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  1. I didn't clean it (yet). I just ran away..........
  2. anyone have a good patching mix for bisque? Thinking of trying to use paper clay as the patch material but the body is regular clay.


    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      Yes. For small batches, soak toilet paper over night, squeeze dry, put it into a blender, add powdered clay body to be repaired,  Use about 25% paper to clay

      about add some vinegar, and a smaller amount of sodium silicate 

      Blend into a paste. Ad a little water if you need to. 

      Dampen the bisque well before applying or else the patch will peel away.

      Re-bisque before glazing. I have repaired students' handles and some of my own architectural work using this.


    2. terrim8


      Thanks Marcia!

  3. Death & taxes! Here's a short history of another craft product that the tax man really wanted "in" on : http://www.ibiblio.org/moonshine/drink/historical.html Think I prefer making pottery to making booze. Having pottery in shops in pretty nice & online is pretty slow. When my kids were small & we would ride in the car, they would open their little bags of M & Ms (they were actually Smarties - the Canadian version) & I'd put my hand out for my portion while saying "taxman!" Needless to say, they have an interesting perspective on taxes Seems like there are more & more agencies, banks... chasing after our dollars. And there are fewer dollars!
  4. terrim8

    Not Simon Leach

    Oh- looks like someone did make an excellent instructional video on this topic.
  5. My passive-aggressive neighbour is out cutting the grass after he threw all the pinecones back into my yard. We had some strong winds a few days ago. Thinking of making some clay pinecones, but maybe not-  since the real ones  are from my pine tree :)

    1. Min


      Pinecones are better than the slugs and snails that my neighbour keeps sending over to my garden. ;)

  6. Good question. Seemed like a natural fit for a hobby. Still working with earth sciences but in a free-er way - unlike work! The experiment side of ceramics is where the freedom kicks in and opening the kiln is always like Christmas
  7. Bought a box of Seattle Pottery Supply's cone 8-10 Flameware today! This is a first but I have Sumi von Dassow's book & you guys for advice....(my goose is cooked)

  8. sugru - my daughter makes rubber bottoms for glass cups with it. goes thru the dishwasher too.
  9. I know- I've just been waiting to say that to someone about that glaze
  10. coefficient of expansion - but the answer about leaving out 10% of the ball clay OM4 is the biggie! It's like leaving out the eggs in a good cake recipe- the cake will be dry and fall apart. State Penn or Penn State?
  11. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Wow- I have to learn to write. I did the measurements and described the glaze but my descriptions are pretty dry compared to "crackles & feels amazing in your hands". But I will practice. Can I send one to you for an edit next time or maybe even dress up the ones I have now? I'll redo the descriptions with contemporary- but what is wabi-sabi?
  12. terrim8

    Choosing a name

    Did you mean "rotunda" or "arctic"? I backed off of the architectural version as I didn't want it applied to my waistline! I have to start exercising.......
  13. I think picking a name for an item to put it on Etsy is difficult. - eg. white speckled lamp with holes. Anyone else have this problem?
  14. Yep, & I bring my pottery to sales by horse & wagon! No worries about Facebook privacy issues here in our technologically advanced country - just our local nosy tele-ma-phone operator;)

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