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  1. you probably already have this book but just in case.....https://www.amazon.com/Kiln-Book-Frederick-L-Olsen/dp/0812221869 prob lots of answers in there I used to have a gas burner ca ternary arch brick kiln and i had to reduce the size of the flue opening - a friend helped me - I probably should have read the book!
  2. I burnt hand in the kitchen again! I'm getting a set of protective raku style gear for the kitchen :angry:

    Plus its such a bad time to have an injury!

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    2. terrim8


      I hate cookin. Problem is I like eatin. :(

    3. oldlady


      so do i.  proof is making potato salad from the pot of potatoes that i forgot and let burn .   sorry looking potatoes with half an inch of black burned skin and meat make fine food when the black is cut off.   don't know what to do with the pot.

    4. Hulk


      Hope you feel bettrsoon terrim!

         ...soak that pot, soak it goood

  3. Anyone know of a good brand or type of polish for smoked pottery that is non-yellowing? Closest I've found so far is Pledge but it doesn't produce a high shine. Beeswax is really yellow (surprise, surprise) and floor paste wax causes the white parts of the terrasig to go yellow too
  4. The arts council thing is what bothers me the most too. Politics & ethics.........
  5. I think my kids watched a movie about this. How its made talks about it too
  6. Go on a tour at Kohler and spy out the cone they fire their porcelain to. The factory is in Wisconsin. Unless you have a similar factory in St.Louis?
  7. Simon Leaches videos show him nodding while throwing. I thought it was involuntary. Simon Leach uses a mirror too. Pretty sure I don't nod. I pull up the pots either looking in the mirror or eyes closed.
  8. there's a thread about it. Its not really a straight line- there is a bit of a wiggle so I think its an s crack. go to this discussion : PS your post is in the wrong section.
  9. The white streaks on the neck of the vase - wonder if that is the marbling coming through?
  10. You will stop looking for new glazes when you "kick the bucket". If you believe in an afterlife, then never. Firing results may vary in heaven vs hell
  11. I went to visit Gary Holt about 7 years ago. He explained his process and it does take more care and safety to work with the metal salts. His work is beautiful and it really has a striking water colour effect. It would be best if you had a background in chemistry to proceed and had all of the personal protective gear and a good place to work. Much of the metal salts are difficult to obtain. He works with southern ice and it takes multiple firings to complete each piece. I've been kicking myself for not buying a piece - just the how-to-video
  12. My wheel acts up too - its a pacifica. I should try to rewire the foot- just been too lazy to try. They have some new shimpos at the studio I belong to - they are sooooo nice
  13. moved the wheel back into the basement from the outdoor shed.

    any other cold weather people starting to get cabin fever yet?

    It's a real thing :blink:

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    2. Pres


      Snow and ice here in PA, seems like one storm quits and another is behind it. 4hrs a day shoveling and scraping just isn't fun.




    3. JohnnyK


      Maybe you folks can build snowmen and creative with your carving tools to make it interesting...:).

    4. Pres


      Spend too much time in the snow as it is. The ice is granular, and not very carvable. It does not pack, and is very heavy. What bit of snow is there is between layers of the ice.


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