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I work with commercial clay and glazes fired to ^5 in an electric kiln. I add texture to just about every piece I make in some way, whether it's carving, slip trailing, sculpting, or sgraffito. I also love the contrast of bare clay and glossy glaze, earth tones and vibrant color. 

I became hooked on clay in January of 2012 when visiting a friend's studio. I kept involved with clay in a small way until late in 2014 when I acquired two kilns and the use of a wheel. 

Now I have a working studio space in my garage and I spend most of my time that I'm not in the studio daydreaming about what I want to make next.

I have a website: GiselleNo5Ceramics.com


I post daily videos and photos to my Instagram account, GiselleNo5Ceramics, and I'm also on Facebook as GiselleNo5Ceramics and Pinterest as GiselleNo5.