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  1. terrim8

    Not Simon Leach

    Oh- looks like someone did make an excellent instructional video on this topic.
  2. My passive-aggressive neighbour is out cutting the grass after he threw all the pinecones back into my yard. We had some strong winds a few days ago. Thinking of making some clay pinecones, but maybe not-  since the real ones  are from my pine tree :)

    1. Min


      Pinecones are better than the slugs and snails that my neighbour keeps sending over to my garden. ;)

  3. I think picking a name for an item to put it on Etsy is difficult. - eg. white speckled lamp with holes. Anyone else have this problem?
  4. Good question. Seemed like a natural fit for a hobby. Still working with earth sciences but in a free-er way - unlike work! The experiment side of ceramics is where the freedom kicks in and opening the kiln is always like Christmas
  5. Bought a box of Seattle Pottery Supply's cone 8-10 Flameware today! This is a first but I have Sumi von Dassow's book & you guys for advice....(my goose is cooked)

  6. sugru - my daughter makes rubber bottoms for glass cups with it. goes thru the dishwasher too.
  7. I know- I've just been waiting to say that to someone about that glaze
  8. coefficient of expansion - but the answer about leaving out 10% of the ball clay OM4 is the biggie! It's like leaving out the eggs in a good cake recipe- the cake will be dry and fall apart. State Penn or Penn State?
  9. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Wow- I have to learn to write. I did the measurements and described the glaze but my descriptions are pretty dry compared to "crackles & feels amazing in your hands". But I will practice. Can I send one to you for an edit next time or maybe even dress up the ones I have now? I'll redo the descriptions with contemporary- but what is wabi-sabi?
  10. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Did you mean "rotunda" or "arctic"? I backed off of the architectural version as I didn't want it applied to my waistline! I have to start exercising.......
  11. Yep, & I bring my pottery to sales by horse & wagon! No worries about Facebook privacy issues here in our technologically advanced country - just our local nosy tele-ma-phone operator;)
  12. terrim8

    Tax Time for potters

    Did you hear that on April 1st?
  13. One more snow day then it starts to melt!

  14. This is what it looks like after a good round of activity. I have to clean it up prior to starting work again. The mirror helps me throw plus its great for notes & weights, etc. The avatar makes sense now right? Mess, mess, mess - but its my mess!
  15. terrim8

    Choosing Glazes

  16. terrim8

    Choosing Glazes

    I love Tony Hansen's glazes from Digitalfire and he publishes the glaze recipes as good starting point base glazes with tips about how to alter them for different degrees of glossiness and examples of stains. Also, it's always fun to experiment on a small scale with a test tile or two of some new idea for every firing. I have a textural test in the kiln right now - hope it works! Callie- what are you doing to your kiln (soda ash?) !!!
  17. recycling my clay scraps & using them for my smoked pottery then using the ashes from that to mix up ash glaze :D This recycling thing is working out!

  18. Names right! It was so long ago I can't remember but a less expensive book with lots of Shino recipes ( and other high fire recipes) is by John Britt. I like Penn State with lots of carbon trapping. We have cockatiels and they are pretty nice too! Is your book available at the library?
  19. I tried this one https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/ceramic-recipes/high-fire/malcolm-davis-carbon-trap-shino-glaze/# I didn't have any redart but I made it anyways- look for a no-iron substitute or just add more ball clay. I like the bright edges of the red marks on your pot though! How's your African Grey?
  20. terrim8

    Salt Kiln Conversion

    Good pictures! Now I know to make the gaskets bigger than the buttons. (for my raku kiln) If I could figure out how to make an inexpensive door for my caternary arch kiln I would turn it into a salt kiln too- right now I brick it up with two rows of bricks. The sliding doors at the pottery in Med Hat are HEAVY so I don't want to do that. You aren't giving out the secret sauce recipe are you?
  21. terrim8

    Alaskan Clay

    I found a nice page that explains clay in a useful way : https://sites.google.com/site/meeneecat/educational-materials/clay-types-geological-origins-working-properties-gccceramics You need some of this clay to experiment with- make samples that are all the same size and test fire at different temperatures with another scrap of broken pottery underneath to protect your kiln shelves in case of a meltdown! aka as per instructions above in previous answers.
  22. I've often wondered about getting bricks from the roasters they have at mines- they must cycle through a lot of them. They would be contaminated with what ever metal they are processing - if they use roasters as part of the process. Maybe you can turn them around and one side would be good. Know anyone that works at a mine? Try these books : Kilns - Design, Construction & Operation by Daniel Rhodes or another book about kiln building by Frederick Olsen. See this thread : PQotW: Week 41
  23. recycling a lot of mistakes these days! Fighting with crazy shapes.

  24. terrim8

    top cage assembled

    Just thought it would be pretty hot even with the flame off! But we'll see. I'll likely try it out then decide if I need accessories!

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