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  1. I'm Canadian, so my Thanksgiving is a distant memory, but I can still think of those I would have loved to have. Lisa Orr, a creative potter and a wonderfully kind and intelligent human being. Her work and her person match so seamlessly, I feel I knew her before I met her. Chris Campbell (I know you weren't fishing -- that's why you get to come.) Chris has taken a technique and made it her own, then generously shared everything she learns, and is a gracious, funny and kind person who has the tidiest studio I have ever seen. Tony Winchester, who is somewhere in the Midwest, and mostly invisible on the pottery stage, but has talent and passion for the craft that I have rarely seen in any medium. To see him on the wheel is to see a man in love (or a boy at play -- not sure which is the more attractive image). Oh, yes, and I love his work, as well. (His mug has been my companion every morning for a decade now.) Gayle Bair, with her sgraffito masterpieces, finely crafted and whimsical at the same time. Gayle is friendly, caring and confidently modest. Great talker, smart and witty -- like her work. Betsy Begor Perkins who no longer does pottery. Her work spoke to me so loudly from North Carolina to my home in NW Ontario, thanks to the Web, that I contacted her. Then, met her on a trip through, and we have been strong friends ever since. I still mourn that she has moved to other places with her art, but her work still informs mine, and my potter's table would be incomplete without her. The list could go on, but I have restricted myself to those I have met and felt profoundly richer for having done so. In reality, you could pick 12 potters and random, sit them around a table, and I am pretty sure I would be happy.
  2. This morning, as in almost every morning for the past 12 years, I used a mug made my Tony Winchester. It is perfect in every way: balance, weight, comfortable handle, lip. It's spiral faceted, and one of the facets has wiggle lines. Reduction fired with several glazes. This mug traveled thirty thousand miles with me when I hit the road for a full year. I can't imagine starting my morning without it. Through the day, I use different mugs for tea, some my own, and some others I have gathered, but Tony's IS my coffee mug.

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