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  1. terrim8

    A humbling experience

    do the pizza next time
  2. terrim8

    Terri and her New Kiln

    Oh no - Callie !!!!!
  3. terrim8

    Blue Yarn Jar by Terri

    same with this- a refire I think plus I'll add bright copper to the lines. what do you think?
  4. terrim8

    Medpinkwgray copy

    which salts?
  5. terrim8

    Terri’s Earthy Rusty Yarn bowl

    Hey! I didn't know you posted that! I was thinking of refiring that and dipping it for a really thick coating of copper penny.
  6. terrim8

    Drippy Cake Plate.jpg

  7. Starting to read thru the gerstley borate substitute items on the forum.  Has anyone tried Tom Buck's dry mix substitute?  Or do you think its less problematic to just go with Gillespie Borate?

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    2. Magnolia Mud Research

      Magnolia Mud Research

      Laguna purchased the entire pile of GB at the mine and has enough to last a looong time.  

    3. terrim8
    4. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      Its still very available . I bought #1000 when they thought it was going away.

      Now Laguna still have many tons-just find a Laguna outlet.No need to substitute at this time

  8. Your little wood burning kiln is not like the scene from this article https://www.technologyreview.com/s/611372/china-is-creating-a-huge-carbon-market-but-not-a-particularly-aggressive-one/amp/ . I know we all have to help but keep things in perspective!
  9. bit of hair stuck out from the face shield while raku-ing today - its crispy - good thing I have a hair appt on Fry-day :rolleyes:

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    2. terrim8


      See that picture above . That's from heavy reduction at Medalta. That was fun. So's the new kiln :ph34r:

    3. terrim8


      I kept the avatar because of the similarities. 

    4. terrim8


      Plus I'm cool like that :blink:

  10. Learning all about raku work these days. Decided that I'm just going to make things that I really enjoy making. Hopefully I can at least earn my keep at the local studio I am at! Lots to learn about glazes, firing, fuming, not singing my hair or eyebrows, etc. Plus I think I'd like to build more kilns - so much fun - my kind of experimenting.
  11. I have some pots that I want to finish soon. They've been drying pretty nicely for about a week. There are no joins but some cut-outs. Our weather has been unseasonably cool & my workspace is in a cool basement. I am debating whether or not to try using our convection oven to speed things up! Risky? Thoughts?
  12. terrim8

    Hudson River Clay

    I haven't read thru the whole thread so I may be repeating these references but here goes: http://www.nysm.nysed.gov/research-collections/geology/resources/hudson-river-lake-clay-exposures http://www.clays.org/journal/archive/volume 1/1-1-19.pdf http://www.co.dutchess.ny.us/CountyGov/Departments/Planning/nrichapthree.pdf discussion of surface deposits starts on page 19 Don't know if it helps but may explain some of the sources for various elements. Its a thread of literature you can follow.
  13. Got my new tiger torch today. There was a problem with the valve on the old one & the regulator was slowing things down. I think its all a-ok now :D

  14. terrim8

    COE In clay

    You should have went into XRF - go over to Saint Louis University & ask people in their Earth Sciences Dept. As far as I know, crack formation - as you cool the melt, is rate dependent. Here's two extremes with the same material: Thick silica layers of Obsidian cool slowly - not too many cracks. (deposited in volcanic layers) Thin silica - Pele's Hair cools fast but it is thin (spewed out from the tail end of volcanic bombs!) My 2 cents (prob. all its worth!)
  15. going to get a new burner today :mellow:

    1. glazenerd


      What do you plan on burning?

    2. terrim8


      anything I want! I now have 220,000 BTU's:ph34r:

    3. glazenerd


      That's not a burner, that is a flame thrower. Cooker deluxe!


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