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  1. Mining exploration geologist & Mom. Retired now & going crazy at home- who knows I may dabble in it again. Pottery is interesting & I still get to play in the mud but I miss seeing all the great scenery & places we visited.
  2. PQotW: Week 41

    1.3 2.2 3.1 (all I know is that I really had to make my flue smaller) 4 (2,4) has to be updraft- its on a hill and the fire is at the bottom right?
  3. You know how you southerners blame the Alberta Clipper for cold weather? I grew up during the cold war and we used to blame the cold weather on the Russians! :D

  4. I'm not so crazy about my little company name & will likely change it. It is sooooo boring. It's Ceramic Fixtures- because I mostly make light fixtures- but that's changing too. That makes this topic interesting- to see what others are doing. I still haven't come up with anything catchy so I may just switch to my name like others have done.
  5. Your work is in one of my raku books (S.Branfman). Horses and a great white heron - so beautiful!

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      yes. I am. Thanks!

      My raku pieces are also in Raku; a practical Approach by Steven as well plus lark's book on Raku and Advanced Raku by Bill Jones and Alternative Kiln by Watkins and Wandless.



  6. That sounds like a great idea! Think I've got to discuss this with another potter around here. Post pictures!
  7. the geese are headed north in huge flocks but we still have a ton of snow and its -16 right now????

    1. glazenerd


      They know something we do not. 

    2. Roberta12


      it was 6 below here this morning....but I am certain it must be that cold or colder in Canada.....



  8. Ok- this is all great info! Thank you! I have delivered my roughed out cage to a metal shop. They are going to straighten out my joins so they are all in a straight line and weld the top circle to the cage top and put on a couple of big oversized but lightweight handles. What I did myself would have worked fine but I wanted it to look a little less rough. I actually bent the wire to 90 deg. by using a 5 lb sledge on a hard brick, then after putting the wire into a round barrel shape, I finished the hammering to "flat" on the inside. I cut the round shape for the top with a dremel tool. I can't start on the pad outside because of the snow but I can work inside. I am making the base myself-( I can hide my unsightly joins). I have a few books-(& you all!) Another book warned me about leaving a certain amount of space around the shelves ( of course) and building a baffle made out of sliced up soft brick arranged in a circle around the bottom shelf over the burner & leaning on the sides. My burner is a tiger torch that runs on propane. I think I need a longer hose- one of the books said the tank has to be 8 ft away from the kiln. The fiber gasket is a good idea- I've heard that the Ni-Chrome wire is expensive. I have to take a good look at your button design Marcia! My hand is healing- used lots of topical antibiotic & bandaids. Think a regular barbecue propane tank holds enough gas for a firing? My neighbour made fun of my smoking barrel ! Everyone else around here has beautiful patios and fire pits. Wonder what he'll think of the raku kiln?
  9. Raku Kiln under construction

  10. One minor wound on my hand from the metal but I'm ok- did the basic construction of the raku kiln frame today then took it to a metal shop for a clean up of my work plus some nice big handles.

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      super glue the wound-works great 

    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      take care of your hand. I had to get a 1/4" piece of glass removed surgically from the back of my finger when I was drilling a support on the wall and leaned back on the floor. that took a while to heal. Keep your cut clean.



  11. IMG_1317.JPG experiment

    Cool! Dogwood leaf?
  12. I put a picture of what I've collected to build this so far on the gallery.

  13. unnamed.jpg

    These days will not be consecutive! I still need a few bricks, ni-chrome or Kanthal wire, clay buttons & of course, the ceramic fibre.
  14. & so it begins. Picked up my wire this morning.


    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      nice wire. I am going to use 2" wide flashing on my new one. 

  15. Ok- thanks! I'll check local first- that exchange rate is thru the roof right now. edit- just looked online- can you believe it- there's a place here called "metal supermarket" - who knew? This hobby leads one to unusual places! 2nd edit- at least I can comparison shop now with Zoro! (Can't believe someone called their company Zoro:))

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