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  1. taking a break- going skiing tomorrow!:ph34r:

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Have fun!



    2. High Bridge Pottery

      High Bridge Pottery

      Keep those skis together!


    3. terrim8


      wow- I was pretty shaky yesterday. Have to go every day now to get my ski-legs back.

  2. Plainsmen 340 

    One of my students who was from a ranch in central MT said that Plainsmen mined on their ranch, shipped it to canada and refined it. Who knows. that was 30years ago.


    1. terrim8


      I was in their office & there was a map on the wall with all their deposits. Everything was distributed sort of like a circle around Medicine hat & part of that circle crossed the border so you are correct. they were really complaining  about the costs of some stuff that came from further away in the US so there must be some ingredients that they have to order from other places. 

  3. I laughed at this one. I've been mining one of my glaze ingredients in my backyard. When I tell people, they picture a two ft by two ft deep pit with me throwing shovel fulls up & out, i.e. they just see the dirt flying not me. Also, I'm pretty sure most of my Plainsman M340 is actually Alberta sourced with a little ball clay from somewhere else. The mason stains I can't vouch for- if I could just find my own cobalt source.....
  4. 360 degree symmetry around a central axis?
  5. They're all beautiful!
  6. I am resisting the imperialists. Go metric!
  7. Good ideas Callie! I will try to put them into use. I have an odd event coming up- a popup thing in a store. I expect it will be quieter than a craft show - any survival tips for that?
  8. Mark & Min- Merci Beaucoup!
  9. I just received a package of Magma to try out & it mentions to follow the directions carefully. Hope I can find them online as there was no instruction sheet in the box. I have the scales and a hydrometer & the graduated cylinders so I think i'm all set- after I find those instructions!
  10. yep, I burn too so maybe potters camp in the rain. Plus I have a hard time sitting around doing nothing on a beach- maybe if I had a good umbrella and lots to read or snorkeling or something to do......
  11. Stoneware Limit Study

    looks like the old salt glazed field drainage things!
  12. heading to Medalta again for a week!

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    2. terrim8


      Mold making all week with different kinds of machinery!

    3. Callie Beller Diesel

      Callie Beller Diesel

      Jealous! Are you going to check out that store with the weird spray painted tumbleweeds again?

    4. terrim8


      No- I didn't have time! The course was extremely concentrated time wise. i even showed up early as the key fob lets you in- like 6 am once! It might have been easier if I had some experience with it but I didn't and it moved fast. only 1 lathe too so I tried to get in early for that. And it was HOT!!!!!! I didn't even have time for carrot cake!

  13. 100 Sake Cups

    That's a great idea! Lots of little trimming to do with 100 but an excellent idea.
  14. I took a Shibori style fabric dye course. The concepts are useful for ceramics too and there are some common ingredients. Lots of fun!

    1. Roberta12


      gotta google that!!


    2. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      sounds like fun!


    3. terrim8


      we've always used pattern resists but there's some ideas that translate other than fabric folding.

  15. PJ's that can go right into the wash. I always look for PJ's on sale for this purpose. Flannelette is best as my basement is pretty cool.