have a label - any ideas, tips on how to set up, operate? Thanks!
  8. Setting up Gas Kiln - Help Needed

    <br /><br /><br /> My friend was telling me the same yesterday, he said he could convert if necessary. I hope I can find a label and get a manual.
  9. Setting up Gas Kiln - Help Needed

    <br /><br /><br /> Thanks
  10. Seattle Pottery Supply ^10 porcelain question

    I've had the same type problems with Seattle Pottery Supply, they're just downright mean and nasty as far as I'm concerned, I won't shop there anymore. It's a shame too because I like their Dove porcelain for sculpting. A friend of mine got fed up with them too and she's getting her porcelain in Tacoma now, I wonder if it's at Joe's? I'll have to ask her. I can vouch for Georgie's in Portland too - they're super helpful. I am getting ready to order some porcelain from them to try out. The woman I spoke to recommended the trillium and silver falls but they're both cone 6.
  11. First Firing

    <br /><br /><br /> Geez that looks scary.
  12. Setting up Gas Kiln - Help Needed

    <br /><br /><br /> Thanks. Hopefully there is a label on it! And yes, I guess I did mean pyrometer and thermocouple Maybe I need to get a good book on gas firing too - any recommendations?
  13. Hi all, I have acquired a gas kiln (haven't seen it yet) A friend is picking it up for me and delivering it on Saturday. He told me that it had four burners, two valves and he did not see a thermostat on it. It's three feet high and about as big around as a washing machine tub. So.... my questions are, what type of gas tank do I need? Do I need to add a thermostat? What cone do you think I can get it up to? And is there anything else that I might need to do that you can think of? Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any advice, first kiln!
  14. Kiln Help - Can I build one?

    True, my friend said there were a bunch of ceramic pieces that went with it, I'm assuming they were shelves. Not sure I can be there for the pick up but I'll see if I can get him to check for other stuff when he picks it up.
  15. Kiln Help - Can I build one?

    Thanks I am sooooooooooooooo happy!

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