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  1. terrim8

    Not Simon Leach

    Oh- looks like someone did make an excellent instructional video on this topic.
  2. My passive-aggressive neighbour is out cutting the grass after he threw all the pinecones back into my yard. We had some strong winds a few days ago. Thinking of making some clay pinecones, but maybe not-  since the real ones  are from my pine tree :)

    1. Min


      Pinecones are better than the slugs and snails that my neighbour keeps sending over to my garden. ;)

  3. Good question. Seemed like a natural fit for a hobby. Still working with earth sciences but in a free-er way - unlike work! The experiment side of ceramics is where the freedom kicks in and opening the kiln is always like Christmas
  4. Bought a box of Seattle Pottery Supply's cone 8-10 Flameware today! This is a first but I have Sumi von Dassow's book & you guys for advice....(my goose is cooked)

  5. sugru - my daughter makes rubber bottoms for glass cups with it. goes thru the dishwasher too.
  6. I know- I've just been waiting to say that to someone about that glaze
  7. coefficient of expansion - but the answer about leaving out 10% of the ball clay OM4 is the biggie! It's like leaving out the eggs in a good cake recipe- the cake will be dry and fall apart. State Penn or Penn State?
  8. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Wow- I have to learn to write. I did the measurements and described the glaze but my descriptions are pretty dry compared to "crackles & feels amazing in your hands". But I will practice. Can I send one to you for an edit next time or maybe even dress up the ones I have now? I'll redo the descriptions with contemporary- but what is wabi-sabi?
  9. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Did you mean "rotunda" or "arctic"? I backed off of the architectural version as I didn't want it applied to my waistline! I have to start exercising.......
  10. I think picking a name for an item to put it on Etsy is difficult. - eg. white speckled lamp with holes. Anyone else have this problem?
  11. Yep, & I bring my pottery to sales by horse & wagon! No worries about Facebook privacy issues here in our technologically advanced country - just our local nosy tele-ma-phone operator;)
  12. terrim8

    Tax Time for potters

    Did you hear that on April 1st?
  13. One more snow day then it starts to melt!

  14. This is what it looks like after a good round of activity. I have to clean it up prior to starting work again. The mirror helps me throw plus its great for notes & weights, etc. The avatar makes sense now right? Mess, mess, mess - but its my mess!

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