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  1. Help!

    I'm looking for a studio that has fairly inexpensive or reasonable prices for lessons or classes and open studio time in The Woodlands, Conroe, or Magnolia TX area. I,ve looked online but have only found two and of those one seems to cater mainly to homeschoolers although it does have a 12week class for adults. Another one I found which is more appealing to me has more available classes which you can take monthly or a class at a time but both these studios seem a bit expensive for me at the moment. I was hoping to find a community art centre w/ a studio but no luck. There is an art league and a rec centre but no pottery classes/ lessons at either. Does anyone know of a studio in this area or one with an open studio where I can practice what I have learned. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks
  2. Is having serious clay withdrawal! :0(